WWE News: Finn Balor Teases An Appearance On Monday’s Raw (With Video)

Following last night’s NXT Title change, which we covered here, former NXT Champion Finn Balor is rumored to be appearing on Monday’s Raw in Hartford. After the show, Balor went on Twitter to post this brief message.

Earlier this morning, he posted this picture of Samoa Joe beating him while mentioning 292 days. That was the length of his NXT Title reign.

To further add to the speculation that Balor may be on Monday’s Raw, here’s a fan video from after the NXT event in Lowell, Massachusetts with Balor telling fans: “See you’s all on Monday.”

TJR Thoughts: It’s interesting that he went on the bus, then got off of it, told the fans to be quiet in a polite way and then mentioned being on TV on Monday.

Could he just be trolling people as a way to get attention? Of course. He’s done it before on Twitter and when I went to Axxess during WrestleMania weekend, he talked about how much fun he had doing stuff like that.

However, the time is right for him to be on Raw too. His Bullet Club brethren Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson have been there for a couple of weeks. They attacked Roman Reigns last week on Raw. AJ Styles, who was in the Bullet Club with G&A after Balor left, said he had nothing to do with it. Maybe it was Balor that told them to do it. We can find out this Monday.

If I had to guess right now, I’d say he will be on Raw. By the time Monday gets here, we will probably know for sure. I’m just excited about the influx of new talent on the main roster. Balor’s going to add so much by being there. Looking forward to seeing what happens on Monday. Are you?