TJRWrestling WWE Elimination Chamber 2021 Preview

John: Welcome to the TJRWrestling WWE Elimination Chamber preview. This show is taking place three weeks after the Royal Rumble and the build has been weak other than for the top matches. Heading into Smackdown on Friday, they only had four official matches. After Smackdown, they had added one more match.

The WWE Creative team has done a poor job of making us care about every match on the show. With that said, they know it’s a two (or three) match show in a lot of ways, so that’s partly why there’s less urgency in terms of putting out a full card. Also, in past years we saw WWE doing things like Tag Team EC matches or Women’s EC matches, but not this year. They are doing a WWE Championship EC match featuring Raw wrestlers while Smackdown’s wrestlers are in a #1 Contender’s EC match with the winner of that match facing Roman Reigns right after that match. Both Elimination Chamber matches should be great, but the tag team division is being ignored on this show while there’s only one women’s match. I’m just saying WWE could have done a better job of building this card.

By the time Elimination Chamber ends, we might know a few matches at WrestleMania officially. However, it’s important to remember that there is also Fastlane in four weeks on March 21. After that, it’s WrestleMania on April 10 and April 11. I don’t really need to know the card right now. I’m just hoping for some entertainment on the road to WrestleMania.

Joining me for the preview are Alex Podgorski and Lance Augustine. Here are some thoughts from Alex and then we’ll get to the preview.

Alex: I’m excited for this show. Like last month’s Royal Rumble show, Elimination Chamber has the potential to be great based on the sheer unpredictability of each match. That’s a big deal for me, as it should be for any fan. If you can predict the outcome from a mile away and always be right, that kills your excitement for the show. But with these five matches, there is potential for some welcome surprises that wouldn’t just be typical Vince McMahon swerves, but surprises that make sense. This is especially true for the Elimination Chamber matches, since WWE could craft a half-decent story out of any winner of those matches and still put on something great.

(Note: All graphics are from WWE.)

Women’s Tag Team Championships: Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler (c) vs. Sasha Banks and Bianca Belair

Alex: As soon as I saw this match announced, the first thing that came to mind for me was ‘No Way Out 2007’. For those that don’t remember that show (John has his review around here somewhere), the main event was John Cena and Shawn Michaels vs. Batista and the Undertaker. The RAW WrestleMania world title combo vs. the SmackDown world title combo. And while this match is slightly different, I predict an almost identical story here. Banks and Belair will try and dominate early in a game of one-upmanship. At some point, Sasha will get cocky/frustrated and will leave Belair to the wolves. At which point Jax and Baszler will tear her apart to retain the titles. This betrayal will then lead Belair to officially challenge Banks for the SmackDown women’s title at WrestleMania. It is predictable? Yes. But it makes complete sense and is a story people can easily get behind. It doesn’t make sense to deviate from a story that basically writes itself.

Winners and STILL WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions: Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler

Lance: This was a match added on Smackdown this week. It’s a very interesting matchup because it is rumored that Belair and Banks will be squaring off at WrestleMania. Even though this seems a little thrown together, I actually think it isn’t a bad addition to the show. Now, will Banks and Belair be able to coexist, or is the feud to WrestleMania going to kick into full gear? That will be the biggest question going into the match. Jax and Baszler have been dominant as a team, but it’s not like the women’s tag team division is currently setting the world on fire. I think Banks and Belair are probably two of the top women wrestlers in the world right now and this match has the potential to be above average. I do like the dynamic of Banks and Belair winning the titles and adding that slight wrinkle to their feud so I will lean that way. They will celebrate for the night, but they will still have their showdown at WrestleMania.

Winner(s) and NEW Women’s Tag Team Champions: Sasha Banks and Bianca Belair

John: This was set up late on Smackdown last night, so there’s not much anticipation for it. I can see it going either way. You can do the story of Banks and Belair as champions that are likely facing eachother at WrestleMania, so they can do some match prior to WM where they drop the titles. The other option is to keep the titles on Jax and Baszler by doing a spot in the match where Banks accidentally hits Belair (or vice versa) to cost the team the victory. There is also the fact that the winners have to face NXT Dusty Cup winners Raquel Gonzalez and Dakota Kai in a match. Since Raquel/Dakota are heels, it makes sense for Banks/Belair to win as babyface opponents.

