TJR Q&A #34: WWE Ring Collapse Moments, Kane’s Future, Asuka’s Win Streak & More (30+ Questions!)

It’s time for another Question & Answer session here on TJRWrestling. The format I use for this is to go on my Facebook page, ask the great wrestling fans out there for some questions about the business (usually WWE related) and then I post the most interesting ones here on the site. I’m going to break it into two parts because there were over 90 questions and I wanted to break it into two posts rather than do one really long one. The second part should be out at some point during the week. Let’s get to it.

1. Ronald Taylor
Do you think Jinder Mahal will become a legit Main Event Star now?? #donthinderjinder

It’s either going to work or fail and we’ll find out in the next few months. I think most likely he’ll be a title contender, he’ll lose to Orton and then be slotted in as a midcard heel that is higher up on the food chain than he was a week ago. Will he be some huge star? I doubt it, but I like that they are giving him a shot. Let’s see what he can do.

My prediction is they will try him in the WWE Title picture for a bit, he likely won’t stay at that level very long and he’ll be a solid midcard heel after that. Higher up than he was before as a low level midcard loser.

2. Matt Wyatt
Baron Corbin for MITB?

Yeah that’s the most likely pick. I would rather see Sami Zayn win it and use it to elevate him, but I think Corbin is most likely to win Money in the Bank since it is Smackdown only.

3. Erin Somers
Could you see Sami Zayn turning heel from his losing streak he is on??? I could definitely see it…

That would be a bad idea. He’s one of the best faces in the company in terms of his in-ring style, his persona and what he can do in the ring. You don’t turn a guy heel when he’s such an outstanding face. Plus, I think he would suck as a heel because it’s not in his personality to pull it off.

4. Van Wilhoite
John Cena’s feud when he returns will be with who?

I would put him in a match against Nakamura at SummerSlam and have Nakamura win. I’m sure Cena would love to work with him and would probably be fine with putting him over. Cena worked with Owens and Styles when they were “new” on the main roster. He will want to work with Nakamura too.

5. Cory Andrew Bacon
Years back, Sheamus won a match full of people who’d never been World Champion before, and then shocked us all by becoming WWE Champion with the opportunity. If you could recreate the same match with, say, ten people, who would they be? Who would win and end up as a first time champion?

That sounds complicated, so I’ll do the simpler thing and just pick the winner. I would have done it with MVP because I think he was a terrific all around performer that had a strong gimmick, he knew how to have good matches and just needed that extra push to get to that main event level. He’s a guy that should have been used better.

Other names would be Sandow, Barrett, Cody too. Cesaro is in that class as well.

6. John Harper
Can you see Jinder Mahal have a similar push to JBL’s world title push – out of nowhere and lasting 10 months with a faction? I dunno why but I can see similarities… not to look at obviously but, you know…

I don’t think he’s going to win, but if he does they might make it a long reign. I don’t think having a really long title run for JBL was a great idea. Business was down a lot for most of 2004 and only picked up again in 2005 once the Eddie/Rey feud took off. It’s not like people were clamoring for JBL matches! He was a better talker and character than wrestler.

7. Brett Beatty
In your opinion, should Owen Hart be in the WWE Hall of fame? I believe he should!

Yes, but his widow doesn’t want it to happen and I agree with her reasons. It’s understandable from her point of view considering he died in a WWE ring and his family obviously doesn’t want to re-live that.

8. Dangelino Ochoa
How come an Undertaker/Umaga feud never materialized?

They were on separate shows. They built up Umaga to be a heel rival of Cena and it was really good for both guys, but they never got to do that Undertaker/Umaga feud like they should have. One of those rivalries that I wish happened because it would have been fun.

9. Charlie Pérez
What inspired you to start blogging about wrestling?

I always liked writing and it was tough to find people to talk wrestling with, so I jumped online to start doing it in the late 1990s. Almost 20 years now holy shit! I should also point out that when I started the term “blogging” didn’t exist. The internet was still in its early stages too.

