Twenty-Nine Things I Learned From WWE Survivor Series by Brandon Lasher

Welcome to my latest analysis of a WWE PPV. Last Sunday night was Survivor Series, the latest in the attempt to make the “Big Four” mean something again. I know there has been some debate on this site but I love the Survivor Series match. Even if having them act like seeing Raw and Smackdown together is a big deal. Not yet since we just saw them on the same roster four months ago. Here are the twenty-nine things I learned from the good show from Toronto.

Twenty-Nine Things I Learned From WWE Survivor Series 2016

1.) Sami Zayn wants to be more like Mick Foley? You mean a lovable loser who gets beat up all the time. Sadly, Zayn seems to be on his way.

2.) I am a bit surprised to see Kevin Owens discuss 69 on air with Tom Phillips. That being said I am conflicted about the whole thing. I love the chemistry of Jericho and Owens together. It is comedy gold. However, I don’t know if I can take much more of the harassing of Tom Phillips. Be A Star WWE.

3.) I am happy to hear Mauro Ranallo and Corey Graves will be calling “205 Live”. That will make that show a lot of fun going forward.

4.) I think the six-man tag match from the Cruiserweights was a fine opener. But once again I doubt the fans really care. Outside Brian Kendrick and maybe TJ Perkins we do not know who any of these people are in the division. Please develop characters for these people when the new show starts WWE.

5.) Why, in 2016, is Kane still winning match? There is nothing to be gained by him winning. It is a shame the WWE doesn’t see the potential in a talented big man like Luke Harper.

6.) What Nikki Bella can’t wrestle? I am heartbroken. It seems a bit suspect that Natalya was right there to fill in. I hope this is a story that continues on Smackdown. The women’s division on Smackdown has far better booking.

7.) I am not shocked Alicia Fox was the first eliminated for Raw. The women’s division is pretty thin on Raw right now. Also how little do they think of Dana Brooke if she cannot beat the rarely used Alica for membership on the team?

8.) I learned that this match has done a better job of developing Nia Jax then anytime on Raw so far.

9.) I was not shocked to see Becky Lynch as the final member of Smackdown. Why she wasn’t the captain of the team before hand was beyond me.

10.) Charlotte is one of the best heels in the company today. No person brags more and whines more than the Queen. Good job “celebrating” your team’s win.

11.) Who would have thought James Ellsworth would be a bigger star than Braun Strowman four months ago?

12.) That was a good Intercontinental Title Match between The Miz and Sami Zayn. The Miz has really stepped up his wrestling in 2016. Maybe having Maryse’s support at ringside really helps.

13.) Does the WWE know it doesn’t have to have a screw job finish just because it is in Canada?

14.) I think I am offended by a WWE Universe where the New Day is eliminated from a match before The Shining Stars.

15.) I think the WWE has forgotten how good American Alpha actually is. They sure lose a lot. Making the last Smackdown tag team The Usos seemed an odd choice.

16.) So what the point of that messy tag match? At the end it put over two single wrestlers who hate each other? Sigh.

17.) Well that was pointless. Having the Cruiserweight match end with a DQ because of Baron Corbin. I guess the poor Cruiserweights have to work Raw and Smackdown nights now.

18.) Baron Corbin is well enough to end a perfectly fine match but not well enough to be in the Survivor Series match? Good to know.

19.) I learned Baron Corbin is a Small Person Racist. I hope someone gets that reference.

20.) You mean Dean Ambrose and AJ Styles cannot put their differences aside for a match with no real consequences? What?

21.) Tonight was the single best use of James Ellsworth so far. He also took a sick bump off the stage. Additionally, Braun looked really strong in the entire match.

22.) I think Kevin Owens getting disqualified for using “The List” is amazing.

23) Chris Jericho being so devastated by the destruction of “The List” is even more amazing.

24) I think that was a brutal spear Shane took. Maybe a non-wrestler nearing 50 years old shouldn’t be taking such nasty bumps anymore. Hope he is ok in the long run.

25.) It is amazing to think the same people booing Roman Reigns will cheer him when he is having a Shield reunion.

26.) I could see that RKO coming from a mile away but it was still impressive. No one takes an RKO like Seth Rollins.

27.) Holy crap! Bray Wyatt picked up a clean victory at a “Big Four” pay-per-view. I guess the world really is coming to an end.

28.) I learned that I may not be the biggest Goldberg fan but his entrance is still one of the best in wrestling.

29.) I learned on Sunday that wrestling could still shock me. I would never have guessed in a million years that Lesnar would be squashed like that. I am not sure what I think of that at this time. I haven’t been this shocked since Taker lost the streak.

Final Thoughts

This was an interesting pay-per-view to say the least. It had a lot of booking choices that a lot of fans will certainly question in the days to come. The best match seemed to be the 5 on 5 main event. And what about that final match? Well, I can at least say I was surprised.

Feel free to contact me at lasher@pacificu.edu. Additionally, I have my Twitter account, WWEBNRL as well. I would love to hear your thoughts on Survivor Series. Was it a worthy member of the “Big Four