WATCH: WWE Stars Triple H, Stephanie McMahon and The New Day on the ‘Tonight Show’ with Jimmy Fallon

There was a WWE presence on the ‘Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon’ on Thursday night as power couple Triple H and his wife Stephanie McMahon were joined by The New Day (Kofi Kingston, Big E and Xavier Woods) to take part in the show’s famous “Lip Sync Battle” segment.

Fallon and The New Day sang a classic Boyz II Men song together, which was pretty funny especially for some of Big E’s facial expressions.

As for Triple H and Stephanie McMahon, they ended up singing a song from the ‘Moana’ movie. That’s a kids movie and we know Hunter and Stephanie have three young daughters together, so naturally, Triple H knew how to perfectly lip sync to it. That was the funniest part of the bit because Triple H was out there in a leather jacket wearing a Metallica shirt ready to rock, yet there he was having to lip sync to a song from a kids movie. The joke was done really well.

It was also announced during the segment that Fallon is going to be a part of WWE’s Raw 25 celebration in Brooklyn, New York on Monday. Fallon tapes the Tonight Show in New York City, so it’s not a far commute for him. The Tonight Show is part of NBC Universal, which owns the USA Network where Raw and Smackdown Live air, so that’s the corporate tie-in to this whole thing.

You can watch the lip syncing performances below and I’ve also included some social media posts from the wrestlers involved.


Here are social media posts from some of the people involved in the segment.


Great job by everybody involved. I hope they get to do it again soon.