Update On Brock Lesnar Issues At Raw

The WWE Champion Brock Lesnar was at Raw, but he wasn’t used. What happened?

According to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter (available via subscription at F4Wonline.com), the situation with Lesnar and WWE is complicated.

As we knew previously, Lesnar was backstage when RAW began, but left after a business disagreement with WWE Chairman Vince McMahon. The reason for their disagreement had to do with their negotiations for Lesnar to sign a new WWE contract.

The speculation surrounding the disagreement is that Lesnar wanted to fight for UFC while he was still under contract with WWE. Apparently that’s not the reason, though. Apparently the issues from Monday were about WWE’s offer and the terms of the new deal for Lesnar. The issues also had nothing to do with current or future creative plans because Lesnar likely doesn’t have a problem with doing anything creatively.

Whatever the issue was, the situation was not settled as of today although it could be settled at any time. The expectation is that Lesnar will show up for the WWE dates that he has left because it’s part of his contract. Lesnar has four dates left on his schedule: Raw on March 9 in Pittsburgh, Raw on March 23 in Los Angeles, WrestleMania 31 on March 29 and Raw on March 30 the day after WrestleMania.

TJR Thoughts: What does all this mean? At this point, nothing. I like Meltzer and value his opinions, but they weren’t giving him much info here. If there’s a positive thing about it it’s that Lesnar is not done talking to WWE about his future. Perhaps WWE asked him to work more dates, he refused and he left in a huff. Maybe they are offering less money because they just don’t want to spend as much on a guy with only three or four matches in a year. At least WWE has time to figure this out. Lesnar can stay away for two weeks, maybe cooler heads will prevail and he’ll still sign a new contract with WWE.

Some people may not like Lesnar in WWE since he’s a part timer, but he’s a great performer that makes shows better when he’s out there. That’s why WWE fans should want to see him continue working there.

On a related note, if you’re wondering about that Roman Reigns rumor regarding a failed drug test, it’s not true. It was started on the Reddit wrestling forum, then Meltzer said it wasn’t true and even a WWE spokesmen said it was a lie. Welcome to WrestleMania season where the craziness truly comes alive.