TJRWrestling WWE Tables, Ladders & Chairs (TLC) 2019 Preview

John: Welcome to the TJRWrestling WWE Tables, Ladders & Chairs (TLC) preview. This is the 11th consecutive year where WWE has had a PPV named TLC. It has taken place in the month of December for every one of those years except for an October 2017 event.

This year’s card is a bit of a mixed bag to me. It’s an odd lineup for a PPV. For a company that has six singles titles between Raw and Smackdown, they have decided to put none of them on the line on this show. If you want fans to care about the wrestlers, the matches and the stories, you need to involve the titles. By ignoring those six titles on this show, you’re telling the fans you can skip this one because you’re not going to miss a damn thing. At least they remembered the two tag team titles and those are going to be contested in what should be some great matches.

As I write this on Saturday morning, there is a possibility that they could add more matches like Randy Orton vs. AJ Styles from the Raw brand or Bayley defending the Smackdown Women’s Title against Lacey Evans. It’s weird there is no Seth Rollins match on the show, but it appears as though he won’t have a match with Kevin Owens, who did a stretcher job on Raw. WWE has seven advertised matches and I don’t know if anything else will be added. All we can do is predict what has been promoted, so that’s what we’ll do.

Joining me for the preview are Mike Holland and Mike Sanchez. Mike is a popular name.

Mike Sanchez: The last WWE PPV of 2019 is almost upon us and it looks promising. TLC has that extra element of the tables, ladders and chairs which usually means a high spot or two that will steal the spotlight, however the added danger and unpredictability element can be overplayed and if done repeatedly throughout the night, can dilute some of the shock value as the evening progresses. However, I remain hopeful that the PPV will be good and I’m looking forward to it – God knows I needs some positivity after the politics that’s drowned the UK this week.

(Note: All graphics are from WWE. The banner up top is courtesy of our friend Melo Man.)


Raw Tag Team Championships: The Viking Raiders issue an open challenge

Mike Holland: If you issue an open challenge to a division with almost nobody in it, does it count? I have no issue whatsoever with The Viking Raiders being booked as dominant titleholders, but it takes a bit of steam out of a setup like this when there’s only a few known options and one of them lost in pretty short order Monday. (Sorry, Street Profits, stick with the comedy.) There are a couple of reasons why you wouldn’t just announce an opponent here, and honestly with the slapdash nature of this card, any of them might be valid. Perhaps they have a team return from hiatus (Usos) or perhaps they pin together a couple of singles talents as an impromptu team. There certainly are enough people without anything to do to make that work.​

Those strategies would likely lead to a title change, though, and I feel like the “TBA” was done just to create drama in an area that has precious little. If I had my druthers, I’d have Authors of Pain answer the call and win to add another dimension to Seth Rollins and his heel turn. Instead, we’ll have the obvious: The OC answers the challenge and the song stays the same.

Winners (and STILL Raw Tag Team Champions): The Viking Raiders

Mike Sanchez: I’ve liked the booking of the Viking Raiders since they’ve held the belts. I’ve always been a fan of using jobbers enhancement talent on TV, especially when the division isn’t all that stacked so without the local wresters, the Viking Raiders would’ve been forced to fight a recognised tag team over and over again, or a mish-mash of singles stars thrust together to make up the numbers. Enhancement talent also provide a great opportunity for the champs to build a winning streak and dominate opponents, which is all good in the long run for themselves.

As for opponents, I was going to pick a veteran team to answer the open challenge but with no Jeff Hardy (injured) and Dudley Boys in pastures new, it only leaves a random team who would probably draw a nice reaction but would be squashed by the all conquering Viking Raiders. A returning Sheamus would be nice, but with his traditional tag partner Cesaro on Smackdown (and Sheamus returning to Smackdown), that pair aren’t an option either. That leaves the OC who would be very credible challengers in their own right and with AJ Styles at ringside, would definitely have an edge and a great chance to walk away with the belts. Would this be good for the Viking Raiders going forward? Who knows, but it would certainly be beneficial for the OC who could assert their dominance even more on Raw. AOP would be a surprise pick, but perhaps this is too soon for them right now and they still need building up on TV.

