Twenty-Two Things I Learned From WWE Backlash by Brandon Lasher

Welcome to my latest analysis column of a WWE PPV. It should be extra fun with two pay-per-views a month! Last night was Backlash, the first Smackdown PPV. Here are the twenty-two things I learned from the fun show from Richmond.

Twenty-Two Things I Learned From WWE Backlash:

1. Is Daniel Bryan the best person to help Apollo Crews to get more exciting? Daniel is a pretty mellow guy when he isn’t chanting, “Yes”!

2. If they knew that Backlash was going to run short, why didn’t they have Apollo Crews/Baron Corbin on the main show? Not that I am complaining about an event lasting less than three hours.

3. If Apollo gets a personality to match his wrestling skill he will be a star very shortly.

4. Will Apollo ever win a match on Smackdown Live? I am starting to have my doubts. It does show us where him and Corbin stand in the peaking order of Smackdown.

5. Alexa Bliss dressing as Harley Quinn works for a comic book nerd like myself. She looks the part tonight.

6. Naomi’s entrance is pretty impressive and well worth the time it takes. She is an underrated talent who finally gets some time to showcase her skills on the new Smackdown.

7. I loved the risks the six women took in their match. The best part of the match was before the eliminations occurred. They took lots of risk to make an entertaining match. All six look like a credible threat going forward.

8. I was happy Becky won. She clearly is the most over woman on the Smackdown roster. After hearing about her unique wrestling background, it was special moment for sure.

9. I don’t say this often but I am a better actor than Jagger Eaton and The Miz.

10. I loved the fact that the Usos changed their look and move set for their heel turn. I wish this were a more common tactic for wrestlers when they switch.

11. I think Mojo Rawley’s offense consist of only running into people shoulder first.

12. Can’t I have one show with a poop joke WWE? Heath takes care of the quota tonight!

13. You have to admit the Miz doing Daniel Bryan’s move set was pretty fantastic. The Miz is on a roll right now. But I do wonder where this story goes with Daniel Bryan. Dolph was a mere afterthought in the feud and excellent match.

14. Maryse spraying Dolph to blind him is such an old school manager move. However, I simply cannot stay mad at her these days. I wonder why that is?

15. I think it was really stupid now to have Brock internationally injure his fellow superstar. Whose dumb idea was it for him to do it?

16. I learned that the WWE shouldn’t promise a main event match if they know it couldn’t happen.

17. Wow, that is quite a table dive that Bray Wyatt pulled off. If they let him actually wrestle occasionally we would know that.

18. I sadly found out that Bray Wyatt cannot win a pay-per-view match ever. It doesn’t matter if his opponent is nearly 50 years old.

19. I was shocked to not see American Alpha interfere in the Tag Title match.

20. I am very happy for Heath Slater. You cannot deny that the brand extension hasn’t helped his career. He has a perfect character and strong comic timing. His line about his kids was pitch perfect too.

21. I shouldn’t be too surprised but it was amazing to see Dean Ambrose booed. His title reign hasn’t been the best booked in WWE history. I hope he can evolve his character as he chases the title.

22. Is there a better wrestler in the world right now than A.J. Styles? It is past time we include him in the list of the all-time great wrestlers for sure. You have to be happy but shocked he became WWE Champion in less than nine months. How many wrestlers can truly claim that?


Final Thoughts

This was a strong pay per view. It has no dull moments in it shorter running time. Smackdown doesn’t have the deepest roster but it uses what it has quite effectively. I think less is more sometimes works for brand extension as well.


Feel free to contact me at lasher@pacificu.edu. Additionally, I have my Twitter account, WWEBNRL as well. I would love to hear your thoughts on Backlash. Are you a fan of brand only pay per views now?