WWE Discussion: The Futures of Reigns, Rollins, Ambrose & Wyatt – Who Can Be The Biggest Star?

The WWE Discussion column is something I started doing a few weeks ago. The basic premise is that I throw out a question to TJRWrestling readers on my Facebook page asking for their take and I post it here on TJRWrestling. I actually asked this question one week ago, but things have been really busy, so I saved it until now. Here’s the question followed by my take and then the reader comments will follow.

Out the four following names that became main roster regulars in late 2012 and 2013, who has the brightest long term future? The names are Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose and Bray Wyatt, who just won the WWE Title this past Sunday. All four men have been WWE Champion.

I picked those four because they were in developmental at the same time, they are all around the same (29-31 age range) and if all of them can stay healthy they probably have a decade ahead of them as main event talent. It’s similar to the foursome of Lesnar, Cena, Orton & Batista joining the main roster in 2002 after being in OVW developmental together. They went on to win many titles and main event a ridiculous amount of pay-per-views as well. Three of them are still key players in WWE these days and it’s 15 years later.

Rank them in terms of whatever you want. Let’s discuss the future of those four guys that will be key players for WWE over the next decade.

That’s the somewhat loaded question. Here’s my take.


I think all four guys have very bright futures that will see them go onto hold major titles (WWE and Universal) many times in their careers as long as they are healthy. It should also be noted that a lot of professional wrestlers have their best years in the mid to late 30s because by that point in their careers they know how to work a crowd better and the fans are used to their moves. Look at Cena as an example. He’s 39 now and I think it’s fair to say his last five years were better than the five years before that in terms of match quality.

Here’s my ranking of who has the brightest long term future.

1) Seth Rollins – I think he’s the most talented guy in the foursome. The in-ring work is top notch, he’ll be near the top as a face or heel because he’s great in both roles and his improvement in the promo department is encouraging. It might not be fair to throw Shawn Michaels’ name out there as a comparison because I don’t think he has the charisma that Michaels had and probably never will. However, as an athlete and pure in-ring performer I think HBK’s name is worth mentioning. Rollins has been wrestling for over a decade and he’s going to be better in the next decade.

The ACL knee injury in November 2015 was bad, but he came back from that and the one he has now is minor compared to that because he’ll return in less than two months. I don’t think those injuries are going to cut his career short or anything like that. They are a part of the game. Triple H tore both of his quads and he wrestled full time for nearly 20 years in WWE. I can point to a lot of athletes in other sports that have had the same injury that have survived just fine. Rollins is an incredible athlete that should be able to overcome it.

2) Roman Reigns – Out of the four guys named here he will probably have the most major title reigns and perhaps the most WrestleMania main events as well. He’s improved a lot in the last year in terms of match quality and selling. The promos are still a negative, but he doesn’t talk as much as other top guys either because WWE knows it’s a weakness. What people seem to forget is he’s only been wrestling for about five years or so. He has a lot of time to grow.

What I always say about Reigns is that he’s not as bad as his haters think and he’s not as interesting as Vince McMahon thinks. He shouldn’t have been pushed as hard as Vince McMahon did when he did, but they needed a new wrestler to be “The Guy” with Cena slowing down, so Reigns is who they picked. They should have given him that heel run in spring 2015 after the fans rejected him and after he didn’t win the WWE Title at WrestleMania 31. If they put him in a heel role for a year or so, fans would have probably ended up loving him like WWE wants. I hope he gets that heel run this year because it would be the best thing for him.

3) Bray Wyatt – What Bray has going for him is that he’s actually a character instead of just a regular dude that is either fighting against the bad guys or being a jerk to the good guys. There were times in his career where they focused on his mystery powers to try to make him like The Undertaker and Kane. It seems like they have cut back on that a bit, but there are still instances where the lights go out and when they come back on he might appear. I’m not sure if The Undertaker-like characters are going to work as well going forward with fans being as smart as they are now. However, being different from everybody else on the show is certainly an advantage for him.