Winners and NEW Raw Tag Champions – The OC (Gallows & Anderson)

John: I think when you do the “open challenge” idea it is done to make fans a bit more interested. What we don’t know is if it is only open to the Raw brand tag teams or if there might be a surprise where NXT’s Undisputed Era shows up to answer the challenge. I don’t expect that to happen. I’m starting to think that maybe it will be The Usos because they aren’t currently on Raw or Smackdown after being on a break all summer (due to Jimmy Uso’s DUI earlier this year), so maybe that’s why it’s an open challenge. I think the most obvious thing is for The OC duo of Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson to challenge for the titles and I would be very surprised if they won the titles.

The long term plan for the Raw Tag Team Titles should be a feud between the unbeatable teams with the Viking Raiders as the champions and AOP as the challengers. Perhaps it will happen at Royal Rumble or maybe WrestleMania if WWE can wait that long. For this show I’ll say it’s the Viking Raiders over Gallows and Anderson. If it’s something else, I hope it’s interesting at least.

Winners: The Viking Raiders


Aleister Black vs. Buddy Murphy

Mike Holland: I feel like we can attribute some of the success of both of these talents recently to Raw’s overseer, Paul Heyman, and we as viewers are the better for it. Aleister Black’s gimmick of sitting in the broom closet waiting for someone to pick a fight with him is a tad silly, sure, but Heyman killed with way odder stuff in ECW when he was handling creative. And if the end result is Black getting both more screen time AND more wins, who am I to argue?​

As for Buddy Murphy, he’s just done a great job all year long in my view. I had the normal concerns when he made the jump to the main roster, as WWE has overall done a lackluster job capitalizing on those sorts of things after the initial shine wears off, but Murphy has attacked anything he’s been asked to do with gusto and shown some versatility in the ring. That is why I am hopeful these two guys get a while to tell a story, especially on a card with some less-than-scintillating options. In terms of a prediction, it truly could go either way. I feel like Black’s due for a lengthy run.

Winner: Aleister Black

Mike Sanchez: This could be the sleeper match and be the best on the card. Black came onto the main roster with a good run alongside Ricochet, yet hasn’t been on our screens of late. His timely return should be the foundation to build him up to a mid-card title contender at least. Murphy will be a fantastic foil here for the Dutchman and will make Black look like a star. This will be no squash match and Murphy will get a few near falls in himself. Expect high-flying, hard-hitting action from the moment the bell rings. Both men have a great charisma and swagger in the ring that will only serve to compliment one another. I doubt this will be the last we’ll see of this pairing and it could well leave us wanting more in the future.

Winner – Aleister Black

John: Aleister Black has been doing the gimmick where he wants somebody to “pick a fight” with him since May. Seven months later, this is his second PPV match after he dispatched Cesaro earlier in the year. When the draft happened in October, there were reports that Paul Heyman was a big fan of Black and Murphy, so it’s fair to say these two Heyman guys have a lot to prove on Sunday. I think technically speaking it should be one of the best matches of the night. If this was an NXT Takeover show I know they would get 15+ minutes to have an incredible match. Since it’s a regular WWE PPV, I’m less confident in them getting that much time, but I sure it happens.

I think Black has the chance to be a major player in WWE. The fans respond to him very well with positive reactions for his entrance, for his offensive moves that include a lot of kicks, that sit in the ring spot he does works very well and the Black Mass spin kick is one of the most protected finishing moves in all of WWE. I’m expecting Murphy to put up a good fight in a match between two guys very capable of hard knees and kicks during the match, but Black should get the win. I would love to see Black get built up for a feud with a top heel on Raw like AJ Styles or Seth Rollins. That would be fun.

Winner: Aleister Black


Ladder Match for the Smackdown Tag Team Titles: The New Day’s Kofi Kingston and Big E (c) vs. The Revival (Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder)

Mike Holland: The challenging thing about TLC matches in their various iterations is that the talent has to work that much harder to make things stand out. Piling some foreign objects in is an easy way to up the stakes, but makes it much less likely you’ll be watching a classic. Ladder matches, however, are a sure bet in the right hands when you’ve got the goods, and both teams certainly do. Considering Kofi Kingston makes his athleticism front row and center at almost every Royal Rumble, you can guarantee it will be on display here. Mix in the Revival’s schtick of not liking gimmicks but being versatile enough to handle them and we’re in good hands here.

Unfortunately for all of that, though, I’m just not that enthused to see this match again. I feel like The New Day and The Revival have been feuding for the last half a year, and there’s really been very little added in new build to raise the stakes. It reads to me like a safe bet for a solid match, but in terms of the unexpected, we’d be reaching to expect anything out of the ordinary here. A title change would be a shock.