10. Rick Bulow
Of the three times Big Show imploded the ring (with Brock Lesnar in 2003, Mark Henry in 2011, and Braun Strowman just this past Monday) which one was your best?

I think the Lesnar/Show ring breaking moment on Smackdown in 2003 was the best. Loved the reaction of the crowd, the announcers (Tazz yelling “holy s**t” on commentary was fantastic), the ref and the guys. It was really well done. Even though it was a taped show, they really played it up well and I remember people on the internet were fascinate that WWE would do a spot like that and pull it off well.

The others were good too. I liked the one this past Monday with Braun Strowman and Big Show even though it was obvious they were going that way with it. Look at the crowd reaction. It worked perfectly. Plus, they had Braun standing tall and walking away from it, which put him over huge.

When Big Show and Mark Henry did it at Vengeance 2011 the unique thing is that John Cena had a match with Alberto Del Rio after it was over, so they had to do that match without the ropes. It was weird, but they got through it.

It’s a cool spot that WWE has done only three times in 14 years. I guess Big Show can never retire because they may need him to do it again in six or seven years!

11. Leonard Maglasang
Whether or not I go for Summerslam tickets will probably boil down to who they pit Nakamura and Balor against. Who do you think each of them end up getting at Summerslam?

I would do Nakamura vs. Cena at SummerSlam. As for Balor, maybe he will be against Strowman there. I dunno. Hard to project four months out. Brock Lesnar is a possibility for Balor too. Guys like Seth Rollins or Roman Reigns could be in the mix too.

12. Mark Tallentire
You probably won’t like to answer this, but in light of all the allegations about JBL (I agree that’s all they are at this time) in your opinion only, should he be fired? Or at least moved off camera? I know he won’t be but I’d like your opinion.

I don’t think he’ll get fired. Whether he should, who knows? We get one side of stories and not others, so it’s tough to say. When Mauro got hired a lot of people thought he wouldn’t fit in with WWE because he actually calls moves while WWE wants the announcers to “tell stories” instead. It’s stupid that WWE does it that way, but that’s their way and Mauro ended up gone. It sucks, but I don’t think my life or your life is gonna change because somebody is fired.

13. Deion Larocque
I’ve been thinking about certain superstars going back to NXT and having a go at it in a place where they can get a reaction. If you could send any five members of the roster who would you send and why?

Apollo Crews is the best choice. Tyler Breeze would benefit from being there and working with a veteran guy like Bobby Roode, but I don’t think they are going go backwards with guys and move them there.

I’m not sure about five people. Just picking those two, but I understand why WWE won’t do it also.

14. Stephen Rancourt
Do you think with New Day coming to SD soon, the division can finally get the proper attention it deserves?

They are heading in the right direction. Adding New Day certainly helps. Now it’s a matter of adding more time for the tag teams because some weeks they aren’t used at all. It’s tough to find time for everybody, but I am optimistic about it.

15. Andy Scott
Why will creative not put Roman and The Usos together for a Samoan Swat Team if there is no shot of a Shield reunion?

I don’t know why they didn’t do more of it. They should. Roman wanted to do more with his cousins The Usos as he mentioned on Jericho pod.

16. Jeremy Barcelo
In honor of 4/20, who is wrestling’s greatest stoner?

RVD is the best answer. Orton is a big stoner or at least was. I’m sure a lot of them are. Also Val Venis. Loves it and I think his current career involves it.

17. Roger Nicklaus
With *(SPOILER )* Hideo going into NXT Takeover: Chicago to face Roode – in your opinion, do you view that as a mistake with the crowd very likely to drown out all other sound in the arena with “CM Punk” chants if Hideo gets Bobby up for the G.T.S.?

I don’t think it’s a mistake. The guy has been in NXT for over two years and dealt with injuries. I’m happy he’s in that spot. Fans chanting CM Punk are stupid, but they are going to do what they are going to do. To not use Itami because of that would be dumb. I’m happy Itami is getting more of a push.