Now that he’s WWE Champion that has been able to beat the likes of John Cena and AJ Styles, fans will see him as a bigger star than they did a few months ago. The character will likely see a lot of tweaks as the years go by because WWE will have times where they want him to have “powers” while other times they might try to humanize him to make him like others. He’s showed that he’s very capable of having good matches, but he doesn’t have as many great ones as the other three guys mentioned here. That will probably come in time. I think in terms of promos and his look, he’s ahead of the other three men as well.

4) Dean Ambrose – I’m a big fan of his, but I think there are things that hurt him. His look doesn’t stand out. Wrestling in a tank top, jeans and sneakers and is very plain. He’s never going to be a guy that Vince McMahon fully gets behind as “The Man” for a long term period because of his look. I like his matches and his durability is a huge plus. He has been the most durable performer in WWE the last four years. From a company perspective, you

I still think Ambrose is better off as a heel long term. I have written that for years. I’m not sure if this face act is going to continue to work, but the guy is liked by a lot of fans. At some point he’s going to turn on the fans, become a dirtbag type heel and it will work really well.

To sum it all up, I think all four guys are going to win a lot of titles and main event a lot of shows just like Cena, Lesnar, Orton and Batista. Ranking them at this point is very hard because there’s no way for any of us know exactly how the future would play out, but I figured it would be an interesting discussion.


Here are the comments from the readers. In the past I commented after their comments, but there’s a lot here with over 5,000 words so I feel like it’s long enough. I’ll just paste their comments in using red and blue font. You can digest it how you want. Thanks to everybody that took part.

Adam Schreiner

1. Rollins – I just think Rollins is a dynamic performer in the ring and on the mic. I feel like his matches are must see.

2. Wyatt – Wyatt is best of all on the mic but I don’t feel he is as versatile as Rollins or Ambrose in the ring. I think he does a great job a the heel leader of a stable.

3. Ambrose – Ambrose is very intriguing to me. I’m not necessarily a fan of his promos but I think his in ring work is solid.

4. Reigns – Reigns just doesn’t interest me. His mic work is terrible and in ring work is what it is. He needs the most character development of anyone on this list. He needs something other than just telling us that he is “The Guy” or the “Big Dog”. If they could turn him into a destroy everything, badass heel that has a manager doing his talking my opinion could definitely change.

Dwight Newton

Rollins (hurt)

Bray Wyatt should have been champion earlier. I rarely look forward to promos as much as his. Rollins is by far the best wrestler when he is healthy. However, he is better at being a heel. Who doesn’t love Ambrose? I don’t think he will be world champion anymore. They will push Reigns, but until he turns heel and later turn face he will never be a “fan” favorite. Ala the Rock.

Anmol Sekhri

In order of longevity (shortest to longest)
Based on injuries, I think Seth will last the least longest.

I think Dean may only stay around until he has a family, at which point I can see if it’s Renee, them both leaving together.

Wyatt’s gimmick puts him at risk, unless he can re-invent like Undertaker.

I think we’ll have Roman the longest.

Shadi Amin Q

1. Reigns – Who the Boss wants. It’s not changing.
2. Ambrose – Above Rollins because of Rollins is too reckless.
3. Rollins – Too reckless. Gets injured and injures too often.
4. Wyatt – Least marketable. He’ll have a good future and always be upper mid card but he won’t be held at the level of the other 3.

Josh Lyon

I want to say Rollins at the top, but his history of injuries may hold him back in the future. I think Reigns will top the list as the torch bearer after Cena starts winding down. Ambrose has been consistent for a long time, and he’ll continue to do so in the future. He’s #3. I fear Wyatt will be held back because of his size and his gimmick. Everyone loves him, but I don’t think Uncle Vince will see him as the face of the company, so he’s #4.

Dale Schofield

Ambrose has peaked I’d say. Rollins can’t stay fit. Bray is arguably enjoying his best period that will likely culminate in him winning the Title and main eventing Wrestlemania. Reigns is going to be the top guy (whether people like it or not) for years. So I’d say Reigns, Wyatt, Rollins, Ambrose.