Winners (and STILL Smackdown Tag Team Champions): The New Day

Mike Sanchez: I love the chemistry these two teams have. Both teams and this feud would work no matter the era in WWE history as they transcend so well with the crowd and wider audience. The Revival hark back to a bygone era of wrestling and the New Day are everything pro wrestling is supposed to be; loud, colourful, over the top and talented. Their styles, look and mannerisms contrast so well that I’m not surprised their paths have crossed so often. The Revival will always be serious contenders for Tag Team Titles, so expect a close match here with the ladder element being the deciding factor. I can’t see Big E being the one to clamber up the ladder to retrieve the belts, so the onus will be on Kofi to hop, skip & jump around the ring and up to grab the gold. The Revival will put on a good show here and come close to taking gold, but I think will fall just short. Match of the Night? Possibly, but I think another will get that title.

Winners – The New Day

John: I think this should be an awesome match. The ladder stipulation could have been set up better, but it makes sense given the fact that these teams have had several regular matches in the last few months. It makes sense to “up the ante” so to speak by having a ladder match where the winner has to retrieve the tag team titles. I think they’ll put on a good show and one of the best matches of the night. If The Revival were to win the titles back they have some obvious opponents in the Heavy Machinery team and Ali/Gable if they continue to team up. With New Day as champs, there are less heel opponents for them to face. I think a Revival win is possible, but I’ll go with New Day to retain.

Winners: The New Day


Tables Match: Rusev vs. Bobby Lashley (w/Lana)

Mike Holland: It’s a love it or leave it thing with this whole storyline, I suppose, and that’s appropriate given the content. WWE’s fetishizing of their own real life relationships is the stuff therapy is made of, and this has been no exception. While the back-and-forth has produced a few fun moments, overall I personally have found it very cringe-worthy indeed. The only goal for me in this match is to have it end as quickly as possible so that all involved can move on and do something more interesting. That is, naturally, a goal that won’t be realized.​

I feel like an undercurrent of WWE’s current storytelling is that the more people say how much they hate something, the more WWE runs with it. It’s like reverse psychology gone nuts, ironically enough. The whole idea of a tables stipulation is that you can generally be guaranteed that the loser will go through the table in some way as to be protected in the loss. They didn’t get pinned, so nothing much to see here. That’s why it doesn’t look like it’s going to be a very good Rusev Day for the Bulgarian Brute. Lana distracts, Rusev loses, makeout sesh, feud continues, gargle and rinse.

Winner: Bobby Lashley

Mike Sanchez: I’m so not interested in this feud and want it to end. It does nothing to pique my interest. Lashley and especially Rusev could and should be doing so much more. I don’t care about divorces being on TV. I don’t care about turbulent love lives and restraining orders. I want to watch wrestling. If I wanted to see ‘drama’ like this, I’d watch a soap opera or Total Divas.

Winner – Rusev (Please just end it.)

John: This prediction is going to piss some people off probably, but I don’t think this is the blowoff match for them. As soon as this match was announced, my prediction was that Lana was going to do a bump where she gets knocked off the apron and put through a table at ringside. It will be one of those “accidental” bumps, which should pop the crowd in a big way. Rusev will show concern for his soon to be ex-wife (in the storyline) and then Lashley will capitalize on the situation to give Rusev a spinebuster through the table to win the match. The feud will probably continue from there with Rusev winning the blowoff match either on the first Raw of 2020 or perhaps the Royal Rumble. It wouldn’t shock me if there’s a Rusev/Lana reunion at WrestleMania either. They are still happily married in real life, so I doubt an on-screen divorce angle is going to last that long.

The match should have a lot of heat because the fans are reacting to Rusev as a big-time superstar, so that’s a positive we can take out of this. I’m going with Lashley for the win after about 12 minutes.

Winner: Bobby Lashley


The Miz vs. Bray Wyatt

(Note: This is not for Wyatt’s WWE Universal Title. It hasn’t been promoted as a Universal Title match on television. It is not mentioned as a title match on WWE.com as well.)

