TJR Review: John Cena on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon Talking WWE, Movies and “Ew!” Sketch (VIDEO)

John Cena was a guest on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday night. It was an interesting appearance that featured a discussion with Cena as well as a comedy sketch that Fallon calls “Ew!” where he dresses up as a girl in high school along with a guest, who was John Cena. Cena was mostly there to plug his new movie next month called “Blockers.”

During the interview on the couch, Cena talked about what happened at Raw 25 when Fallon was in attendance. Cena was attacked by Elias that night, so they mentioned that bit.

Cena mentioned that WrestleMania is a big weekend for him because it takes place on April 8 and his movie “Blockers” comes out on April 6. Cena added that on March 24th he’s hosting the Kids Choice Awards.

They talked about last year’s WrestleMania when Cena proposed to Nikki Bella and of course she said yes. Cena sarcastically asked: “Last year at WrestleMania I got engaged. What do we do next?” Fallon joked that he could get married. Fallon asked about the wedding. Cena said Nicole planned a bachelorette party and she just finished that. Cena joked that he’s on standby to know when it is and where it is and he’ll be there. It sounds like there’s no firm date set for the wedding.

Cena talked about dancing and how he promised Nikki he’ll spend part of April learning how to dance for their wedding. Fallon showed Cena a Madonna dance move that you can see in the video below. It looks similar to a Rick Rude or Val Venis hip wiggle.

Cena also talked about the movie “Blockers” that comes out on April 6. The story is about young girls that went to promo and Cena plays one of the parents. Cena plugged it by saying a lot of crazy stuff happens. Cena mentioned how he was happy to do anything for comedy.

Cena and Fallon talked about their high school proms. Cena said he didn’t go to his prom because he was working that night. Fallon showed a picture from his prom. They aired a clip from Blockers as well.

The “Ew!” sketch is something Fallon has done with other celebrities over the years. I think it’s pretty silly and annoying to try to sit through the whole five minutes, but if you want to see Cena dressed as a woman it’s worth checking out.

Here are the videos from Cena’s interview and his “Ew!” sketch.