WWE News: John Cena Undergoing Shoulder Surgery; Likely Out 6-9 Months

John Cena will be out of action for approximately 6-9 months due to shoulder surgery that will be done to repair a torn rotator cuff, according to a report from PWInsider.

This would also explain him missing in action for this week’s Raw and merely cutting a promo at the SmackDown taping. Even worse for WWE, Cena is expected to miss WrestleMania, which is an event he has not been absent from since 2003.

There’s a post on WWE.com about the surgery with more details coming soon. Cena also confirmed the surgery in Birmingham, Alabama on Twitter.

It’s a loaded statement, but this is quite possibly the last thing on earth WWE wants right now. They are currently trying to promote WrestleMania 32 in Dallas as much as possible, all in hopes of cramming over 100,000 people inside AT&T Stadium, and they just lost their general, so to speak.

There were rumors that Cena was going to face The Undertaker, which admittedly would have been a huge draw. I don’t know if it would have enticed over 100,000 wrestling fans to pile into AT&T Stadium, but it undoubtedly would have been a huge selling point, alongside special part-time talents like Brock Lesnar performing and The Rock appearing as well.

This latest injury comes at a time when WWE seemingly just can’t catch a break. Rollins tore his ACL/MCL resulting in him dropping the WWE Championship and getting put on the shelf for 6-9 months, Randy Orton suffered a similar shoulder injury taking out the trash of all things, and Cesaro is out for an extended period of time, meaning that the roster is beginning to look thin.

A Cena-less WrestleMania could theoretically be good for the company however if the creative team finds a way to highlight other major superstars in a meaningful and crucial way. It’s unfortunate that he has fallen victim to such a fate, but if nothing else it will keep us guessing what the staff of writers will do to make up for his absence in what is unequivocally the most important season of the year for WWE, from both a financial and consumer standpoint.

Get well soon Cena!