Mike Holland: Well, okay. This entire match feels like incorrect GPS directions on the way to The Fiend vs. Daniel Bryan, doesn’t it? I’m not sure which is the worse decision: having Bray Wyatt temporarily ditch the Fiend gimmick in order to do battle with the (generally underwhelming as a face) Miz, or having the whole thing not even be for Wyatt’s Universal Title on a card with precious little action involving major titles. The easy inference here would be that it sets up very well for a Miz win, given that he doesn’t bag the gold in so doing. The more likely conclusion is that it’s just more slipshod short-term booking while you keep the big deal on simmer.​

I don’t think there is any doubt that Daniel Bryan shows up here, likely sporting whatever new look he’s agreed to courtesy of The Fiend’s tactics. Anyone who wrestles Wyatt in that iteration ends up a changed man, I suppose, and given Bryan’s lengthy history with Miz, there’s a decent enough story to tell in there somewhere. I figure he comes down ostensibly to face off with Won’t You Be My Neighbor Wyatt and instead costs Miz the match. At least there won’t be a red light?

Winner: Bray Wyatt

Mike Sanchez: Hmmmm, this intrigues me. Though I like The Fiend character and his impressive title run so far, WWE definitely needs to tweak some elements and especially get rid of the stupid red lighting. Like Finn Balor, WWE has two for the price of one in Wyatt; the man and the monster. If we get the man at TLC, then this could be a good move. Miz has been on the sidelines for too long and is far too talented to be ignored. I predict a good match where Miz begins to be on top until Bray is incapacitated in some way and disappears from view (under the ring or something) only for the red lights to kick in and have him emerge as the Fiend where he will proceed to destroy Miz in a fit of rage. This story is reminding me of the AJ Styles / Samoa Joe feud where it crossed the line into the personal lives of the stars in a way that benefits the long-term storytelling (not like Rusev/Lashley). Does it have long-term potential? I don’t know, but on his day, The Miz can be something special, so I hope this pans out well for him.

Winner – Bray Wyatt as the Fiend

John: This has been such a weird year for The Miz because they turned him face, then he lost two PPV matches to Shane McMahon (including at WrestleMania) and he never got his win back even though he should have in that story. Since then, he hasn’t done much including being off several PPVs this year due to not having a storyline. I looked it up on ProfightDB and found out that his last singles match victory on television was on the September 10 edition of Raw when he beat Andrade. It’s been three months since he won a singles match on WWE TV and now he’s getting to face Bray Wyatt, who is the Universal Champion even though the title isn’t on the line.

I have liked most of the build with Wyatt doing everything he can to make it personal by involving The Miz’s family including the lovely Maryse and one of the Miz daughters Monroe. That should help the match because I expect The Miz to come out very aggressive, nearly win a few times and then Wyatt should capitalize on a mistake to win the match. I’m interested to see if Daniel Bryan shows up without any hair on his head and maybe without a beard, but if I was him, I would keep the beard. Perhaps Bryan shows up after the match. I think it would be better to save Bryan’s return for Smackdown. As for this match, I’ll go with a Wyatt win after 13 minutes or so.

Winner: Bray Wyatt


Tables, Ladders & Chairs (TLC) Match for the Women’s Tag Team Titles: The Kabuki Warriors (Asuka and Kairi Sane) (c) vs. Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch

Mike Holland: You can be certain that WWE will remind us multiple times during this match about how groundbreaking and glass-ceiling-shattering this action is, and during those times I’d suggest you remember it’s all a cover for allowing women to hit each other with a bunch of stuff. I’m fine with this match, mostly because Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch seem to really resent each other in a bunch of passive-aggressive ways that are far more nuanced and entertaining than anything they’re scripted to do. From a logic standpoint (sorry!), however, things are much worse. Given that The Kabuki Warriors together barely managed to beat one of their competitors here and actually lost (as a team) to the other, anyone could be forgiven for wondering how in the heck they have a ghost of a chance here.​

I think the hook here would be to have the challengers win, as WWE loves to do the “tag team champions who hate each other and soon will collapse” angle as often as humanly possible. You can definitely make a case for having the rivals “surprisingly” win the belts just in time to self-destruct for a WrestleMania showdown. I have seen enough of Flair vs. Lynch for a while, though, and would much prefer that the challengers self-destruct during this encounter and allow the solid Kabuki Warriors to win without putting a damper on either of them individually. Personally, I’d just have Shayna Baszler come down and annihilate everything that moves, but I don’t think my Christmas wishes get answered here.