I am going with Baszler/Jax retaining because I think it’s going to lead to a multi-team match at WrestleMania. I think they will do the spot with Banks accidentally hitting Belair, then Banks is shocked that she did it and then Baszler or Jax pins Banks. They want to keep Belair strong as the Royal Rumble winner. If I’m wrong, then that’s certainly fine because the Banks/Belair title win could lead to some interesting moments and get both women on multiple shows as well.

Winners: Shayna Baszler & Nia Jax


United States Championship: Bobby Lashley (c) vs. Keith Lee vs. Riddle

Alex: The only reason Riddle exists here is to be the fall guy for either Lashley or Lee. Lashley is very much the established and protected star here and Lee is someone that has a lot of support, no matter how many curve balls WWE may throw at him. I think it would make perfect sense for Lee to win the US title here in a competitive, twelve-to-fifteen minute match, pinning Riddle to win the title. Because you know if Lashley is meant to lose, WWE would do their damnedest to protect him in defeat. With Lee winning, he can go on to have an important singles match at WrestleMania and Lashley can move up the ladder to face someone higher on the totem pole. Expect a lot of back-and-forth action between Lee and Lashley, with Riddle acting as the crash test dummy both of them will throw around to show how strong they are. It’s sad to see Riddle reduced to such a role, but then again, that’s to be expected considering how poorly he’s been portrayed on the main roster.

Winner and NEW WWE United States Champion: Keith Lee

Lance: This is a match pitting two guys who were in NXT a few months ago against a seasoned veteran who I think has been grossly underused. Lashley looks like a million bucks and for some unknown reason to me, Vinny Mac has never seen him as “the man”. He has been good as US Champion and I think he gives a little rub to the title as well. The Hurt Business as a whole has been a good faction, with Bobby being a standout. Keith Lee and Riddle both came onto the main roster hot, but have since cooled down a little bit. Lee started a program with Randy Orton and Riddle had a few matches with AJ Styles and a couple of other main event guys. If you were going to switch the title and give someone a run with it, now would be the time. I think the most sense comes with putting the belt on Keith Lee. He has shown he can go in the ring and just might need that little bit extra to put him over the top. Triple threat matches are always fun, though, and this probably will be fun too.

Winner and NEW United States Champion: Keith Lee

John: When they announced this triple threat match my immediate thought is that they were doing it to take the US Title off Lashley. I’m not 100% sure about that, but I am going with Riddle for the win here.

I’m not sure what’s going to happen with Keith Lee in this match. Lee wasn’t on the last episode Raw likely due to selling previous attacks from Lashley. However, there are rumors that WWE boss Vince McMahon isn’t high on Lee for some reason. There’s even a chance that Lee may be taken out of this match altogether, but that hasn’t been announced yet. As far as we know, it’s a triple threat match. If Vince didn’t like Lee that much as a performer then why even put him in this match in the first place? The reason I’m going with Riddle is because he’s been going after Lashley for a while, he’s failed multiple times, but now that he’s in a triple threat match, I think Riddle can find a way to win the title. Plus, Lashley being free of the US Title could free him up to go after the WWE Title again like last year, so that’s interesting to me. Picking Riddle is a risk, but it feels good to me.

Winner and NEW United States Champion: Riddle


Smackdown Elimination Chamber Match to Determine #1 Contender for the Universal Title: Kevin Owens vs. Jey Uso vs. Sami Zayn vs. King Corbin vs. Cesaro vs. Daniel Bryan

(The winner faces Roman Reigns for the Universal Title immediately after this match.)

Alex: I’m going to break down my thought for each wrestler’s chances for this match:

Kevin Owens: He has a ready-made story to win here since he lost at the Royal Rumble via shenanigans. But to be honest, seeing Owens vs. Reigns again would be played out and only serve to harm Owens instead of benefitting him. I see him lasting a while in this match but not winning.

Jey Uso: Him getting another world title shot doesn’t make any sense. His earlier shot was a one-off, and any story going forward will be about the drama between him and his brother. That storyline direction doesn’t need to involve the title.

Sami Zayn: This isn’t New Japan where one guy holds both the Intercontinental and Heavyweight Championships, especially since Sami Zayn is nowhere near as vicious and brutal as Kota Ibushi. I predict Zayn might put a surprise and pin Owens, which could head to a fun-as-hell match between Owens and Zayn at WrestleMania. But beyond that, Zayn only exists here to be an underhanded foil and progress his ‘conspiracy’ storyline.