John Czech

I would say that Rollins is the best all around out of the 4 of them (my current favorite) but if Wyatt can get a decent push with the title, he can become something special. I like Roman, and think he will be a reliable long term main eventer for WWE, especially if he gets a heel turn. Ambrose has proven to be popular, has consistently good matches and his promos are high energy and flowing with charisma. To me, all of them are gonna be there for a long time, but I say Wyatt and Rollins will be the best of ’em.

Charlie Widmurr

1 – Reigns – WWE will never admit he’s not top dog
2 – Rollins – He uses HHH’s finisher. HHH wont let him not do well.
3 – Wyatt – People want to see him succeed. He’s a tank with a Ferrari engine!
4 – Ambrose – I still don’t like Ambrose. He buried himself with that Stone Cold interview. (Coincidence another interview hasn’t happened…?)

Everett Robert

I would rank them in terms of who I see WWE getting behind, and pushing in a signifcant way as follows:

Rollins – First of the foursome to be champion. First really to crack that main event level ceiling. Can talk, can work in a variety of styles and is getting that HHH rub. Downside, injuries (both having them and giving them). Not his fault, but VKM doesn’t always see things like that.

Reigns – He’s got the size and the look Vince likes. He’s got the family heritage and he’s already a top merchandise seller. He’s limited in his abilities on the stick, he does better in a more naturalistic setting but they like the scripted promos for people they don’t “trust” on the mic and Reigns will probably never really be trusted on the mic in a way where they won’t overly script him (I’d love to be proven wrong here).

Wyatt – Works well in that “WWE” style. Has a unique look. Is marketable as hell. Can talk. VKM loves a once in a generation “supernatural” type character and Wyatt may be able to take that role from ‘Taker/Kane. Downside is his size. When was the last “fat” (I hate using that but ya’ll know what I mean) guy pushed? They dropped the ball on Vader who could have been that guy and others.

Ambrose – Honestly probably the most talented of the four. Can work, can brawl, can talk Has all the ingredients I just don’t see WWE getting behind him for whatever reason. I think he maybe has a rep of being “weird” whatever that means. I have no evidence to support this, just my gut.

Kostas Filis

All four have promising futures if they can stay healthy. I think Reigns lasts the longest. Vince loves him. That’s really all that matters.

Leon Ashley Oliver

1. Reigns- He’s their guy whether we like it or not!
2. Rollins – Injured again and has injured people. Injury seems like a recurring problem may need to change his move set if he is to obtain longevity.
3. Ambrose – Peaked and has not been the same since Stone Cold exposed him.
4. Wyatt – Least marketable. Character is damaged and will take a while to recover.

Leonard Maglasang

How I would power rank them thinking about the next decade?

Ambrose- the #1 guy in the Shield regardless of Vince’s attempt at revisionist history. Talker, in-ring and character.

Rollins – solid at everything he does. Only wish he was a regular heel and not a chickenshit heel when he was with the Authority.

Wyatt – when he debuted and we saw how differently he was presented I was like I’m okay if this guy takes Taker’s streak and basically usurps the Taker character’s supernatural role on the show from that point forward. But then he gets booked like crap come Mania time 3 years running. Would be two if he didn’t keep losing at Mania.

Reigns – don’t hate him. If he went the midcard then main event route once The Shield broke up, maybe I could have him higher.

How Vince probably power ranks them? Reigns-Rollins-Ambrose-Wyatt.

Brandon Quillen

I’m noticing a lot of people putting Reigns on the bottom of their list. The question wasn’t who we like the most, but who has the brightest future. Roman Reigns may be the least favorite of the group among wrestling fans, but he’s the “chosen one”. Reigns is the one that the powers that be in WWE (Uncle Vince) have chosen to lead the WWE into the future. Much like they did with John Cena. So I believe Reigns has the brightest future moving forward, whether we like it or not. I believe Seth Rollins is the best all around talent amongst those four, maybe in the entire company. However, his injuries have certainly set him back and WWE may be less likely to put him in the main event spots until they’re confident his body will hold up. That said, I believe Rollins will be the Randy Orton to Roman Reigns’ John Cena. A great talent with an impressive resume and many accomplishments. Just not as many as Reigns. That is if his body doesn’t break down.