Winners (and STILL Women’s Tag Team Champions): The Kabuki Warriors

Mike Sanchez: Here’s the match I’m looking forward to the most. This should be epic and match of the night. I get that some people gripe and moan about Charlotte being in the big matches all the time, but in my view, she’s one of the best women’s wrestlers out there, so WWE should be putting her in these matches. I like the story that there’s an uneasy alliance with Becky Lynch and that their fragile partnership could fracture at any moment and there will be plenty of opportunities to do that here.

Asuka and Kari Sane are my favourite tag team in wrestling right now. They have an incredible chemistry and look like a legit, solid and dangerous team. There’s no teasing of fall-out, no arguments between themselves and no fighting for the spotlight. They work as a unit and have the titles to prove how successful they are. I think it would be wrong to have them lose the belts here or at any point in the near future as they’re being built as a tough team to beat. With Becky being over-protected, I can see Charlotte taking the fall off the ladder that leads to Asuka grabbing the titles. That or a mix up by the Kabuki Warriors that leaves Becky grabbing the belts. I think the outcome will all depend on who is on the receiving end of the dreaded Green Mist. I’m going to have faith that WWE will keep the titles on the Japanese superstars.

Winners and Still Women’s Tag Team Champions– The Kabuki Warriors

John: This should be an awesome match. I think these four women are talented enough to have the best match of the night depending on how it is laid out for them. Last year at TLC, Becky Lynch, Asuka and Charlotte Flair had an awesome match that main evented that show. Kairi Sane is an outstanding wrestler just like the other three women and they all have chemistry, so I’m excited to see what they can do. It wouldn’t surprise me if this match went on last especially if Lynch and Flair win the titles. That’s my prediction, by the way.

The way the feud has been built up has put the Kabuki Warriors in a dominant position for most of the rivalry. They beat Charlotte Flair in a handicap match, then they put Becky Lynch through a table after getting disqualified in a handicap match. They also attacked Charlotte backstage. While I don’t rely on the “get beat up on TV, win on PPV” theory as much as I used to, it sure makes a lot of sense in this match. What doesn’t make sense is that Natalya and Charlotte Flair beat The Kabuki Warriors non-title on November 4th and then they never got a title shot, but here’s Flair and Lynch getting another shot at the titles. It’s not like WWE remembers their own storylines, though.

I don’t expect Flair and Lynch to have a long reign as Women’s Tag Team Champions. It may only last one or two months, but I think they’re going to win here. The story makes sense for a title change and I think the babyfaces Flair and Lynch owe the heel champions an ass kicking. Remember also that the Women’s Tag Team Champions can go on Smackdown and NXT as well, so it wouldn’t surprise me if WWE did a title change in order to get their two top women defending the titles on the other shows as well. I hope they get close to 20 minutes because if they do, we could be looking at the match of the night and maybe one of the best WWE women’s matches of the year.

Winners AND NEW Women’s Tag Team Champions: Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch


Tables, Ladders & Chairs (TLC) Match: Roman Reigns vs. “King” Baron Corbin

Mike Holland: WWE’s infatuation with King Corbin is getting ridiculous. I confess that the company has used the “King” gimmick as easy heel heat over the years, particularly with workers like Mabel who were one-dimensional and needed the rub. In Corbin’s case, though, it’s almost like a joke that nobody is laughing at. He’s decent enough in the ring, but these high-profile matches serve to remind me that there are far more talented folks waiting in the wings eminently capable of delivering a solid effort. It’s not a reminder I enjoy.

In terms of this match itself, here’s all you need to know: The build involves dog food. I don’t know that there’s a world where Dolph Ziggler (involved in said nonsense) wakes up and wonders what his life has come to when asked to do stuff like that, but hey, at least he does stand-up. That has to give you the bravery to bomb and a sense of humor. There’s little doubt this match will be competent enough, especially since Corbin has some backup and a variety of weapons to use. There’s also little doubt to me that he is getting vanquished here. I really can’t think of a less compelling potential main event. At least it’s not taking place in a kennel. It isn’t, is it?

Winner: Roman Reigns

Mike Sanchez: I’ll give Baron Corbin his due; he does work hard to get other people over, although WWE does rely on him to use promos more than his wrestling ability. If the long-term goal here is to get Roman Reigns back to the top of the tree and more importantly, over with the crowd, then Corbin will be a very important factor in that rise and his influence shouldn’t be overlooked. I think Corbin will take the loss here, but he will make Reigns look like the star we all know he is.