King Corbin: This would be the perfect choice if Roman Reigns was a babyface and WWE wanted people to cheer him. Corbin is a heat magnet (and not always the good kind); and even though WWE pipes in crowd noise, they could pipe in boos for Corbin against Reigns and totally get away with it because everyone hates Corbin. But since Roman is a heel, pulling that off would just lead to a boring and uninspiring match. And that isn’t what WWE wants since Reigns is on a tear right now and has been putting on pretty damn good matches.

Daniel Bryan: He could potentially win. Bryan is still an incredible wrestler that can put on classics against pretty much anyone. And even though Fastlane is a cursed PPV, there was that one edition that had a pretty damn good singles match between Bryan and Reigns. I think a rematch from Fastlane 2015 would be a great way to end the show and to give Roman’s reign some additional credibility.

Cesaro: When this match was first announced, I was sure that Cesaro was only added to pad out the numbers and pull off some of his typical awesomeness. Then he cut THAT promo, which got a lot of people talking. Plus, the guy just signed a new contract with WWE and if there’s one thing Vince McMahon appreciates is loyalty. Those things, coupled with the fact that Cesaro is indeed awesome, lead me to think he will win this. He and Bryan will be the final two (giving Bryan the singles match with Cesaro he wanted) and Cesaro will pull a surprise, but decisive, win.

Most Eliminations: (Cesaro- 3, including Daniel Bryan for the win)

Longest Time in the Match: Daniel Bryan

Winner: Cesaro

Lance: This match is intriguing because the winner gets to have their title match immediately afterward. I think all 6 men have a chance to have a good showing, although there are only a couple that I could see actually winning the thing.

You could go with Kevin Owens and make it his third shot at the title in a PPV match in the last 3 months (plus a cage match title shot on Christmas Smackdown), or you could go with a fresh matchup with someone like Daniel Bryan. I will say that I do think there are some guys in this match that would really have a good showing with Reigns. I will break it down the best I can.

I don’t think Corbin or Zayn really have a shot to win out of these six. They have both been featured on TV. I just don’t think that warrants a title shot here. I also don’t Jey Uso wins either, but if he did, it wouldn’t stun me.

That leaves Owens, Bryan, and Cesaro. Cesaro cut an excellent promo on Talking Smack a couple of weeks ago and it seems like he has had a renewed push as of late. I do think his chances of winning are slimmer though because he is likely slotted to face Seth Rollins at WrestleMania after they had a couple of standoffs. I do think he will have a great outing here, though. Bryan and Owens make the most sense to me. Both of these men could win and be legitimate contenders for the title.

All of these guys bring different things to the table and their styles may complement each other well. You will have some power spots from Corbin and Owens as well as the high flying from everyone else. As far as a winner, I think I am going to go Owens here just because he has already lost to Reigns multiple times (in cheap fashion every time), so it would be better for him to take a potential loss than anyone else in a one-off.

Most Eliminations: Cesaro – 2

Longest Time in the Match: Daniel Bryan

Winner: Kevin Owens

John: I think this will be a fantastic match. Most Elimination Chamber matches, especially in the last few years, are booked well. There is a lot of talent here that should work well together. I really like five of the guys and then there’s King Corbin, who doesn’t interest me that much on his own, but with the right opponents he can do very well. I’ll break it down in order from least likely winner to most likely winner.

King Corbin – It’s not happening. Corbin is the tallest guy in the match that will get to show off his power and might pin one or two guys. He’s not going to win, though.

Jey Uso – We have already seen Jey face cousin Roman many times, so it would be shocking if they went down that road again. I’m glad that Jey has had a good run that’s aligned with Reigns although it’s not like Jey has been winning a lot of matches of late either. He’s there to put somebody over.

Sami ZaynMy favorite heel in the match is Sami Zayn, who has been very entertaining doing the conspiracy gimmick and annoying everybody around him. While I would love Zayn to last until the end of the match, I doubt he’s going to be in there for too long. I can see Zayn getting pinned by best friend Kevin Owen during the match.

That leaves the three babyfaces. I think Bryan and Cesaro are going to start the match. I think these three guys should end the match as well because they’re the most likely winners.