18. Chris Young
Now that Bray Wyatt is on Raw and Harper and Rowan are on Smackdown do you think there will be a new Wyatt Family?

It seems like the gimmick has run its course and they may not go down that road again, but if it comes back that wouldn’t be a surprise either. Hard to say.

19. Chris Bush
If WWE listened more to the WWE Universe, how messed up do you think WWE would get? Because it seems to me they want one thing one min, then hate the thing they wanted the next.

They do listen to the fans for some things and not for others. There’s no way everybody is going to be happy when there are 100+ under contract. Can’t push everyone.

20. Christian Michael
Outside of Bobby Roode can you think of another WWE Superstar where his entrance music completely made him?

I think it helps Nakamura a lot, but he would be a star no matter what. His music is pretty magical, though. Roode doesn’t even have a gimmick really. He just has the song and says “glorious” a lot lol. The fact that Roode is a fantastic in-ring performer obviously helps his career and character a lot too.

21. Bryan Vaughan
Do you think they will do a proper retirement match for Kane or do something like they did with the Undertaker? Kane is one of those guys who have been loyal to WWE for a long time so he deserves something special.

I think Kane is already retired without saying it. He’s going to focus on his mayoral run in Knoxville area of Tennessee. I agree about his loyalty and deserving something special. I just don’t know if he will get that kind of moment.

22. Ron Venturino
Do you think we’ll ever see an NXT Championship match happen at a WrestleMania?

Ever? Maybe at some point yes, but not any time soon. They can’t even get all their main titles on the main card. Too many people on the roster for them to fit NXT, so it’s going to be hard to make that happen. I also think they view the NXT Takeover event as a big deal, so they may just want to keep the NXT Title on that show and not do it at WrestleMania too.

23. Brigid Martinez
Have you ever thought about doing a YouTube channel? That might be cool. Also, when do you think Brock will drop the belt, to who and why?

I don’t know if I would be good at it. I’m pretty laid back and like a stoner except without actually smoking pot haha. I just don’t feel like I have the energy to be one of those annoying people on a youtube channel. I sill like doing a podcast for an hour per week, but to do a youtube channel doesn’t interest me. On the other hand, it would be another outlet to try to reach people that have no idea who I am, so it’s worth considering.

I think Brock is either holding it a year to drop to Roman at next WM or maybe he drops at SummerSlam to Strowman. It’s tough to predict, but if I had to pick then it might be a year.

24. Geoff Landtbom
What’s left for Asuka in NXT? I mean it’s been an incredible run in NXT but she’s literally running out of competition. I thought that Ember Moon was going to win at Takeover and was surprised that she didn’t so does this mean that she won’t be the one the one to beat her or do you still think that’s the plan? And let’s face it, the all important call up will happen very shortly, which brand is the best fit for her? And finally I’m confused, is she a full blown heel? Because if she is you wouldn’t know it, she still gets cheered. There are no true heels anymore.

I think she’ll put over Ember Moon for the title at the SummerSlam NXT Takeover and then she’ll go the main roster after SummerSlam like Bayley did last year. She is definitely acting like more of a heel, but the crowd cheers because she’s been undefeated for nearly two years and they think she’s a star, which she is.

25. Jason Wampner
Do you think this is Dolph’s curtain call and won’t re-sign after this. Also what is Drew McIntyre’s ceiling is it top of NXT, mid card or possible chosen one again?

It does feel like near the end of Ziggler’s run in WWE. He’s 37 this year and while he’s in good shape, he’s not pushed nearly as strong as he should be. He may be done in a year or two.

I think Drew will be in NXT for about a year and go to main roster after WM next year. He’ll probably win NXT Title over Roode in the summer or late fall. That would be a smart move to try to elevate him in the eyes of the fans that remember him in the joke 3MB group.

26. Leo Naudin
If you were in Vince’s shoes during the Montreal Screwjob….. What would you have done?Also… Did you sense screwjob right away when you saw it? I personally thought it was just a rushed finish until Vince did that “Bret screwed Bret” interview lol.