I like the story WWE are telling with Reigns. They’ve removed his superhuman qualities and powers of instant recovery and allowed him to become vulnerable – this is a key element in building sympathy for a character, especially someone you want to portray as a good guy and the face of the company. He’s been humiliated and ridiculed in equal measure. Bullied by his peers and made to look like as loser. I like it as it gives a natural feel and a connection with fans that we want to see Reigns kick ass and get revenge on his tormentors. This is just another step on the road to recovery for Reigns.

Winner – Roman Reigns

John: I think in terms of the amount of time that WWE has spent in building up a match at TLC, this one is right up there along with the Rusev/Lashley story. This Reigns/Corbin issue went all the way back to Crown Jewel in late October when they were on opposite teams, then it continued at Survivor Series when they were on the same team and here we go with the TLC match where the winner is decided by pinfall.

The question I ask is, has this been a great feud? I don’t think so. The dog food thing with Corbin and Dolph Ziggler smearing it all over Reigns was an old school way of drawing heat I guess, but I’m just not that interested in the rivalry. Corbin feuded for months with Seth Rollins on Raw, switched shows and now it’s the same thing with Reigns. Neither rivalry was that compelling. I don’t think Corbin is a bad heel. I just can’t see the average wrestling fan being that interested in it. To WWE’s credit, they have booked Reigns well in terms of not having on Smackdown this week until the last five minutes that saw him beat up all the heels and put Ziggler through a table.

I think Reigns winning this match is the obvious outcome. That’s my pick, but I wouldn’t be shocked by a Corbin win because clearly WWE management loves Corbin and if he won this match, it would be the biggest win in his career. They can use Ziggler to help Corbin get a couple of nearfalls, but then I would expect Reigns to take out Ziggler again. I just think it makes more sense for Reigns to win every match he has between now and WrestleMania where he’ll probably be against The Fiend in a Universal Title match. They’ll likely get 15-20 minutes for this match and do a good job utilizing the weapons at ringside to have a solid match.

Winner: Roman Reigns



The Match I’m Looking Forward To The Most

Mike Holland: Without a doubt, it’s Black vs. Murphy. Might be the only thing really worth watching here.

Mike Sanchez: Women’s Tag Tiles – I’m expecting big things from this.

John: I think the Women’s Tag Team Title match is my favorite. Black/Murphy will be a lot of fun too.


The Match I Care About The Least

Mike Holland: Nobody can accuse WWE of not being spoiled for choice. Corbin/Reigns.

Mike Sanchez: Lashley vs Rusev – Just end the torment. Won’t somebody please think of the children?

John: Raw Tag Team Titles defended in an open challenge.


Longest Match

Mike Holland: Women’s Tag Title match seems likely given the number of competitors and items.

Mike Sanchez: Women’s Tag Match / Men’s Smackdown Tag Match – it’s a tie between these.

John: I think Reigns/Corbin has the best chance to go over 20 minutes, so that’s my pick.


Shortest Match

Mike Holland: Viking Raiders title defense.

Mike Sanchez: Lashley vs Rusev (please).

John: The Viking Raiders defending the Raw Tag Team Titles.

Excitement Level on a Scale of 1-10 (1 being low, 10 being high)

Mike Holland: It’s pretty tough for me to get amped up for this card. I feel like WWE has put less and less work into the front end of these of late, and it shows. It could end up being better than it looks (hopefully!) but I’m giving this a very-missable 4.5. Go caroling instead.

Mike Sanchez: A solid 7. Though I don’t think the whole card looks incredible, but there are certainly some gems hidden in there. The Women’s Tag should be great and I think Aleister Black vs. Buddy Murphy could be the sleeper on the card. I think there may be a couple of title changes too, so all in all, a promising PPV.

John: I’ll go with a 6. If you guys read my reviews with any regularity then you know I care about having good matches and using star ratings to grade those matches. I think for this show, there are three or four matches that could reach the four star level (out of five), so if that happens where we see several matches that high level then TLC will be one of the best PPVs of the year. The problem with the show is that none of the matches feel like that big of a deal. It’s just like any card, though. If the biggest matches are the best matches that deliver the goods, so to speak, then it’s going to be a fun show.

John: I’ll be back with a review of WWE TLC on TJRWrestling.net most likely on Monday morning because I won’t be watching it live, so check it out when it gets posted.

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