Daniel Bryan– My guy DBry might have been my pick if he didn’t win the tag team match on Smackdown. When I saw that happen, that told me he wasn’t going to win this. I would love to see a Bryan vs. Reigns feud, which has been rumored for a while now, but I think Bryan is there to be in the ring a long time and put others over.

Cesaro – This would be fun to see. As Alex noted above, Cesaro recently signed a new contract (we reported on that here) and has been on a winning streak ever since because it makes sense that you are going to utilize the guys that are staying with your company long term. I have liked the smooth transition into a babyface for Cesaro as well. Cesaro is likely set up for a feud with Seth Rollins at Fastlane and perhaps WrestleMania also, which should be great. I see Cesaro as the guy to start the match, last all the way until the end and then he’ll lose.

Kevin Owens – My pick is Kevin Owens because I think the story of KO going after Reigns will continue. I think Owens is going to be on fire during the match, he’ll hit the Stunner on everybody in his path and I have him getting the most eliminations. If Owens doesn’t win maybe they’ll do a spot where Jey Uso hits him with a superkick after Jey gets eliminated and then Owens gets pinned shortly after that. If they did that, it would make Owens look more sympathetic. I just feel like they’re going to have KO to set him up to face Owens one more time.

Most Eliminations: Kevin Owens – 3

Longest Time in the Match: Cesaro

Winner: Kevin Owens


Universal Championship: Roman Reigns (c) vs. Winner of Smackdown Elimination Chamber Match

Alex: Roman Reigns vs. Cesaro.

As much as I would like it, there’s no way in hell Cesaro is beating Roman Reigns. Reigns is doing the best work of his entire career and is riding a wave of popularity as this badass Samoan tribal chief. WWE clearly want Reigns’s marketability to help boost interest in WrestleMania 36, which is why he will win.

But Cesaro won’t make that easy.

Cesaro won’t just have an uphill battle here; he’ll be trying to climb a mountain. But he’s the Little Engine That Could here. He knows his task is seemingly impossible but he’s gonna try his best, dammit. And he’ll fight with all his might to try and beat a fresh Roman Reigns, only to come up short. But he’ll still fight like hell and go maybe more than twenty minutes Reigns, despite getting his ass kicked in the Elimination Chamber. But in the end, Reigns will barely manage to eke out a victory, and will have no choice but to show begrudging respect for Cesaro.

At least, provided Paul Heyman doesn’t screw this narrative up with his usual tomfoolery.

Winner and STILL WWE Universal Champion: Roman Reigns

Lance: Roman Reigns vs. Kevin Owens.

Since Kevin Owens is the lucky winner of The Elimination Chamber, he will face Reigns for the Universal Title. We all know what happened with the ending of their Rumble match, but I still enjoyed it for what it was. I think this would be another competitive match with Owens getting a lot of nearfalls and being that underdog babyface he has been in the last couple of months. Reigns has been super solid since his return and while some people might groan at these two going at it again, I wouldn’t mind it one last time. With all of that being said, Reigns is not losing the championship here. It seems like he is on a collision course with Edge, and that will be one of the featured matches of WrestleMania. Owens can recover from a loss here because his losses recently have all come at the hands of “The Big Dog”.

Winner and STILL Universal Champion: Roman Reigns

John: I think it will be Reigns vs. Owens here.

The reason I think WWE is going back to that match again is because Reigns didn’t beat Owens clean in any of the three title matches they did at TLC, Christmas Smackdown and Royal Rumble. They were all cheap victories for Reigns. In this match, they can tell a different story where Owens is banged up after being in the Elimination Chamber. I think KO can get some nearfalls and come close to winning, but I think Reigns will finally beat Owens clean because of how fatigued Owens is after the EC match. I expect Reigns to win in a decisive manner.

This might main event the show because of what they might do after the match is over. Following the win for Reigns, I expect Edge to show up and hit Reigns with a Spear. I think Edge will do a promo saying that was payback for Reigns hitting a Spear on Edge on Smackdown. Then I think Edge will make the announcement that at WrestleMania he’s coming for Roman Reigns and the Universal Title. End show there.

Winner: Roman Reigns


WWE Championship Elimination Chamber Match: Drew McIntyre (c) vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Randy Orton vs. AJ Styles vs. Kofi Kingston vs. Sheamus (#6)

Alex: Up until a few days ago I was convinced that Edge would be challenging Reigns at WrestleMania. But then I saw this lineup and now I’m starting to have second thoughts. Why? Let’s look at each man’s chances of winning:

Jeff Hardy: He only exists in this match to do crazy dives and take high risks. He’s way beyond receiving a world title shot and will probably be eliminated by Styles or by Sheamus to get either of them booed heavily by the crowd.

