Twenty-Five Things I Learned From WWE Roadblock: End of the Line by Brandon Lasher

Welcome to my latest analysis of a WWE PPV, which was called Roadblock End of the Line in this case. Because of life and way too many pay-per-views it has been a while. We have amazingly had three pay-per-view events in six weeks. Would the Raw brand deliver? Here are the twenty-five things I learned from the average show in Pittsburgh.


Twenty-Five Things I Learned From WWE Roadblock: End of the Line

1. After this crazy year I believe Booker T becoming Mayor of Houston seems more plausible then ever before.

2. I like the idea of super fans and radio hosts like Sam Roberts being on pre-show panels. It adds a fresh point of view to the proceedings. I am simply waiting until my boss John Canton gets on the show.

3. I still don’t understand how exactly Rusev is still counted as a bad guy in the last few months. Oh right, all foreigners are bad. I almost forgot.

4. I think Enzo has no place to complain about Lana tricking him. He tries to sleep with a married woman and someone he is innocent in all of his actions? It is WWE logic at its finest.

5. That was a waste of time even for a kickoff show. The match went less time then Enzo’s promo. I always love when a PPV is used to set up a match on Raw. Seems a bit backwards to me.

6. No one plays the dumb guy about to tell a dirty joke better then Big E.

7. I think Cesaro can make any match look great. Other than maybe AJ Styles, no one on the roster can make every match look so good.

8. I was very surprised to see the New Day’s title reign end so quickly after they broke the record. I guess they really wanted to get Demolition out of the record books and nothing else. That being said, it seemed well past time to take the titles off New Day. I believe the weak Raw Tag Division will be better for it.

9. The Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho relationship reminds me of that “Guy Love” song from the television show “Scrubs”.

10. I still don’t understand why Mick Foley was threatening to throw in the towel for Sami Zayn. I believe we have seen wrestlers take far worse beatings in matches then Sami took from Braun. That being said it is nice to see Sami finally having a storyline after nearly four months of the brand split. He deserves a lot more success.

11. I think the WWE is trying to steal all my free time with the starting of a WWE UK brand. I love when people complain about too much content on the WWE Network but no one forces you to watch it. If someone is forcing you to watch wrestling you might want to call someone authorities about that.

12. Kevin Owens messing up Chris Jericho’s win? That is really not necessary since Jericho finds a way to lose all the time without anyone’s help.

13. I learned Austin Aries looks like a young Ringo Starr and I can’t get that image out of my head.

14. The Cruiserweight match was fine for the time it was given. My concern with the division is all the best storyline development is occurring at 205 Live where most WWE fans aren’t watching. This is clearly the case evident by the lack of reaction by the fans last night.

15. Hey Neville still exists! Yeah! Great move for Neville and the division itself.

16. How come wrestlers get their own individual locker rooms? I know arena are not made up of dozens of individual rooms for talent to get dressed. That seems cost ineffective.

17. I was shocked it took nearly twenty minutes for the first pin fall in the Ironman match. The crowd didn’t seem to get too involved until that first fall.

18. Let me get this straight, Sasha took nearly five minutes of abuse at the end of the match but cannot take a few more seconds. That is idiotic and ruins any toughness factor for her going forward. Despite that nasty bleeding she did.

19. I will freely admit the quality of wrestling amongst Sasha Banks and Charlotte Flair was fantastic these last few months. However, I didn’t really care anymore after all the title changes. It was clear Sasha was going to win at the Raws and Charlotte was going to win at the PPV’s. Too much hot potato is a bad thing.

20. I love how the WWE likes to tell me this is the last time Sasha Banks-Charlotte will fight. I will bet my life savings that is not the case. I look forward to your many matches in 2017.

21. If at first you don’t succeed in breaking the German announce table, try again!

22. I loved that Kevin Owens complained mid-match about Roman not putting up the US Title. We all agree Kevin. It is a shame to see Raw’s secondary title treated so poorly while Smackdown’s is treated so great.

23. Can Kevin Owens ever win a match cleanly? Would it kill his character to do so? After all if Charlotte can do it why can’t Kevin?

24. I hope to find a love as strong as Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho some day.

25. I think we all would have been more impressed by the mini-Shield reunion if we didn’t see all three of its members together twice earlier this month.


Final Thoughts

This was another in a long string of average Raw PPV’s. Since they have so much talent compared to Smackdown it is down right criminal they do so much worse than Smackdown. The fact we all could see the results coming from a mile away is sad. I hope for better things for the red brand in 2017. They have too much talent to not succeed, right?


Feel free to contact me at lasher@pacificu.edu. Additionally, I have my Twitter account, WWEBNRL as well. I would love to hear your thoughts on Roadblock. Are you glad we have a long break from WWE PPVs now?