TJR WWE Q&A #61: Chris Jericho’s Wrestling Future, Ronda Rousey as a Heel in WWE and More!

This is the second Q&A post of the weekend. You can check out the first one here. The questions come from my Facebook page and they cover a variety of wrestling related topics. Let’s roll.

1. Mark Thomas
Should WWE do another season of legends house? With a different cast obviously.

I never watched an episode of Legends House. Scripted reality TV is not my thing. I doubt it did very well. What I did enjoy was the Legends of Wrestling show they used to do where they had a panel of names from wrestling history and they would talk about a particular subject. Bring that back on WWE Network.

2. Geoff Landtbom
Better heel character: the NXT Champion or the WWE Champion?

Both are outstanding and we should be happy to have them in our lives lol. I think Ciampa gets the nod because he’s been doing it longer, but Bryan is on fire as the Planet’s Champion. In a few months if you asked me I might pick Bryan because he’s such a tremendous all-around performer.

3. Jason Wampner
When the McMahon’s came out and apologized for the creative do you think Triple H the whole time was thinking that his baby is succeeding while Vince’s is failing?

I don’t see any reason why Triple H would think that way. He helps run the main roster too and I doubt he’s going to think badly about what Vince does.

As far as I know, NXT is not even profitable. It costs a lot to employ 100+ wrestlers in developmental and they run small house shows. The five Takeovers do well, but it’s still not that profitable.

How is it failing if WWE had the most profitable year ever? It’s not failing. he main roster product wasn’t great, but it’s good enough to make them a lot of money and that’s what their stock holders care about the most.

4. Charlie Pérez
What is the silliest thing of WWE that got over?

The Undertaker. A dude that works at a funeral home and says “Rest in Peace” became one of the most popular guys ever. He would be booed out of the building if he was new today because fans hate everything that is different these days. It never should have got over. Credit to him and Vince sticking with him.

5. Daniel Hill
Has Drew McIntyre got a chance of winning the Rumble or do you think it’ll be Seth Rollins (my pick at the minute)? Anyone other than these two? I’d mark out for Joe lol.

I think Drew has a chance at winning if Braun wins the title, but I would rather see Seth wins and beat Brock for the title at WM. It sucks for Braun if he fails at Lesnar again although I think Rollins is better to put the title on.

My problem with the Royal Rumble is this: Does it really matter? With two brands, the winner has failed to be in the main event most years anyway. Nakamura won and had a midcard match.

6. Van Wilhoite
Which of the new ones they have been promoting on RAW and SmackDown every week will have get the best opportunity to make an impact?

I hope EC3 because I have liked that guy for many years and I think he’s great. If I had to pick, I think Lars Sullivan will get the biggest push and win like 95% of the matches he’s in the first year kinda like Strowman almost never loses.

7. Joe Sondag
How would you book Becky’s build towards Royal Rumble and WrestleMania?

Win the Rumble, do a promo next night on Raw (or two nights later on SD) saying that being “The Man” on Smackdown has been great and she loves the blue brand, but she wants to challenge “Ronnie” at WrestleMania and that means going after the Raw Women’s Title. Then you move her to Raw and they build that shit up.

It’s not that complicated, but I’m sure WWE will manage to mess it up somehow.

8. David Harnick
Do you think Kenny Omega will be going to WWE?

I don’t know. Some people tell me it’s possible and they are not stupid people, but they don’t know. I think WWE can throw a lot of money at him and he might be willing to give it a try. He also loves NJPW and with his good friends in AEW now, perhaps he’ll go there.

Let me put this way. Last year I thought no way he would go to WWE. This year I think it’s possible.

If I have to guess, I say no and he stays in NJPW, but if he goes to WWE, I would be excited as a guy that writes about WWE full time.

9. Jason Richey
Do you see WWE doing anything legit with Apollo Crews? I know his mic skills are lacking but he’s a great talent. Also, Push Slater!

I hope they continue to utilize Crews. His promos aren’t great and I agree with that, but he can really go in the ring. I think they need to get behind him. He did well against Ambrose. Keep that going as a feud. Limit his promo time and just let him do his thing in the ring.

Slater is solid and I would be fine with a push. Good as a tag team wrestler too.

10. Connor James McClain
Do you think NXT Takeover UK will be a success encouraging WWE to finally do another U.K. PPV finally in 2019 or 2020?

I hope NXT Takeover UK is a success. Some great talent will help for sure. They should have done UK PPV the first year they had WWE Network in 2014. Air it at 3pmET here. Who cares? People will watch if it’s a good show.

11. Eric Hay
Do you think that Chris Jericho is legit done with WWE? I know he had insisted on them only in the U.S. but he’s heavily rumored to be involved with AEW. Where would you prefer to see him?

I don’t think he would be done with WWE forever, but if he goes to AEW as rumored it would likely hurt his relationship with Vince McMahon, who he has called like a father figure for two decades now. Basically, it might delay his WWE HOF call for a few years lol.

I want to see him in WWE, but I think Jericho would be a huge asset to AEW both on screen and behind the scenes. Let’s see what they can do.

It’s worth noting that Jericho said in his most recent NJPW press conference that he wants the IWGP Heavyweight Championship, so he might be working in Japan again.