I would have had a DQ finish and had Bret drop it the next night like Bret said he would be willing to do. Don’t drop it to Austin because his title win should have been saved until WM14. Just drop it to somebody else. They should have trusted Bret more, but I can see why there was paranoia since WCW was beating WWE at that point.

I remember that I watched with friends and we were all yelling “that was real and not part of the show” because you could just tell. I also started reading about wrestling on the internet the next day. My interest level was at an all-time high that’s for sure.

27. Roderick Walker
When Rusev and Lana both return, how would you book them and who would you pick to feud with.

Rusev should be booked strong and a main eventer within a few months. Have him match up with AJ Styles or Randy Orton fairly soon.

As for Lana, not a good wrestler. Limit her wrestling. I feel like she’ll be a valet for her husband Rusev more than as a wrestler. That’s her best role.

28. Jaime Waluigi Berco
Would you have Roman Reigns retire Kane as well?

That would be fine, but I think they may just have Kane quietly retire and not come back. If Reigns was positioned as a heel then I would do it for sure. However, WWE still thinks of him as a face, so I doubt they are going to do it.

29. Nick Venholm
With Jinder Mahal making this run, do you think Heath Slater could ever be seen as more than a jobber? I feel he had a lot of potential and they just didn’t follow through with it (as happens to many guys)?

I doubt Slater is used in such a way where he’s in a more featured role. I liked his team with Rhyno when they were featured more last fall and wish they were used more. There could be a time where Slater gets a midcard push to IC or US Title level, but I don’t think he’s a priority in WWE’s eyes.

30. John Czech
I see that people still bash CM Punk for leaving, but Austin left in a similar way years ago, then came back. People forgave him, do you think the same will be said for CM Punk if he ever comes back?

The wrestling business is very difficult. Guys at the top of the card have it harder than anybody because of all the pressure that’s put on them and the stress can get to them. With Punk, I think his injuries had gotten to the point where he just wanted a few months off to heal up and was never granted that. With Austin, his injuries led to a lot of problems too. Guys can’t just take off for a few months because somebody else will take their spot, so they may just quit like Punk did or go home like Austin.

Fans forgive everyone and most of the ones that are mad about it would be cheering like the rest of us. We have seen it with so many people. I miss CM Punk, but don’t blame him for leaving either.

31. Daniel Mount
Worst wrestling theme you’ve ever heard?

Brie Bella and Right To Censor. At least with RTC it was done to get heat.

32. Duane X Johnson
Do you think we’ll see Damien Sandow back in the WWE now that he left Impact Wrestling?

I don’t think so. He seems like he’s ready to move on from wrestling and is trying acting more. He put in about 15 years in the wrestling business. Seems like his time to try other things. Never say never, of course.

33. Orion Roger Lowther

Regarding the Broken Hardyz gimmick. How do you think the WWE will use it? Will they turn them together, redo what was done in Impact Wrestling (Matt turning first then “converting” Jeff after a feud between them) or just turn Matt and keep him and Jeff separate (putting them on different brands)? Also, do you see them bringing anyone else into the ‘Broken Gimmick’ (Like how I mentioned in a different post about the possibility of ‘Broken Lita’)?

I think they would have their own twist on it. Right now everything is going great for them, but once they start losing maybe Matt starts changing and that’s how they can begin the “Broken” process. It’s hard to predict that sort of thing because there are so many ways it can go. If it was up to me, I would make it more about Matt on his own where he’s the “Broken” one while Jeff can get a singles push. It may be done during some kind of split of the team where one of them ends up on Smackdown.

I doubt Lita will be a regular on WWE TV again. She retired in 2006 and isn’t under a deal right now. Matt dated her for years, which is why they were together on camera. Matt’s married to another woman (Reby Hardy) and I doubt he would want to be hanging around with his ex again.


That’s all for now. I’ll be back during the week again with the second batch of questions from the most recent Q&A. I’ll also have another column up later today or early Monday depending on when I can get around to it. Thanks for reading.