Ruffin Harris

If it was up to me and I had full creative control, my rankings would be Wyatt number 1 followed by Reigns, Ambrose and finally Rollins.

I see Wyatt as The Undertaker of this generation. His entrance, his aura, his promos, and creepy style of wrestling are all amazing to watch and experience especially in person.

I have Reigns at number 2 because I would have him be the Cena we always wanted. What I mean by that is I believe Reigns could be the guy that can be the ultimate face Vince wants but first he needs to be the dominant heel that we want first before he can get there.

Ambrose is number 3 because he the obvious person to be my Stone Cold Steve Austin. They share similar characteristics and both are crazy SOBs that dont follow rules. I would have Ambrose follow a similar path of Austin but in Ambrose style to make it his own and the great story would write itself.

Seth is number 4 because he is a great wrestler but I am not sure as to who exactly to compare him to. I think Seth did a great job as a heel for the Authority and actually I would have him be the heel leader of a major stable in my WWE. When I think about him more I feel he can possibly fill my HHH role.

Jeff Johnson

1. Reigns
2. Rollins
3. Wyatt
4. Ambrose

Roman Reigns will easily have the best career because of two reasons. The first reason is he has the machine backing him up. He’s already in 2005-2017 John Cena status. The company doesn’t care what kind of reactions he gets, just as long as he gets reactions. His reactions are arguably the loudest in the company. The 2nd reason, is because he isn’t injury prone. He’s had a couple of minor things, but he’s been relatively healthy for the most part, which can’t be said for Rollins and Wyatt. They’ve had injuries at bad times.

The reason why Seth is 2nd on my list, is because he’s already proved that he is a credible main event superstar and champion on the company’s biggest stages. Those stages are Raw and Wrestlemania.

Even though Wyatt was the last one to win the WWE Title in this group, he has wrestled John Cena and The Undertaker at Wrestlemania. Those two matches alone are equivalent to title matches at big shows in my opinion.

The reason I have Ambrose 4th, is because he hasn’t been put in the opportunity to lead the company for a long time at the highest level. He has been a world champion, yes, but he hasn’t been given the opportunities that a Reigns, Rollins, and even Wyatt has gotten. I do think Ambrose will still have an incredible career, but Reigns, Rollins, and Wyatt will be up there with Cena, Austin, and Rock before it’s all said and done. I could honestly see Ambrose finishing his in-ring career about where Triple H was. Everyone knew he was an incredible talent, there were just 2-3 guys higher than him on the roster.

Brian Coats

1. Dean Ambrose. Has the potential to be a Stone Cold type performer and he has been durable, also has the fans support.

2. Roman Reigns. Vince’s golden boy, but if he gets a much needed heel turn, he can get his character molded and possibly the fan support back.

3. Bray Wyatt. Always has the potential to play mind games with whoever he feuds with and I’m really impressed with how his story is going with Randy Orton.

4. Seth Rollins. He is a bit injury prone now, but he still can pull off a better face run than how he has been lately.

Ed Luis Valentin

1: Roman because I just don’t see WWE giving up on him ever. As long as he stays healthy and doesn’t get in trouble, they’re probably gonna build the company around him for years, whether he’s a heel or a face.

2: Rollins is the best overall performer between these four, but if he becomes injury prone, it will hold him back.

3: Wyatt because he’s very young and has a very interesting character. He’s already faced Cena and the Undertaker at WrestleMania and he’s arguably the best wrestler at cutting promos today, or at least top five.

4: Ambrose is last because I don’t ever see him being the top face of the company. He’ll probably remain the number 2 or 3 face, or be the number one heel. I don’t see Wyatt as the top face either, but I could see him in an Undertaker role eventually.

Joe Sondag

For me it’s a toss up between Seth and Dean because I think both have the best all-around skills if I choose one it’s Dean Ambrose due to the fact that he’s proven himself well as a face character but can easily can transition to a heel role seamlessly so they can do more stories with him. While Seth has a daredevil move set that can lead to a shorting of his career, with Reigns he needs either a change in character and a more wider range in move set to really have long standing because the audience already could be on “Reigns fatigue” which isn’t god for him long term. Finally Bray is an awesome character but it’s one to be long term needs to evolve like The Undertaker has otherwise things could get stale with him long term.

