Twenty-Two Things I Learned From WWE Clash of Champions by Brandon Lasher

Welcome to my latest analysis of a WWE PPV. Last night was Clash of Champions, the first Raw PPV of the new era. Here are the twenty-two things I learned from the decent show in Indianapolis.

Twenty-Two Things I Learned From WWE Clash of Champions:

1. I am amazed to learn Alicia Fox has been in the WWE since 2008. She has never had a major amount of success and seems to be only used to put over newer talent like Nia Jax. Kudos to Alicia and her continued ability to collect a paycheck!

2. If it didn’t happen in the WWE then it didn’t happen? I don’t think most fans agree with your viewpoint on that Jerry.

3. As someone who has worn tube socks with sandals, I am offended by your comment New Day. Also, is it your goal to make the most absurd t-shirt ever award? You are certainly on your way!

4. I am happy to see Gallows and Anderson learned that being the “funny guys” is a terrible idea for their characters.

5. How come when faces like New Day cheat the announcers say nothing but when the bad guys did it later in the show they scream and shout? Be consistent Cole and Saxton!

6. I feel sorry for the ring crew that has to put up purple ropes for one match and then had to take them down again. The WWE is sure a color obsessed company after the brand extension.

7. I learned I still don’t know what to think of TJ Perkins’ video game style entrance. It was different. I will give him that.

8. I was happy to see an actual heel emerge from the Cruiserweight Division. I was getting worried this would be a division based solely on competition and sportsmanship. That has no place in the WWE. Am I being sarcastic? I really don’t know anymore.

9. Was anyone really into the Best of 7 series before last night? I really doubt it. However you can change someone’s opinion with one good match and yesterday’s was on the verge of being special. I cannot believe Cesaro did a 619. Is there any move he cannot do?

10. How is Cesaro not dead? That suicide dive looked like one of the most painful landings I have ever seen.

11. I know the ending ruined what could have been a special match. Did you not hear that crowd WWE? If you “let them fight” some more you would have gotten both over in a hurry. Now? We will have a Best of 8? Yeah. I will try to contain my excitement.

12. Can anyone do a better job of showing disdain for an audience like Chris Jericho? He is in rare heel form right now.

13. While I am not surprised Sami Zayn lost; I am shocked Jericho won cleanly. How often does he do that anymore? I feel like they are setting him up for a face turn soon. I do want to see him face Kevin Owens but I would greatly miss Jericho being a jerk.

14. If I haven’t said it before I will say so now: that KFC commercial with Ziggler and the Miz creeps me out to no end. The sooner I don’t see Miz in a chicken suit the better. And furthermore, did Colonel Sanders actually wrestle his chickens first before cooking them? It hurts my brain to think about the entire concept of the commercial.

15. If the triple threat match is always No DQ why doesn’t anyone ever really cheat? I mean sure Dana Brooke tried but was anything really preventing Charlotte from smacking Sasha and Bayley with a chair the entire time? Be smarter heels!

16. Is anyone else as sick of Charlotte being the champion as me? No disrespect to Charlotte, one of the best heels in the WWE, but the story is getting really old fast. We need new feuds on the Raw Women’s Brand!

17. How is Rusev the heel in this storyline? I mean since when has defending your marriage and wife’s honor made you the bad guy? Oh, I remember, he is foreign and therefore evil.

18. I am started to get bored by the hate for Roman Reigns. Sure he was pushed way too early but he is back in the middle card putting on solid matches. Can’t we all be happy with his place on the card now? Sure, I hate the constant losses of Rusev but Roman will make the US Championship more credible going forward.

19. I believe we could listen to Kevin Owens simply call all of his own matches going forward.

20. Since Kevin discussed getting disqualified in his match, I ask the important follow-up question: why didn’t he? Seems like an easier way to defend your title.

21. Are WWE ref’s bones made of glass? How on earth could the referees be out that long based on a simple bump?

22. What happened to Triple H? I believe this is the longest payoff for something I don’t really care about in a long time.


Final Thoughts:

This was an average pay per view. The card was filled with good but not great matches throughout. Nothing was bad but nothing was memorable either. I believe changing some of the screwy endings and booking mistakes would help the Raw brand going forward. The wrestling talent is surely there as we could see.

Feel free to contact me at lasher@pacificu.edu. Additionally, I have my Twitter account, WWEBNRL as well. I would love to hear your thoughts on Clash of Champions. Are you a fan of brand only pay per views now?