TJR Q&A #69: Ricochet as a Rising Star in WWE, Underrated WCW Wrestlers, More

There were so many questions in yesterday’s Q&A session that I decided to make it a two-parter. Would you look at that number up top? It’s 69! A very historic…and happy number. Google it, kids. Anyway, the questions come from my Facebook page as usual. Let’s get to it.

1. Shawn Collin
If and when Adam Cole/Undisputed Era get called up, do you think Vince and Dunn will push Cole to the title or will he end up being a mid-card talent?

I don’t want them to get called up. I like them as the centerpiece of NXT, which is an important show especially now that it’s on cable in two weeks. Vince will probably see them as regular guys and not care to use them the way Hunter does.

2. Leo Carter
What is your favorite:
-Royal Rumble
-Survivor Series

1. WrestleMania
2. Royal Rumble even though the brand split hurts the match.
3. SummerSlam
4. Survivor Series. I would put Money in the Bank at 4. Maybe the Elimination Chamber at 5. Survivor Series is boring.

SummerSlam has more great matches than the Royal Rumble historically speaking, but I think the Rumble is more important and fun for me to watch/write about.

3. JD Robert
Who was the most underrated and overrated wrestler in WCW?

I think Chris Kanyon was very underrated. He started as Mortis and he was very innovative. They booked him to be a goof too often, so he was never taken that seriously. It made me sad when he committed suicide.

Lance Storm was underrated although he was pushed to a certain degree.

Mike Awesome was so talented and booked like shit.

Some other underrated names: Shane Helms and Chavo Guerrero had some awesome matches in the last six months of the company.

Overrated I was never a huge Sid fan, I think Buff Bagwell was boring and never was interested in anything he did.

4. Brett Beatty

How would you call up Johnny Wrestling (Gargano)? I think he should debut against Styles in like a open challenge and they could have a fantastic feud, what says you John?

Keep him in NXT as the heart of NXT. I think he would get lost in the shuffle on the main roster and I doubt Vince McMahon would be willing to give him a monster push. Maybe Heyman or Bischoff would realize how good he is, though. I don’t know. I think some guys staying in NXT for most of their career is fine. It’s not developmental anymore.

5. Dangelino Ochoa
If the new SmackDown is going to be more sports based, do you think they’d call up Matt Riddle? I’d like to see Lesnar vs Riddle.

Yeah, I would be fine with that, but I can see Riddle as NXT Champion, so I don’t know if he’s staying in NXT or getting moved.

6. John Mezzio
Can you see WWE taking a chance on Cesaro and making him world champ sometime in the future?

If it was me then yes, but it’s not me booking. I think they see him as a midcard talent and a tag team wrestler while feeling that he isn’t a main event talent. I disagree with that thinking. Seth is his best friend (they have been close for many years and train together on the road), so I’m sure Seth would love to work with him too.

7. Martin Proffitt
Bit of a 3-parter this. When (if) Shayna drops the title, who does she put over? Do they then move her to the main roster. And if so, where exactly do you see her fitting in?

I would put Bianca Belair over for the title. I think she’s popular and she’s ready. She failed in her title matches before, so now they can say she’s more ready because she learned from those losses.

I think Baszler is ready for the main roster for sure. She can be a nice heel opponent for Lynch for a few PPVs.

I’m not sure if Bayley is fully a heel right now, if they want to turn Charlotte face or what the plans are on that side, but I think Baszler fits in anywhere as a badass heel.

8. Joshua Morgret
How would you end the first NXT episode on USA?

The first two episodes are one hour on USA Network and one hour on WWE Network since they are airing the last two episodes of Suits in those weeks, so I have no idea what they will do. Probably do a big title match, a turn or maybe a return of a guy from the main roster. Something like that.

9. Shon Wheeler
Why will they not pull the trigger on Braun Strowman?! And do you really see Wyatt winning the title this soon?

Strowman is main eventing the next PPV and just signed a big contract, so I assume he’ll be featured more. The way he has been booked has been confusing. I would have put the Universal Title on him two years ago when he was hotter than ever.

Wyatt already won the WWE Title in 2017 so it’s not like it would be his first time. But yeah I expect him to win. It’s “too soon” but Wyatt is getting loud reactions, so they’re listening to the fans.

10. Ryan Emmrich
I’m sure you’ve gotten this question often, but I’m a huge Drew McIntyre fan. Will he ever get pushed past what he is now? He worked hard to get back and he should be huge. Is he missing something?

I don’t know. I thought he would get the push in 2009, then 2010, then again last year and this year, but not happening. I don’t really understand WWE’s reluctance in being shy about it. Maybe Vince doesn’t like that he is not American. I’m not sure what it is.

11. Morris Coyle
Do you think The OC will get a true main event push within the next year? Seems to me that their booking over the past 2 weeks has been a step back.

Styles is always at or around the main event level. The tag team will probably be in the tag team title picture because they were given a huge raise to stay in WWE, so they are going to be used.

12. Sudarshan Udyavar
Is the art of storytelling missing in today’s pro wrestling. I mean matches are good but how many tell a good story? Rollins/Lesnar comes to mind, can’t think of many.

