Update On Seth Rollins Knee Injury & Possible Recovery Time; Rollins Thanks Fans For Support

The early word on the Seth Rollins knee injury story is that it’s believed that he suffered a torn MCL in his right knee, which is the same knee where he tore his ACL in November 2015. The good news is the torn MCL isn’t as bad as the ACL tear because the recovery time for this injury would be about eight weeks, according to Dave Meltzer’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter, which was released on Wednesday night.

Rollins underwent testing earlier today (Feb. 1) in Birmingham, Alabama following the injury on Raw. What’s in eight weeks almost to the day? WrestleMania 33. Funny how that works, huh?

The injury occurred on Raw when Samoa Joe slapped on the Coquina Clutch choke in the ring. When Joe went to take him down, Rollins’ knee buckled under him and you can hear Rollins saying “Owww” in the video if you listen closely. Rollins ended up leaving Raw on crutches that night.

It was noted by Meltzer that while Rollins likely will want to do the WrestleMania match with Triple H as long as he’s healthy, WWE may be a bit reluctant because if he’s not fully cleared there’s a risk for further injury and it could legally be bad news for WWE. That’s why they only put people in the ring if they pass medical testing.

Earlier on Wednesday, Rollins sent out several tweets with this message:

“Wanted to take a second to thank everyone who has reached out to me over the last two days. Life doesn’t always go your way, but that is no excuse to surrender. If anything, obstacles exist to help us grow and evolve. This reinjury to my surgically repaired knee is real and a lot is up in the air right now, but one thing remains constant: my resolve. This doesn’t end for me until I’ve reclaimed the throne. And for me, fighting and defeating Triple H is the only way. I will work harder than I ever have and push myself beyond what I know. This isn’t over. The only way to wear the crown is to slay the king. I know what must be done and there’s nothing that can stop me.”

Prior to that message, Rollins tweeted out this image while he was getting tested in Birmingham.

Samoa Joe also tweeted this in storyline as if he was congratulating himself for injuring Rollins.

There will likely be more news on this story tomorrow and we will have an update whenever we find out what the news is. Most likely, WWE will post something on their website in the morning that is hopefully legit news and not something to push the storyline.

TJR Take: Eight weeks is not so bad. That’s not a major injury, but it’s a bit more than a tweak too. I did a quick Google search to find this site about knee injuries and the eight week timeframe seems to be legit. Considering Rollins is such a hard worker and WWE has a great medical team with a lot of resources, perhaps he can be cleared a couple of weeks before that so he can still have a WrestleMania match with Triple H.

I guess we can celebrate a bit because it’s not as bad as we thought. Then again, this isn’t officially official yet, so let’s wait until more news tomorrow.