WWE: Why Enzo Amore and Big Show Are Playing Important Roles on Raw – by Mike Sanchez

It’s understandable that in the current era of professional wrestling and with the plethora of incredible talent on show, that not everyone can sit at the top table. Guys and girls who have amazing talent and charisma in and out of a WWE ring have to share the spotlight with other talent, whereas in days gone by they would’ve easily been main event stars for years. It must be extremely frustrating for the talent; they look the right way, they do and say the right things, yet their time in the spotlight can be all too short.

Some could take their ball and go home, departing with animosity and grievances at their former employers. Others will embrace their new, if unexpected opportunity and give it their all. These are the stars that see beyond themselves and appreciate their part of a big picture or just a cog in a wheel of the machine that is WWE. Two current stars who find themselves in such positions are Enzo Amore and The Big Show.

It’s pretty much a given that being part of a tag team, no matter how successful will likely result in a breakup at some point. From The Rockers right up to The Shield, factions and groups always splinter at some point. Such was the case for Enzo Amore. His acrimonious split from Big Cass was supposed to elevate the bigger man, although sadly his rise is postponed due to an untimely injury. This left Enzo in the WWE wilderness.

With no rival to feud with for a while, he’s been floating about the roster without anything meaningful to do until now. It doesn’t take a genius to see how Enzo would fit into the 205 Division, but would his stint on the main roster harm that move? For me, he’s a much-needed addition to a division that’s been struggling to really reach new heights. It’s a cruiserweight division re-branded, but with such little airtime on main TV, it’s been hard for talent to get over with fans and build solid backing.

The problem with the 205 is that everyone’s physique is kinda the same. There are no traditional big guys or taller, lean athletic types. They’re hindered by the weight class, hence it can look samey. Their only chance to stand out is to dress differently, show more energy or be more vocal than your opponent. Enzo’s switch to the 205 ticks all of these boxes. He’s the colorful, charismatic and energetic fresh star it’s been looking for. Yes, Neville is incredible along with some others, but Enzo’s addition brings some familiarity to the 205, a familiarity from Raw and PPVs as well as the main roster. The more casual fan will recognize him immediately and watch to see what’s going on. Some may see Enzo’s move as a demotion, but it serves a bigger, better purpose in the WWE landscape.

From the 205 to the Heavyweights, and it was hard to ignore the main event from this week’s Monday Night Raw. The battle of the giants inside of a steel cage – Braun Strowman vs The Big Show. The outcome I think was certain, but the manner in how it came about was great to watch. I can’t remember too many times Big Show has climbed to the top turnbuckle and delivered a flying elbow drop, but the moment he did rekindled old memories stored away in the recesses of my mind. The guy was great.

Here’s where his match and current rivalry with Strowman is so important to the current WWE product. Big Show is a veteran, a decorated, recognizable and certain Hall of Famer in the future. I find it hard to emphasize with fans who groan when his music hits or disrespect the guy for even being on the roster anymore. Show is an important cog in the WWE machine and even more so in his twilight years – although judging my Monday’s match, there’s definitely a lot of gas still in his tank.

The similarity between the current situations both Enzo and Show find themselves in isn’t too dissimilar. They’re both in their respective spots to help others. While I’ve already touched on Enzo’s role, Big Show is performing a vital role in helping to develop Strowman’s character and work rate in recent weeks. We all know Braun is a monster that manhandles opponents and destroys announce tables, but this monster needs to be kept on a leash. He can’t run roughshod over every opponent because it’ll hurt him in the long run – not to mention his opponents. Big Show is there to keep a lid on the monster and he did it well.

Strowman needs to show some vulnerability in his quest to be Universal Champion otherwise any match with Brock Lesnar will either be a squash (which Brock doesn’t need again after the whole Goldberg saga – we’ve seen it now, no need to do it again)or a loss that will destroy any hard work Strowman has done these last few months. Big Show’s great performance on Monday lifted Braun to a new level. He didn’t have it easy against the giant yet still prevailed. He held his own against a veteran, a top talent and an experienced opponent. The importance of the ‘loser’ in any WWE match is sometimes overlooked by fans. This past week showcased (no pun intended) how vital a credible opponent, who will take a loss, is to boost another star. I think Big Show deserves huge credit for the part he’s played in Braun Strowman’s story.

What do you think? Are both Enzo and Big Show playing important roles right now in WWE? Did the main event match on Raw make Strowman look better than he already is? What impact will Enzo have on the 205? I’d love to hear your thoughts. As always, thanks for reading.