Keila Cash

1. Roman Reigns. If Vince McMahon can get his head out of the sand and turn him heel, he will have money on his hands once he turns face. Reigns always show up during big money matches, but a great heel run will set him up as a beloved babyface for years to come if executed properly. It’s time to turn the Samoan Badass loose before it’s too late.

2. Seth Rollins – If he can stay healthy, he should be a top tier star for years to come. His babyface run has sucked and hopefully his injury time out will give him the fire he needs to get over with the crowd. His best performance was when he dressed like the White Power Ranger at Summerslam almost two years ago, He was the best wrestler on the planet that night. Add in a well-defined character that connects with the crowd and he should be good to go.

3 Dean Ambrose – Ambrose is like a Teflon Don at this point. He’s going to be around for the long haul. He has a tendency of slacking off at times in terms of his in-ring work. He needs a legit star to feed off of to deliver good matches on a consistent basis. AJ Styles and Rollins are his best opponents, but he needs to start elevating other people who are not at the elite level so he can bridge the gap between the present and future.

4. Bray Wyatt – Wyatt is an amazing talker, but it means nothing if his feuds end with him losing in the end. His best feud was against John Cena and WWE squandered a chance to cement him as a star at WrestleMania 30. Wyatt might very well win the WWE Championship at Elimination Chamber, but will he be keeping it warm until Randy Orton takes it from him at WrestleMania? Wyatt needs to win feuds in order to be taken seriously as a performer. He has all the tools to be the next Undertaker in terms of mystic, but the booking of his character will determine if that will be the case over the next decade or so.

Jeff Kimble

1. Rollins – Has a real shot of being a Daniel Bryanesque baby face
2. Reigns – he’s from the anoai’i family, long lineage, and he’s pretty good in the ring, could be an American bad ass undertaker type bad ass
3. Wyatt – should be the monster heel that we all hate, he’s great on the mic, but it seems that the company don’t have much faith in him.
4 – Ambrose – could be the heel that really ignites a great feud. But he’s missing something so far especially as a face. They promote him as unstable and well… he’s not really all that wild at all.

Alan Burke

Wyatt because I feel his character can be more adaptable over the next say 10 years. They easily have him be a face cult leader or switch to an even darker side and it would all be believable, similar to Undertaker.

I also think he has more potential selling merchandise if they give him some solid tshirt designs.

In addition to that he’s excellent on the mic so can still carry storylines if carrying minor injuries, or deputise as a manager style role for other Wyatt Family members when needed.

Rob Brown

Because Wyatt’s character doesn’t always have to get physical to be effective, I see him having the longest career. Doesn’t mean it’ll be the best though.

Having said that, I’ll say for overall future…
1) Reigns (VKM loves him….and could be a really effective heel if they let him)
2) Wyatt (see above)
3) Ambrose (seems to be a real ‘worker’, and has carried a few belts already)
4) Rollins (I was never really a big fan of his in the first place, and unfortunately his injury streak may very well hurt his future).

Kurt Zamora


Rollins is simply too good and is our generation’s HBK. Reigns will always have a top spot because of Vince but I love his work and really hope he’s allowed to be a heel. Bray will be this generations Kane. Always around, dependable, and can be put in a main event in case of emergency. Ambrose… I think he’s comfortable in his spot and coasts sometimes because of it. So that’s why he’s last.

Ryan Petrynka

1. Reigns. Powerful brawlers will always have a role in WWE. Once the eventual heel turn comes he can run through guys without any mercy or remorse. From what I’ve read Joe Anao’i is a very charismatic and funny guy. Once he turns face again he’ll hopefully be able to show his natural personality more. Prognosis: main eventer for next decade

2. Ambrose. Crazy lunatics are another traditional gimmick. Many have compared him to Rowdy Roddy Piper. I think it’s too early to make that comparison but he’s on his way. I think of him more like a Brian Pillman right now. He can play a heel or face without changing his character much. Prognosis: Transitional champion main eventer, many lengthy IC runs.

