Twenty-Five Things I Learned From WWE Hell in A Cell by Brandon Lasher

Welcome to my latest analysis of a WWE PPV. Sunday night was Hell in a Cell, the latest in the never-ending brand-only PPV of the new era. Since I sadly missed the last one but I had to review the triple main event right? Nothing like a little overkill. Here are the twenty-five things I learned from the decent show in Boston.

Twenty-Five Things I Learned From WWE Hell in a Cell:

1.) Did Booker T complain about Rich Swann being an entertainer? Does he remember any of his own history?

2.) I don’t think I understood one thing that the New Day said in that backstage promo. They do have a cool Halloween themed shirt however. I look forward to Christmas Booty O’s shirt.

3.) Mauro Ranallo calling a Cruiserweight match. Mamma Mia!

4.) I think the six-man tag match from the Cruiserweights was a solid opener. I am sure no one had any doubts the good guys were going to win. I think building more character for the cruiserweight division will help it long-term. We still don’t know who any of these people really are.

5.) Thanks to the awful Miz-Ziggler commercial, I know I will never eat at KFC again.

6.) I miss when Lana’s appearance at a show actually meant something.

7.) If they want people to cheer Roman Reigns maybe don’t have act like a heel in his feuds. Is he really the face when he interrupts a wedding, insults the bride and laughs at the groom’s sexual prowess. Stay classy WWE.

8.) I think Roman Reigns rarely has bad matches. It was a good choice for an opener. I believe the Cell was used for little more then throwing people against. But that chain spot sure looked neat.

9.) I don’t know about you but Bayley deserves much better then matches with Dana Brooke. At least she won cleanly.

10.) Seriously is there anything Jericho can’t get over? The List is more over than Sami Zayn at this point. That is amazing and sad at the same time.

11.) I don’t know how Enzo can put the movie Toy Story in a promo but he sure can pull it off.

12.) That sure seemed to be the normal tag match. I was little surprised but pleased to see Gallows & Anderson actually win a pay-per-view match. Happy to see it happen from time to time. Hope they can get in the title picture again soon.

13.) Wow, Charlotte and Sasha Banks are going to main event a pay-per-view. That is impressive and certainly deserved for their strong feud.

14.) Did Jericho really need cheating to enter the cell? I mean it is a No-DQ match after all.

15.) That was a nasty looking power bomb through the two tables. Kudos to Kevin Owens for being willing to take a bump like that.

16.) That was a great Universal Title match from Rollins and Owens. I am sure none of us were shocked by Jericho’s interference. I wouldn’t mind seeing another match from these two again.

17.) A fan yelled at Kendrick to get a haircut. Do we really care about hair length in 2016?

18.) I believe heels only win because good guys are really stupid. I think T.J. Perkins was the only person in the universe who could fall for that.

19.) Congrats on Brian Kendrick for saving his career with the Championship win. Yes it was the last chance for the 37 year old wrestler. Never mind that John Cena, AJ Styles and Chris Jericho are older then Kendrick. Silly storyline idea.

20.) Do Sheamus and Cesaro know that you don’t have to travel together just because you are tag partners? I mean you don’t get married right?

21.) We know that no one sucks up better to the local crowd then New Day.

22.) That was a unique way to end the Tag Title match. I am really surprised that the New Day, supposedly good guys, have cheated to retain their titles two straight pay-per-views.

23) It didn’t look pretty but man that power bomb through the table sure looked brutal. Kudos to Sasha for taking that sick looking bump.

24) I have no problem with recreating the 1998 King of the Ring, but maybe have people who actually can strap Sasha into the stretcher correctly. It is amazing how quickly Sasha recovered from the horrifying injury. She just needed some inspiration.

25.) I guess Sasha is too light to break a table. It certainly hurt the finish but both certainly poured a lot into that brutal match.

Final Thoughts

This was a pay per view led by the three “main events”. The other matches had no real problems but didn’t really stand out. I know the crowd loved Sasha Banks but they seemed to get exhausted by the end. We all love wrestling but we have our time limits.

Feel free to contact me at lasher@pacificu.edu. Additionally, I have my Twitter account, WWEBNRL as well. I would love to hear your thoughts on Hell in a Cell. How is the two events a month working for you?