Twenty Things I Learned from WWE Extreme Rules by Brandon Lasher

Welcome to my first analysis column of a WWE PPV. I have loved writing columns looking at the stories and developments of NXT and figured I should occasionally write about the main roster too. Last night was “Extreme Rules” and a lot of interesting developments came out of the show for sure. Here are the twenty things I learned from the Extreme Rules PPV.

Twenty Things I Learned From WWE Extreme Rules

1. Dolph Ziggler is nothing but an enhancement talent now. Sure I wasn’t surprised that he lost to Baron Corbin but it cemented that he is a jobber to newer wrestlers now. I mean he lost to Tyler Breeze! It is a shame for a talented guy like Ziggler to play such a limited role when such an impressive roster surrounds him.

2. Baron Corbin. Did he know it was No-DQ? Because one shot to the balls does not a No-DQ match make in my opinion!

3. Roman Reigns is so unpopular these days that he makes those around him unpopular. The Usos are one of the more talented teams in the WWE but this alliance with Roman is doing them no favors with their popularity.

4. The tornado stipulation is a good one. We have already seen way too many matches between the Club and the Usos so this was a nice change of pace. The stipulation allowed for some frantic action and mercifully Gallows and Anderson won. It was would have been horrible long term to have them lose again.

5. The right person won the US Title Match. Kalisto is extremely talented but they were letting him do nothing with the title. He didn’t exactly look weak in the loss either with the “injury”.

6. The rebuilding of Rusev continues! Just stay away from Cena buddy.

7. One of these days The New Day won’t be entertaining in their pre-match promos. Tonight was not that night.

8. The New Day can cheat and still be cheered. That is good to know.

9. What happens to The Vaudevillains now? I don’t think they will be challenging for the title much longer with teams like Gallows and Anderson waiting in the wings.

10. We have our match of the year candidate on the main roster now with the IC Title match. The “yes” chant the New Jersey crowd started near the end of the match was well deserved. It is really hard to pull off a successful Fatal 4 Way match but the action never slowed and the near falls were believable. It helps that you likely have three of the best five workers on the main roster (Owens, Zayn and Cesaro) in your match. Can we see more between these four this summer?

11. Kudos to the Miz. We like to rag on the guy, but he is one of the better heels in the company right now. He more then held his own with three extremely talented workers and is the right choice to hold the title in the summer months.

12. Weapons matches are boring. They are especially boring when they are in twenty-seven minutes. This issue with a weapons match is you are simply smacking each other with a weapon with little regard for in-ring work. Especially at this length. The crowd and I were quite bored.

13. But major props to Jericho. I would never want to fall onto that many thumbtacks. Ouch. Jericho is quite the company man at this point for being willing to do that.

14. You can still do moves besides submissions in a Submission match right? I think you need to do somehow in ring work before launching into a your Submission move?

15. Good guys are really dumb. Natalya falls for a fake Ric Flair in Dana Brooke? I guess it gives Dana Brooke something to do but it makes the face look like an idiot again.

16 .These two are capable of a better match. I know so I am going to go see Charlotte-Natalya again from NXT: Takeover. The women’s division needs strong technical matches not simply a constantly cheating heel.

17. I almost feel sorry for Roman Reigns. Almost. He actually does a good move and the crowd still chants “You Still Suck”. I recognize that Roman isn’t the best wrestler in the company. but he isn’t the worst either.

18. AJ Styles and Roman Reigns complement each other well. They have had two PPV matches and both have been fantastic main events that have been non-stop physical action. I hope the WWE recognizes AJ’s great work in these matches and uses him in the main event scene going forward.

19. I am beyond sick of invincible top guys. Roman Reigns takes a Styles Clash, a Styles Clash on a steel chair and multiple chair shots and can’t lose. I believe there is a better way to get over your top guys besides making them Superman and hurting their opponents in the process. After that excessive beating Roman wins with a spear. Please.

20. Just when I was having extreme anger for Super Reigns, Seth Rollins arrives to save the day. I didn’t know how much I missed Seth until he was gone. Since I am seeing Money in the Bank in person, I am ready for a Rollins-Reigns WWE Title match!


Final Thoughts

This really was a two-match show. The Fatal Four Way was a MOTY candidate and Reigns-Styles delivered for a second time. The rest of the matches were average at best. I hope to never see an Asylum match again as long as I live.

It is interesting to see where they go leading into Money in the Bank. It seems this was the end of many current feuds. Where are things going forward? With such a talented roster I hope they don’t waste it during the summer months.

As I mentioned earlier, I get to see Money in the Bank at the new T-Mobile Arena. Vegas Baby!


Feel free to contact me at lasher@pacificu.edu. Additionally, I have my Twitter account, WWEBNRL as well. I would love to hear your thoughts on Extreme Rules.