Kofi Kingston: His time competing for world titles has come and gone. I don’t think anyone can take him seriously as a winner after he never got his rematch after Brock destroyed him in eight seconds. He’ll probably get a few minutes to shine in this match, but all of that will be merely a false hope moment to suck the fans in and deceive them.

Randy Orton: I predict he and Drew will be numbers 1 and 2 and will spend the first five minutes beating the absolute hell out of each other. He will probably RKO Drew at some point and Drew will kick out. Then Orton will go for the punt kick, but then the lights will go out and the Fiend will attack him. This will set up a WrestleMania match between Orton and Wyatt, which, I hope will be better than their utter dumpster fire of a match from WrestleMania 33.

Sheamus: He doesn’t have a chance of ending the match and become WWE Champion. But I do predict he will pin Drew McIntyre and eliminate him from the match. There is a growing feud between Sheamus and McIntyre that seems to extend beyond the ring and into their personal lives. And I think that rivalry can translate into a big WrestleMania story that doesn’t require the WWE Championship to be told.

Drew McIntyre: As the defending champion, I think Drew will have an impressive showing. He’ll have the most eliminations and do the most damage, only for Sheamus to attack him from behind and pin him. That way, the two of them can have a singles feud going into WrestleMania. That leaves…

AJ Styles: At last year’s WrestleMania, Styles got the biggest rub possible by wrestling The Undertaker in ‘Taker’s final match. ‘Taker has praised Styles for being ‘the closest thing to Shawn Michaels’ in WWE, which is the highest praise possible.

Who better, then, to work a high-profile WrestleMania match against 47-year-old Edge?

Styles will win here by being an opportunist, and will spend the next month acting like he, not Edge, is the ultimate opportunist in WWE. They will taunt and mock each other, and Edge will challenge Styles at WrestleMania. This way, Edge can wrestle against a highly-skilled opponent that can make him look great, Edge can have his moment of glory, and both Reigns and Drew can rest easy knowing they won’t be eating pins from grey-haired part-timers.

Most Eliminations: Drew McIntyre – 4

Longest Time in the Match: Drew McIntyre

Winner: AJ Styles is the NEW WWE Champion


Lance: Unlike the Smackdown side of things, the champion is actually competing in this chamber match. McIntyre is coming off an impressive win against Goldberg to retain his title at the Royal Rumble. He has been the main focus of the Raw main event scene, and I can’t see that slowing down much.

This match also has the bigger star power of the two. I could really see any one of these guys winning the title. Starting with the longshot, I would assume that would be Kofi right off the top. He had his moment a few years ago and it seems like they have moved on from that. Jeff Hardy has been underutilized, at least in my eyes, since his return and as much as I think it would be cool to see him win the title, he probably won’t win. I do think we will get some crazy stuff from him, though.

Styles and Orton are two wildcards that could win the title at any moment. AJ Styles is actually underrated for how good he is, and I think he will thrive in this match. Orton is the only person who has beaten McIntyre, only to lose the belt a couple of nights later. Sheamus is the one that if the title changes hands, he would be the prime candidate. He has been champion before and has the credibility to walk into the chamber and walk out champion. I guess coming in last doesn’t hurt his cause either. I think this one will be a little longer than the other match, and the reason the chamber matches were booked this way was that they didn’t want the champion retaining in both. That is what I think happens here. McIntyre wins after a grueling battle and goes into WrestleMania, after eliminating Sheamus, with all the momentum in the world.

Most Eliminations: Orton – 3

Longest Time in the Match: Jeff Hardy

Winner: Drew McIntyre


John: Before I do the breakdown of all the names in the match, I’ll state that I don’t think The Miz will successfully cash in the Money in the Bank briefcase during this show. They might do a few moments where it is teased, but I really don’t think it’s going to happen. Now, a rundown of the wrestlers in the match with the least likely winner ending with my choice for the winner.

Kofi Kingston – The last man announced for the match is there to help put on a good showing, but I don’t see him winning or lasting very long in the match. The Kofi-Mania stuff two years ago was a lot of fun and I loved it. I just don’t see it happening again.

