Report: Kurt Angle To Appear on WWE Raw & Smackdown After WrestleMania

Kurt Angle will appear on WWE television after his Hall of Fame induction during WrestleMania weekend. A new report from PWInsider notes that a “source close to the situation has confirmed Angle is slated for the post-Wrestlemania Raw and Smackdown tapings in Orlando, Florida.”

As we have known for a few months now, Angle will also be in Orlando as the headline name for the WWE Hall of Fame on Friday, March 31 in Orlando.

An appearance on Raw and/or Smackdown would be Angle’s first time on a WWE television show (not counting the Hall of Fame) since he left the company in the summer of 2006.

It’s not known what Angle may do on Raw and Smackdown when he appears on the shows because it’s still a month away.

There are rumors that Angle could be a General Manager on Raw if Mick Foley gets fired because he is having hip surgery soon and is likely going to be written out of storylines. If they don’t go the GM route with Angle, they could have him interact with some wrestlers leading to some big match at SummerSlam or something else down the road. There are a lot of ways it can go.

Angle wrestles his last indy match for Northeast Wrestling this Friday, March 3 against Cody Rhodes.

Analysis: This news makes me really happy. I’m happy to be able to write about Angle being back in a WWE ring again and I hope it leads to some interesting storylines whether he’s the GM of Raw or Smackdown or simply used as a part time wrestler.