12. Brandon Lasher
Do you think the WWE will have another NXT brand like NXT UK in the near future?

There are indications that they are going to launch NXT Germany this year or next year. WALTER was signed for that purpose and to run a wrestling school there. So yeah, I think that’s part of the company’s expansion.

13. Nate Kuhl
Do you think we will see a heel turn from Ronda Rousey in 2019?

Probably not, but I think she would be good at it. I just feel like WWE will want to keep her as a top draw and that’s why they would want her to be a face.

14. Leo Carter
Do you wish that Shawn Michaels would have waited for a later date & show for his comeback? I know the money was great, but the match wasn’t that good. What bothered me the most was his big comeback match deserved a much better crowd ovation.

I think he came back for the money and it was an easy match for him to wrestle his fellow dudes around the same age as him. Working against a younger guy might be harder on him. I hope he doesn’t wrestle again.

Shawn Michaels is my favorite wrestler ever, but I didn’t want him to wrestle again. Stay retired and let us have our memories.

15. Mark Tallentire
Odds on the Bella Twins winning the “first” Women’s Tag Titles? Seems very WWE like!

I doubt they would win, but I have no problem with them being a part of it. I would use them in the tournament if there is one and have them come close to winning. I think Banks/Bayley are the best choice to win, but we still don’t know if it’s both brands or exclusive to a show.

16. Ruffin Harris
Honestly, what the hell is going on with The Miz and Shane?

It’s a tag team for now, maybe they’ll get the titles and probably leads to some attack by Miz when they lose a big match and set up a WM match.

17. Tommy Mondschein
If Eddie would’ve lived, would him vs. HBK at WM 22 have been a classic?

I think so. I trust them to have done a proper build and had a great match. It’s a shame we never got to see it.

18. Lonnie Nawrot
Do you think the Revival will finally get their shot to showcase their talent?

They should and they probably will until Vince realizes he doesn’t like how their bodies look and push people that have more muscles instead. Vince likes to change his mind a lot.

19. Deryl Parnell Jr.
Do you see Finn Balor ever getting another Universal Championship run?

I hope so. I know there are reports and rumors of him getting a push, but these things come and go all the time. He’ll win one week, lose the next, so is it really going to last? I think he’s definitely popular enough to hold the biggest prize on Raw.

I wish he was on Smackdown right now. He’d be an awesome opponent for Daniel Bryan’s WWE Title at WrestleMania.

20. Tim Gaughan
Who was the better heel and all around performer Rick Rude or Mr.Perfect?

I think Mr. Perfect was the better all around talent that had better matches, was a better talker and really had no weaknesses. Where Rude had the advantage was he had the body type that Vince loved and likely a steroid guy while Perfect probably didn’t get on the juice much at all. I think if Perfect was in his prime with Bret/Shawn/Owen and without any injuries (the back injury really ended his WWE run before he went to WCW) he would have been a World Champion a few times.

Rude was very good and I liked him a lot too, but Perfect was better all around. They were best friends from the Minnesota area too.

21. Aldous Davidson
Are you going to write a predictions column for 2019?

I don’t think so. I got sick of it in the last few years. Sorry guys.

22. Sudarshan Udyavar Some rapid fire questions if you don’t mind. (Only request being whatever answer comes first in your mind you choose that.)
So here we go (choose one option)…

1. Hogan or Savage – Savage by a lot.
2. Bret or Shawn – Shawn by a bit.
3. Austin or Rock – Austin, but I love both.
4. Cena or Orton – Cena.
5. Punk or Bryan – Bryan although Punk is awesome too.
6. RVD or Jeff Hardy – Jeff Hardy.
7. Monsoon/Heenan or JR/King – JR/King by a bit.
8. Shock value : Owen’s death or Eddie’s death – Owen’s because it never should have happened. Eddie’s is sad too.
9. Which looks possible : Owen’s induction or Chyna – Owen, but eventually both will get in.
10. Bigger Tragedy : Chyna or Chris Benoit – Benoit by a lot.
11. Attitude Era or Ruthless agression Era – Attitude Era
12. Hart Foundation or Bulldogs (Tag Team) – Hart Foundation.
13. Vader or Bam Bam Bigelow – Vader.
14. Mr. Perfect or Rick Rude – Perfect.
15. NWO or Four Horsemen – NWO.
16. DX or Hart Foundation – Hart Foundation.
17. Lita or Trish Stratus – Trish.
18. Alundra Blaze or Trish Stratus – Trish. I’d pick her over anybody except maybe Debra lol.
19. Bret vs Austin (WrestleMania) or Bret vs Bulldog @ Wembley – Bret vs. Austin by a bit.
20. This has 4 options select one which was the best rivalry for Angle
A. Angle vs Benoit
B. Angle vs Jericho
C. Angle vs Eddie
D. Angle vs Austin – This one. It was awesome. Angle vs. Benoit might have more great matches, but it’s hard to watch Benoit matches.

I think that’s a good spot to end this on, so thanks to everybody for the questions. Check out our TJR Q&A section here if you want to read past editions of the Q&A. I’ll be back to do it again soon. Maybe every other week.