Jeff Hardy ­– Just like Kofi, Jeff is a talented veteran wrestler that will have some fun moments in the match, but he’s there to put over the others.

Randy Orton – There was a promo from Alexa Bliss last week on Raw about how The Fiend is going to be reborn. In other words, The Fiend will be back very soon and I think it’s going to happen during this match. I think Orton will do one of those sequences where he hits the RKO on a bunch of guys, then the lights slowly go out, The Fiend’s red light appears on Orton and there’s an image of The Fiend on the stage or on the video screen. Orton will get distracted by that, so somebody will like Sheamus or McIntyre will pin Randy.

AJ Styles – The great AJ Styles might be the guy to have the longest time in the match because he makes everybody around him better. I can see him being one of the first two guys in the match and then lasting until the end of the match. The thought of AJ Styles winning is cool, but I highly doubt it happening.

Sheamus – We know Sheamus is the sixth and final entrant in the match, so that gives him a big advantage. I feel like it’s inevitable that Sheamus will face McIntyre in a singles match especially after Sheamus pinned Drew in the Gauntlet Match on Raw. If they do go with Sheamus vs. McIntyre at WrestleMania (or at least Fastlane), is it possible that Sheamus goes into that match as the WWE Champion? It might happen because if WWE wants Drew to win the title back at WrestleMania then that’s the way to do it. I’m not picking Sheamus to win, though. I’m just saying it *might* happen.

Drew McIntyre – The WWE Champion is likely going to retain the title after losing the Gauntlet Match following an impressive performance in that match. They will probably put Drew into the match in the third or fourth spot, I can see him causing a lot of damage and then it will come to Drew against Sheamus in the final two. Since Sheamus pinned Drew on Raw in the Gauntlet Match, they will be able to drive home the point that Sheamus is capable of beating Drew, but then I see Drew being able to overcome his former best friend to hit that Claymore Kick to win the match. If it’s not Drew and Sheamus in the final two spots I’ll be surprised a bit. I just think it makes the most sense for Drew and Sheamus to be the focal points of this match.

Most Eliminations: Drew McIntyre – 3

Longest Time in the Match: AJ Styles

Winner: Drew McIntyre




The Match I’m Looking Forward To The Most

Alex: Either Elimination Chamber matches; but if I had to choose one between them, I’d go for the SmackDown one. Because Cesaro.

Lance: Both Chamber Matches, but if I had to pick, I would favor the Raw WWE Title match slightly more.

John: The Smackdown Elimination Chamber match. I’m intrigued by more interesting wrestlers in that match and the match with Reigns that will follow.


The Match I Care About The Least

Alex: The Women’s tag title match. Not because it’ll be bad; but because Jax won’t scream ‘MY HOLE’ a second time.

Lance: US Title Match.

John: Women’s Tag Team Title match.


Longest Match

Alex: The RAW Elimination Chamber match. I wouldn’t be surprised if it goes 35-40 minutes.

Lance: The Raw WWE Championship Elimination Chamber.

John: I think the Raw Elimination Chamber match will go around 30 minutes.


Shortest Match

Alex: The US Title match. Lashley isn’t built for long matches. This’ll probably go ten minutes max.

Lance: Women’s Tag Team Title Match.

John: The US Title match around 10 minutes.


Excitement Level on a Scale of 1-10 (1 being low, 10 being high)

Alex: 8.5 – I’m making some wild predictions, but even if they were wrong and something else happened I’d be happy (as long as Corbin doesn’t win). And even if I’m wrong, at least we’ll see some utter carnage in the unforgiving Elimination Chamber.

Lance: I will go with a 7 here because while I am intrigued by any Elimination Chamber match, I wish it wasn’t a yearly thing. This should be a solid show, overall, though, with some matches having the potential to overperform.

John: I’ll go with around a 7.5 out of 10 because I think it’s a three match card with the two Elimination Chamber matches and the Universal Title match. The Elimination Chamber matches typically around four star matches (out of five), which means the top two matches are going to be great, so when you have those two matches as the best on the show, that’s something to look forward to. I wish both EC matches were a bit more unpredictable, but I do like most of the wrestlers involved in those matches.

In Closing

John: I’ll be back with a review of WWE Elimination Chamber on TJRWrestling.net on Sunday night. It will be live, so check that out during the show or after it’s over.

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