3. Wyatt. He’ll be the creepy, mysterious character his entire career. As a heel he’s sadistic, as a face he just wants friends and be understood. What he needs is a unique match that’s synonymous with his character, like the Casket Match or Boiler Room Brawl. Prognosis: Pre-Attitude Era Mankind without the crazy stunts. A dependable midcarder to help put over up and comers.

4. Rollins. Before the injuries I would have put him at #1 but now I question his dependability. He hurt Balor, he ended Sting’s career, and has had two knee injuries in 18 months. Will writers keep putting him in major angles just to see him or his opponent injured and plans having to be scrapped? I don’t think so. Prognosis: Dolph Ziggler crossed with Neville. Short term main eventer before getting shuffled down the card. Great at making opponents look good, flashy in the ring, good talker, but stuck wrestling cruiserweights.

Ryan Mullins

Dean Ambrose has the most potential as a “rebel” face or he’d be great as a heel. He’s also done a movie already and that’s stuff WWE likes. I think Ambrose is the most talented overall out of that group, could be a HUGE star in my opinion. Seth Rollins is the best in ring worker, but to me Ambrose could be a cornerstone.

Billy Metts

Wyatt- The character is most versatile and his ring work matches his presentation.
Rollins- Too much talent for an injury or two to derail. Promos are solid to great, he tends to have the best matches of the Shield alums.
Reigns- WWE won’t give up until somebody dies or this motherfucker gets over.
Ambrose- He just isn’t delivering on the promise we saw earlier in his WWE run, which is a total shame.

Josh Richey

My list:

1. Rollins: best overall in terms of in ring and mic work (total body of work). He’s Hunters boy, he has the right look, and he can play both heel and face well. Crowd loves him. Despite injuries I think he’s the best of the group at adapting his ring work to fit his needs, physically and professionally.

2. Wyatt: Best on the mic, with a unique skill set. Early injuries really held him back. Honestly think his cena program was rushed. Should have booked that as a title feud. A singles win over Cena for the strap would have done his career wonders. I think his biggest issue will be the pigeonhole they put him in as the creepy guy who wants to mess with everyone…. I’d love to see him take a stretch where he is nothing but hell bent on winning and retaining the title. Maybe a ministry style story line where he and Vince align.

3. Reigns: destined to be the Rock V2.0, but with half the success. He puts solid matches on, but his character grew stale as a face very quickly. As a heel he’d be great but his mic work is what really holds him back. He lacks the charisma to really run as a full fledged face.

4. Ambrose: They really missed the opportunity with him when the shield broke up. I think if he’d been the one to turn, he’d have had a different career trajectory. Imagine if he’d been the one to get the push Rollins got initially? I think he’d have gotten programs with HHH early on that could have really solidified him as a top level main eventer. Instead he got stuck in midcard hell (he did make the most of it) and will probably be a transitional champion any time he holds the title from now on. His relationship with Renee may also hold him back, only if he wants to be a family man. I could see him retiring early and moving onto something else (real estate or maybe a tv show host of some sort).

Swastik Rath

My preference- Ambrose, Rollins, Wyatt, Roman.

The more realistic order is :

(1) Rollins-The best wrestler among the above four. Good on promos. Currently a face,He can be better in that role. Works at a high level. Though he is a bit reckless in the ring and injury-prone, it will be hard to keep him below the top, considering how great of a performer he is. Also got backings from the current and future bosses, so his future looks the brightest to me.

(2) Reigns-Logically he has the brightest future considering how much Vince loves him, which should be the end of discussion. But I feel that if his character is not tweaked a bit, then he will soon lose the interest from the fans as well as the backings from officials. Also he is limited in the ring and below average on promos. Turning into a badass heel would do wonders for him, though I don’t think he can ever be anything close to The Rock.

