TJR Q&A #33: Hardy Boyz in WWE, Undertaker look at WWE HOF and More!

Here’s the second Q&A post of the week based on questions from my Facebook page. I posted the first batch of questions and answers earlier in the week. Here are some more.

1. Brett Beatty Excluding London, what are the top 5 cities for fan reactions in WWE in your opinion? I think Philadelphia and Chicago and Toronto would be in the mix.

Chicago, Toronto, Montreal and NYC/Brooklyn top the list. I would add anywhere in England too.

2. Khan Shahrukh
Now that you’ve brought this up I want to ask what your thoughts are on the Club (Bullet) being reunited after the shakeup and possible scenario of Balor joining the faction down the line?

If they are heels then sure, but I think Finn is a face. Stables aren’t as good as faces. With that said, if they wanted to try it then I’d welcome it and would enjoy it as I’m sure most fans would.

3. Shoaib Hussain
Due to the reaction Roman Reigns gets, do you feel it’s only going to get worse for Reigns or is a heel turn coming?

They should have done it two years ago shortly after WrestleMania 31 when the fans turned on him, but they chose to stay the course with him while Rollins was a top heel. I would do it immediately, but I don’t know if they will. He’s the top merch seller after Cena, who is gone for a few months, so it would be a bad business move too.

4. Boy Ligtenberg
With the Hardy’s coming in as a surprise entrant at WrestleMania, do they have time to prepare the match together with the other teams? Is there any ring practice possible upfront or is everything done on the fly?

I don’t think there was much time. They were apparently in some bus hiding out and maybe the other guys in the match were there or it was just something they talked about the night before or maybe by phone. They could have called it in the ring too. These guys are pros. They know what they’re doing and I’ve never had a match, so it’s wrong of me to pretend to know the answer as well as them.

I thought their return was booked perfectly and was the biggest ovation of the night. It will be one of the highlights of the year.

5. Paulo Quinteros Jara
What was the biggest match that the WWE didn’t make at Wrestlemania: Cena vs Taker, Austin vs Taker, Sting vs Taker, Hogan vs Taker or Rock vs Taker?

Austin vs. Hogan would have been the biggest. Austin vs. Goldberg is probably next just considering how big they both were at the same time.

Out of the ones you listed, I would say Sting vs. Taker may be the best answer.

6. Van Wilhoite
Who do you think is the most likely person from each brand as currently is to be the next MITB briefcase holder?

Right now Money in the Bank is just a Smackdown show.

My pick would be Baron Corbin or Sami Zayn. For Raw I would pick Braun Strowman or perhaps Finn Balor.

7. Deryl Parnell Jr.
What do you think the chances are of Nakamura getting a major title this year?

It might happen, but next year is more likely. Use this year to build it up and make it a big moment at next WM.

8. Manish K Nair
Do you think we will ever see Scott Steiner back in WWE? If he comes back, Who would be the best wrestler(s) to work with him?

Probably not. He’s in his 50s and has said a lot of harsh things about Triple H among others.

9. Logan Carson
There were Adam Cole rumors on coming to WWE when his contract was up back when the young bucks ultimately decided to stay away. Is there still rumblings because I haven’t saw any. Thought that maybe that’s why he lost his title and tried to fire the Young Bucks, but looks like they made up.

Adam Cole’s contract is up April 30. I expect him to sign with WWE at that point or soon after. Young Bucks signed a two year deal with ROH/NJPW earlier this year. At that point maybe they would consider a WWE run.

10. Śana Nasser
What do you think about a Japanese heel stable with Nakamura, Asuka, Itami, and Tozawa with each having their own title?

Nakamura should never be a heel because he’s so good as a face and it’s smarter to use him in that role. It’s not a bad idea, though, because it would help them all get over more with the crowd if they are a group.

11. Eric Overfield
Which current NXT wrestler has the biggest upside to making it on the main roster?

Bobby Roode and Drew McIntyre. Aleister Black as well.

12. Jimmy-Lee Ifrene
With the Raw After Mania being an event of its own now as it has been the last few years, do you think it should be a co-branded show with Raw and SmackDown rosters both appearing?

Nope. Smackdown is its own commodity. I think it’s important to make the Smackdown After Mania just as big as the Raw, so fans know to expect big things. They did a good job of it this year thanks to Nakamura and Dillinger debuting.

13. Stewart Erridge
Why did Savio Vega never truly get over?

Savio was a solid performer that was capable of having good matches. He didn’t have much charisma, though. He didn’t stand out much and that’s a big reason why he was unable to truly break through to the level of a top guy.

14. Nick Post
When Taker goes into the HOF, does Vince himself induct him? And does he come out as Mark Calaway or in character?

I think Vince would do it like he did for Austin. If not then Shawn, Triple H or Austin would do it. I would assume he would wear a Taker hat, but then do it as himself instead of Taker voice.

15. Aly Chandler
In your opinion what are the best 5 WWF matches from 1985-1995?

Off the top of my head:

Bret-Bulldog SSlam 1992
Shawn-Razor WM10
Savage-Steamboat WM3
Owen-Bret WM10
Shawn-Razor SSlam 1995

16. Mike Cirilo
I know the WWE Hall of Fame has no real criteria but let’s say for the sake of argument that CM Punk never wrestles again for WWE…Would they put him in?