There are instances where they do tell a story with a wrestler working on a body part and then that means the babyface has to come back from that to get the win. I think in terms of long stories, it is not as good as it used to be and that’s an issue with WWE. Everybody has their own style in the ring too.

13. Brian Coats
Would you give the King of the Ring a title shot or how would you book them going forward?

Sure, but they didn’t announce that beforehand and if Ricochet wins, I feel like it would be too soon. Build up for next year. I’d love to see him win the Royal Rumble, for example.

There have been reports that Paul Heyman is a huge fan of Ricochet and with Heyman currently in charge of Raw, that’s a good thing. I think Ricochet’s going to win King of the Ring, then he might win the Royal Rumble and from there, who knows how far he can go? I’m excited about his future.

14. John C Hoddy
What’s the current worst looking finisher in WWE?

Lacey Evans punch to the face. I just think it’s too basic. She throws a tissue to the face and then does a punch? It’s weak.

15. Kenny Brophy
Who would you have take the title off of Adam Cole when the time comes?

Probably Matt Riddle or Velveteen Dream. Maybe Keith Lee. There’s no rush. Tommaso Ciampa as a face after his comeback would be cool too. I wouldn’t mind a longer title reign for Gargano too.

16. Giles Hart
What do you think AEW will need to do to stay at the top level after the uniqueness of a fresh rival to WWE has become stagnant?

Be creative, present more of a sports style show that focuses on the matches and don’t be afraid to do big angles once in a while.

17. Ross Macdonald
I was just wondering but with the Undertaker set to appear on Smackdown live next week do you reckon the Fiend Bray Wyatt attacks the Undertaker to set up a Wrestlemania match?

WrestleMania is seven months away. I don’t think they need to start setting up matches for it already. If they want to do that match at WrestleMania (again) then set it up at the Royal Rumble and go from there.

18. Geoff Landtbom
If Hulk Hogan had stayed in the AWA instead of jumping to the WWE in 1983 who do you think could have gotten his role in the company? Could Hulk Hogan have jumped in say 1987 or 1988 in this alternate universe?

There were always rumors that it would have been Jimmy Snuka, but he was never as charismatic as Hogan and he wasn’t a good talker. Hogan was clearly the right guy and if they didn’t get him, it would have been hard to succeed.

19. Daniel Lerma
Still really early, but do you have any favorite heading into next year’s Royal Rumble?

I think Braun Strowman would be a good choice. Ricochet would be my pick if it’s somebody that’s not currently a main eventer. Another name…Velveteen Dream. That would be fun.

20. Zenny Jack
Which superstar from the main roster would you send to NXT to be a big player or retooled?

EC3 for sure, the AOP tag team and Apollo Crews to name a few. I could list many more names, but basically anybody that is barely doing anything on the main roster.

21. Uzoma Iwuagwu
If Marty Scrull does leave ROH this year, do you expect him to join AEW?

Yes I do because some of Marty’s best friends in wrestling are running AEW, so it’s a good spot for him.. However, his girlfriend Deonna Purrazzo is in WWE NXT, so he might want to go there. I just think AEW has more of the people he knows and is friends with. When you’re on different schedules it is harder for the relationsihp, but the AEW schedule is friendly and if they only do one show per week with limited house shows then you’re not away from home that often.

22. Eric Hay
Any update on Rusev?

He has been on a break for like five months. There’s no injury. It’s just a break. I don’t know what plans are for him to come back. He posted this pic with a mustache look. Keep it!


As for Rusev’s wife Lana, she loves posting Instagram videos and pics in biknis, so that’s an update on her. She looks good doing it.

23. Shay Smithers
Overall thoughts on Tomohiro Ishii as a talent?

He’s impressive. There’s nobody like him, don’t you agree? He’s got this unique look to him, then he’s stronger than you would think and moves faster than he looks. He has so many great matches with different opponents. Ishii is one of my favorites in NJPW.

24. Brian Neilson
Not sure if anyone asked yet, but where is Sheamus?

If you check out his Instagram he’s lost weight and is ripped. He’s like 235 pounds now. The neck injury is considered serious because it’s spinal stenosis and some people have retired because of it. There are different types of that injury too. I don’t know if he’ll be cleared. I like Sheamus. Good dude.

25. Roderick Walker
Who do you will become a bigger star: Ricochet or Cedric Alexander?

I think Ricochet will be a bigger star, but I hope Cedric Alexander does well. They’re both incredible athletes.

26. Adam Domenico
Not sure if you already answered this or not so sorry if you did, but any news on Ronda Rousey being moved to the WWE Alumni section? I knew she was taking a break but I thought she was gonna come back for a short run kinda like Lesnar?

It doesn’t really mean anything. I don’t consider that stuff to be “news” and I don’t post it on TJRWrestling. Ronda will come back when she wants and WWE will say “yes, please come back” when she wants to because they know she’s a big deal.

27. Roderick Walker
Do you think it was wrong that Sable refused to take bumps as champion & her not wanting to put over Luna?

I don’t think it was wrong. Sable didn’t have aspirations to be a wrestler, so when they told her to wrestle it was something she had little interest in doing. None of Sable’s matches were ever that good, but she was very popular.


That’s all for now. Thanks to everybody that participated and to you for reading. Check out our Q&A archives here as well.