(3) Ambrose-Perhaps the best all-round performer they have got with in-ring ability close to that of Rollins. When given any chance, he shows he can cut a promo as good as anybody. He is very durable. Never missed time due to injury. Has already developed a character that people can relate to and get behind. He can be better and more natural as a heel, but he has been great and successful as a face. The only problem is that the company has never truly got behind him. He became world champion, but that was due to certain circumstances. The powers that be don’t see him as a top guy, but as a utility guy,so he is third on this list.

(4) Wyatt-He has a different character that feels fresh in this realistic world. He has the potential. Good wrestler, but phenomenal on-mic. But he is the unluckiest but among the four. His start was really promising, but then he was literally fed to guys like Cena, Taker, Reigns so many times that his character reached the least interesting point. Thankfully his storyline with Orton has got him back on track and he will soon be World champ.

Jacob Stevens

We haven’t seen the best of Ambrose yet, as he hasn’t been a main event heel. He will shine, especially on Smackdown where the booking is better.

Bryan Sheward

I think the Shield guys are a toss up with who stays the longest and who doesn’t…. Rollins has the most potential in the group to do the most IMHO, but we also see the reality of Reigns being the next top babyface.

Ambrose has the potential to be the next tweener character, so there’s that.

Wyatt is the one I’m really interested to see what happens to. He’s on the level of Undertaker as far as “mystique” is concerned, but was booked like crap when he should have been a dominate monster.

Leo Carter

Ok, here’s my take…

1) Roman Reigns – he has the look that can sell, & is a freaking athlete. He just wasn’t booked right with his singles push. He just needs to kick ass, NEVER touch a Mic & possibly have a manager. Oh, it’s very important for him to have a successful Heel turn, & it looks like the company will finally get behind that.

2) Seth Rollins- he Needs to go back to Heel as well. Face run was very weak, & he’s better on the Mic when he’s dissing the Crowd. But man, that guy is Amazing in the Ring! I just can’t put him over Reigns because too many injuries with himself & other talent, that sometimes may intimidate other guys to work with him…I KNOW I KNOW, they’re all accidents.

3) Dean Ambrose – Loved that the company finally got behind him last year, & his promos are hilarious! His title run wasn’t that great, however, & I just don’t see him as a face of the company type. He’s great in secondary title roles, & he has great matches with Main Event talent, really to put them over. Fan favorite, no doubt…but I just don’t see him headlining (performing last) a one on one match at Royal Rumble, Summer Slam, or WM.

4) Bray Wyatt – he is the most talented of all to me. Think he’s best on the Mic, & more into his character than anyone. He’s last on the list, because he’s the only one to have yet won a singles title, & has not won any Major Feuds…this opinion can absolutely change after Sunday.

Rajasekaran Alagurajan

1. Reigns: the company is firmly behind him. He may not be the the best among these four but he is not bad either. He has great matches with smaller guys like aj styles and with big guys, ok kind of matches. I don’t think the fans hate him, they just hate the idea that he is the top guy.

2. Rollins: the most talented guy among these four. Falls short of reigns in size. He has had great feuds with all the top guys like cena, orton and hhh, which shows that the company likes him as much as reigns.

3. Ambrose: second best among these four. Being in smackdown ranks him below to two raw guys. He needs feuds with cena, orton etc. to cement himself on top.

4. Wyatt: I have never been a fan of him. People love his entrance and thats almost it. His gimmick keeps him very limited. Even if he wins the title at elimination chamber, I think it will be a short and forgettable title reign.

Matt Quinn

1) Reigns. He almost certainly won’t be The Rock. He probably won’t even be John Cena. He could, however, end up being a Randy Orton type; a good performer with occasional flashes of greatness who is loved by management.

2) Rollins. He’s better than Reigns in every way, but won’t get the same push. I could see him end up being like HBK during his second run. Usually having the best match on the show, always at or near the main event, always a credible challenger, but not holding the title as much as his contemporaries.

3) Wyatt. I love him. His character is unique and interesting, he can work, and he’s one of the best promos out there. But the unique character could end up being a hinderence at times as the writing staff has not always known how to use him. His physique could also cause some to push the brakes on him.

4) Ambrose. He’s really good, but I just don’t like him as much as the other 3, and I don’t think WWE management does, either.


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