If he gets on good terms with them again then sure. Could be several years. I’ll add “never say never” applies here since they were able to bring back the likes of Bruno Sammartino, Bret Hart, Goldberg and Ultimate Warrior after all of them were on bad terms with WWE for a long time, so if WWE can do that then maybe one day Punk will come around.

17. Andre Jones
My question is do you think the cruiserweights will be relegated to just “their” division instead of being able to challenge regular contenders? I sense that trend because the last cruiserweight/regular weight match-up I’ve seen on television was T.J. Perkins vs. Shinsuke Nakamura…

I’m sure that at some point guys like Neville and Aries will get out of that division to face other wrestlers. They’re great wrestlers, so might as well use them in other roles. I don’t think you need to stick labels on guys and leave them forever.

18. Christopher Robertson
What are the odds of WWE airing Raw and Smackdown on the network once their current deal ends?

Very unlikely. Less than 5% chance. They get paid like $180 million from USA Network per year and other channels around the world. How can you make up that money if they changed it? They can’t. It would be a major money loser that is not economically feasible for them to do.

19. Kent Dwyer
What’s one match that was so good, you wish you could’ve been there live to see it? Mine is Punk/Cena MITB, or Daniel Bryan WM 30.

Bret/Austin WM13 and Shawn/Taker WM25. Also Randy Savage winning his first WWE Title at WM4 would have made me the happiest kid ever.

20. Larry Yadao
Is Bray Wyatt overrated? I’ve definitely have been a big part of the group of people that stuck up for him about bad booking and being used incorrectly, however he’s had matches with Cena, Orton, Taker, and all have been pretty forgettable. I recall him having a great match with Bryan but that’s all I can remember. Anything else have involved tag matches, gimmick matches, or something in that area.Do you think WWE sees that maybe he doesn’t deliver in a main event status match?

I’m not sure what people want or expect. He’s 30 years old in a month. Most wrestlers don’t even get to the main roster at 25 like him. Most of them don’t even hit their prime until their mid to late 30s. I think he’s a good wrestler that has one of the most unique characters of this generation and he hasn’t been booked strong enough. Shitty booking has hurt him.

Give it some time with Bray. Could they have booked him better? Sure, but it’s not that bad. He’ll be fine.

21. David Kleber
Do you think Superstars having longer careers is good or bad for the business these days. And does there being little viable options for making good money outside WWE and Japan hurt as well. Do these situations bottleneck superstars, and give them less opportunities?

I thought this year’s WrestleMania was hurt by the fact that there were five guys in matches that were all over 45 years old. All of them lost as they should since they are older, but it also hurts the current roster. I think it sucks that a guy like Dolph Ziggler hasn’t had a singles match at a WM and he’s been there over a decade. That is shitty. So they aren’t utilizing their own guys as much as they should.

There are less opportunities in some ways, but if you look at this year’s WM there was something like 40 other non WWE shows over the course of four days. That’s pretty crazy and shows that the indies are strong.

22. Phil Pochatko
Will there ever be a real life Sister Abigail?

I think I’ve said yes since 2013, so I don’t know for sure. I know Bray said she died or whatever, but heels lie. They could always do it to add to his act.

23. Brigid Martinez
I just kinda want peoples opinions on this. Nia Jax’s “inspirational” bathing suit picture. While it’s great that she’s body positive or whatever the hell the word is, does it bother anyone else that she’s suppose to be a mega heel? I know kayfabe is basically dead, and things have changed but I wish heels acted as such. It’s hard for me to boo her while she’s sitting there telling everyone to love their bodies.

It doesn’t bother me that she’s a heel. It bothers me more when people make negative comments or say she’s fat or whatever. So what if she looks different from some other women. She’s a healthy woman that is working hard at her career and deserves respect. Face or heels doing stuff like that matters a lot less.

I understand what you’re saying too. A heel on TV saying things like that doesn’t help her character or the show she’s on. It’s the tough thing about today’s wrestling where everybody wants to be a good person on social media while they are a jerk on television.

24. Ronald Taylor
What’s the biggest money match WWE can do now??

Reigns vs. Cena probably. I know people might hate them, but that’s the best answer. Reigns vs. Lesnar as well. I think Styles vs. Lesnar would be huge as well.

25. John C Hoddy
Do you see Sanity being successful on the main roster.

Absolutely. They have a lot of potential to be great. Eric Young is a fantastic all around performer and is making the other guys in the group better by working with him.

26. Michael Reichmuth
Do you ever think the WWE will put behind the scenes people in the Hall of Fame? Jim Johnston deserves to be recognized.

It will probably happen at some point, but I don’t know if they will be shown on camera much or given time to do a lot of speeches. In WWE’s eyes, it’s all about honoring the on camera performers while not honoring the referees, music people and others like that.

27. Duane X Johnson
Any chance of Damien Sandow coming back to the WWE now that he left Impact Wrestling?

There’s always a chance since he was a WWE guy that the company liked enough to employ for a long time. I just think he’s moved on and apparently may be moving on from wrestling now. I wish they used Sandow better. He had a chance to really be special.

28. Kevin C Staed
When will wwe turn Nia Jax loose on the women’s division? She should be unstoppable and destructive.

Soon. She’s in the title picture and will probably win the title within a few months. At that point, she’ll be booked as a dominant champion that makes life difficult on everybody.


That’s all for this time. I’ll be back with another Q&A soon.