WWE: Circling Overhead by Marc Madison

Circling Overhead is usually what they do. While meat lie rotting on the side of a road and vultures pick the bones and pieces, they circle overhead waiting for their opportunity to strike. Wrestling fans have often been told by a particular character to follow the buzzards. And like the devoted fan base that we are, we have obliged. Bray Wyatt remains one of the characters on the roster that provides the most depth. He dabbles in places that are suggestive and controversial, and other times provided promos that highlight his rather cunning linguistic nature.

As Wrestlemania 32 came and went, the decision of what to do with him and the rest of the Wyatt family remains a mystery. There was speculation that he would challenge Brock Lesnar, an idea that was tossed around when the Wyatt Family unceremoniously eliminated The Beast from the Royal Rumble match in January. The plan was being laid out, it would have clearly been an eye for an eye between Lesnar and Wyatt. So when an announcement was made to have Lesnar face-off against Reigns and Ambrose for the title, speculation was that the Wyatts would once again cost Lesnar the chance to win and get an opportunity to compete for the WWE World Heavyweight championship. However, that wasn’t the case, and the plans on what to do moving into Wrestlemania changed once again.

So where exactly does that leave Wyatt now? In having a conversation with my wife, she brought up an interesting point. Hypothetically, if Ambrose was to win the title at Roadblock and set up a match against Reigns for the title, does that leave Ambrose’s challenge against Lesnar null and void? If that were to happen, could the Wyatt/Lesnar match still have been on the table? It very well could be, but what Wyatt has been professing lately, and how he discusses “down with the machine,” could perhaps suggest down with those in power, i.e. authority figures, and suggests that maybe a face turn could be likely.

As it stood, there isn’t really anything holding Wyatt to any particular feud or challenge. So it is an interesting predicament for his character to be in. Often there is criticism about how poorly Wyatt has been booked. He’s a very complex character with a lot of depth, and if anything he really can blaze his own trail and face anyone put before him. As Wrestlemania approached, fans want to see him work a program, but who could he face? Are there many options left open if he’s to be immediately thrust into a big match against a major opponent? When we consider the initial idea of having him face Brock Lesnar was scrapped , that doesn’t mean he won’t in some way get involved. Retribution is often something Wyatt deems necessary; he beat up Rowen when they were no longer aligned with one another. At times it appears as though the WWE is very guarded with his character. However, they run the risk that in being too guarded they do nothing at all.

As mentioned previously, what options are available for him? What programs could Wyatt work that would benefit him or give him forward momentum? It does appear he may be headedd to contendtion for the WWE championship. When he so casually brushed his hand across the title that showed what ultimately drives the character. When he discusses control and being a God, who else better to lead than a champion? Better yet, who better to lead than a WWE champion? Wyatt has a family lineage and enough of a background in the sport to know how to move forward and how to make a statement. It doesn’t appear that wins and losses mean very much to his booking either because while he isn’t a world champion, nor ever held the world title, fans still react to him. He is over because of his presence. While wins are ideal, his most recent booking when facing Dean Ambrose on an episode of Raw suggest that nothing may be by chance with Wrestlemania.

While it may be safe to assume that his feud with Reigns is over, he has still made mention of his belief “Anyone, but you, Roman. Anyone, but you”. That could easily hold true at Wrestlemania; he could have claimed that the machine and the powers that be wanted to secure Reigns’ place, when it is actually he that holds the rightful place as champion. What would be interesting is that Wyatt would in some ways be reflecting what the internet wrestling community feels about Reigns as well.

Fans want to see Wyatt in scenarios where he is facing formidable foes because the character is so dominant because of how he cuts his promos. In some regards it appears as though he is a Raven for a new generation. Obviously he is primed to be in a major feud, but the problem is that anyone that he could be feuding with is nursing major injuries, and that puts him in these scenarios where he is part of multi-man tag matches because it is important to keep him on TV than to not have him compete at all. There was a time before Wrestlemania, so while it may be safe to think that his crossing paths with Triple H was a one off, it could be also safe to think that it was the planting of seeds for something bigger.

In conversations with some friends, they believe that the idea of having Wyatt once again come face-to-face with The Undertaker is what may ultimately help him. After giving it some thought, may be a direction that they go with Wyatt. Remember what Shane’s role has been going into Wrestlemania? He was about having change and representing ‘down with the authority.’ So in order for Wyatt to create change, he would have to do more than pay lip service. The booking could work, by having Wyatt simply address The Undertaker prior to the event, and just as it appears as though Shane is about to lose The Wyatt family would come and impose their will. Does that mean that Wyatt would then turn face and side with Shane McMahon? Not necessarily. Wyatt has his own agenda.

The plan is quite clear if he is the one that puts the plan in motion to change who controls the company, and he could call for what he feels is owed to him. It could honestly work as Shane making a deal with the devil, owing Wyatt whether he asked for help or not. When Shane referred to backstage politics and those given countless opportunities, the irony is that this does apply to Wyatt. The internet wrestling community in particular would be salivating at the idea of having Wyatt be the one person who isn’t given a justified push that must again face adversity because the one person he indirectly aided, in this case Shane, was the person who would attempt to not bend under the eater of worlds’ pressure.

The scenario is crafted in such a way that it also allows for The Undertaker to battle Wyatt once again. The difference is that with all the strength that Wyatt’s character and position could have, he may be something that not even The Undertaker has an answer for. If there has been one constant idea regarding Wyatt and The Undertaker crossing paths, it’s that the old face of fear should bend under the pressure of the new face of fear. And Wyatt, unlike The Undertaker, does have strength in numbers.

Employers will often discuss the brass ring and taking the bull by the horns , and having Wyatt not only take charge, but put himself in a position of dominance, surrounded by other physically imposing men, fulfills this notion. This would be that opportunity to perfectly cement him in a place that he will lead a charge. The counter culture nature and appearance of Wyatt has consistently created an allure with fans. We would be hard pressed to find someone else who is able to speak eloquently, and yet still manages to cause damage without saying a word at all. With Harper as his second and Rowan and Strowman consisting of the back end of the faction, Wyatt is a character long overdue for a chance to shine.

Much like vultures lie in wait, preparing to pounce on their prey, so should a Wyatt push at Wrestlemania have taken place, and continue post Mania? When we peel back the layers of Windham Rotunda, the wrestler that performs as Bray Wyatt, we have seen him do exactly what has been asked of him. As long as he creates compelling television and it is able to draw more interest from the fans, there really isn’t more the can do. However, his appearance, attitude and nature, despite not resembling what has long been a typically pushed WWE guy, has made him a talent that they’ve developed and honed into the performer we see today.

He is simply too engaging, too captivating not to be, if not as champion, then certainly someone competing in the main event. Wyatt themed matches could certainly be a route to go, as others would be forced to either compete or face his wrath. So as fans continue to follow the buzzards, they eagerly await his main event push as he waits patiently, circling overhead.

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