TJR Q&A #31: New Day’s Future, Next WWE Draft/Lottery, The Rock at WrestleMania & More (24 Questions!)

The TJRWrestling Q&A is back with another 24 wrestling related questions. The questions come from my Facebook page and are a continuation from the Q&A post that I did five days ago. I meant to post this part earlier in the week, but it was really busy, so here I am on Friday getting it posted. As always, reader questions will be in the quote box while my answers will follow.

1. Rob Brown
How do you freshen up / fix New Day? Or is the easy answer here it’s time for them to split up?

On the one hand, I’m glad they are together longer than we thought they would be. On the other hand, the stuff they’ve done in 2017 has been bad so far. I think WWE wants to keep them together as high merch selling guys, but they have lost steam as faces. I would split them up by the summer. Maybe a draft or lottery is the reason to split.

I wouldn’t add a guy to New Day. The three guys have great chemistry and messing that up would be bad. It could be an angle leading to a split, though.

2. Chris Spears
We just saw Austin Aries come back on 205 Live and now he’s set for a one on one with Neville come WrestleMania. However, do you think you can see him in another brand like Raw/Smackdown or back with NXT in the future? Personally, his matches with Samoa Joe, Bobby Roode, Seth Rollins/Tyler Black and Roderick Strong were fantastic in the past. I hope they don’t limit him to long on that purple brand.

I think putting Aries in the CW division is perfect. Great all around performer that’s a veteran that can help the younger guys get better as well. He doesn’t have to stay in the CW division forever either. Can work bigger guys on Raw or Smackdown too. I’m just glad he’s finally on WWE main roster where he belongs.

3. Jeff Kimble
Have you ever thought of reviewing old WCW shows? I really enjoy your spin on things.

When I do stuff like old reviews they don’t get the kind of views and responses that I normally like. It would be fun to do once in a while, but at this point I don’t see it happening.

4. Andy Rif Sheriff
Who’s your all time guilty pleasure gimmick? Also, did you ever managed to find that photo of the time you met Andre the Giant?

Debra. Does that count as a gimmick? I was always so attracted to her even though she is like 20 years older than me.

For a guy, I think MVP had so much potential as a jock athlete that entertained me a lot. Wish he did more.

I never found that Andre photo. We probably threw it out some point. I saw met him when I was like 9 or 10 years old in Niagara Falls, took a picture and don’t think we have it anymore. I dunno.

5. Chris Rowlands
With either Goldberg or (more likely) Lesnar leaving WM as champ, how do you book the title going forward considering it will be around the waist of a part timer.

I think Lesnar will win and hold it for a few months. Since he is working more dates maybe he’ll work a Raw PPV in May or June and then SummerSlam. Drop to Reigns or Strowman there. If Lesnar were to hold it for a year that would be another option as well.

6. Brady Hirschhorn
In my opinion the female triple threat was the match of the night at last year’s WrestleMania – do you agree and of the announced matches for this year’s card, which one has the best chance to be Match of The Night in your opinion? I personally think the ladies will do it two years in a row.

Yes I agree about last year’s match and wrote a column on it last week: http://tjrwrestling.net/tjr-wrestlemanias-greatest-matches-31-charlotte-vs-sasha-banks-vs-becky-lynch-wrestlemania-32/

I think Owens vs. Jericho can be match of the night or the Charlotte vs. Bayley vs. Banks can be. I don’t see anything on WM really coming close to Cena/Styles at Royal Rumble.

7. Richard Cuellar
If AJ Styles loses to Shane does that hurt him?

I really don’t see why AJ would lose to him. Do the match to put over AJ and no other reason. It’s not like Shane needs to win.

8. Chris Goad
Do you think there be any major changes when the next draft comes around? Any big name stars to switch brands?

Sure, but trying to guess that is pretty hard. We saw it in the mid-2000s when they moved 10-20 names very time and often times were big names. Trying to guess is pretty hard. Depends on the format and things like that.

There are currently rumors that Reigns may go to Smackdown and AJ Styles may go to Raw. I can see both of those things happening to set up some new rivalries.

9. Giles Hart
I think the best type of match Triple H and Rollins could have at Wrestlemania to give their storyline the most impact, is an I Quit match.

No holds barred stipulation means less wrestling could be done as weapons can “do more damage” to protect Rollins. But for the storyline reasons, imagine Rollins screaming in pain while being put in various leg locks, trying not to say the words I Quit. It could feel almost 2002 Shawn Michaels like.

Your thoughts on that possible but I’m guessing unlikely option?

I would have Rollins win in like 5 minutes. It’s not like nearly 50 year old Triple H needs to be protected. Keep it short so Rollins doesn’t have to risk injury and he can take out his aggression on his rival. Puts Rollins over huge. Making it I Quit or something else with a stip is fine.

10. Deion Larocque
If you could book 3 matches for WWE vs NJPW what would they be? Tag matches are fine too btw.

Lots of choices there.

Styles vs. Omega is a dream match.
Okada vs. Rollins
Cesaro/Zayn vs. Young Bucks

I could pick so many people, but those guys came to mind. I think Cesaro/Zayn would be the perfect team to face the Young Bucks. I know Cesaro/Zayn aren’t a regular team, but I have no doubt that they would be amazing together in that kind of match.

11. Andy Staed
Why does the Smackdown commentary team have to shoehorn in as many pop culture and sports references as possible? It really hurts the show, in my opinion. RAWs commentary team is way better.

It’s their own unique style. Both teams have their faults. I like Mauro better than Cole, but Graves is better than any other analyst.

12. John Marr
Now that Balor has been cleared and worked house shows last weekend, how long until after Mania until he makes a run for the title he never lost?

They can put him in the title picture right after WM as an opponent for Lesnar if they want. That would be pretty cool. It sure would test the shoulder out with those suplexes. I hope he gets back to main event level soon.

13. Christopher Mercado
John… On a 1-10 scale how much do you think The Rock will be at Mania this year after being at the last six?

He’s probably be there since he usually is. Do a promo, fire up the crowd and that’s it. Maybe beat up a heel again. I know he’ll be promoting Fast and the Furious 8 around that time too, so it’s up to him to fit WrestleMania into his busy schedule. I think he’ll be there.

14. John C Hoddy
The whole best friends betraying each other is an old wrestling trope. What betrayal did you find (kayfabe) most devastating?

Shawn and Marty for sure. I was like 11 or 12. I remember the argument at Survivor Series and thinking Shawn might split, but who knew it would be to that degree? What an epic moment that was.

15. Jamie Nottage
In your opinion why has the JBL thing on network been cancelled?

I think it’s WWE wanting to protect the business and by that I mean, less candid or “shoot” interviews on their network. They would rather fill the Network with Total Bellas & Total Divas replays or manufactured “reality” TV with Holy Foley than have actual wrestlers talking about their career. I think it’s a mistake too. I love sitdown interviews.

16. Cody Nathaniel Linder
Do you think WWE will finally pull the trigger on a Reigns heel turn? considering if he beats Taker he will get massive heat from the fans worse than he does now.

After Royal Rumble I thought they might be leaning that way. Now I’m not so sure. I guess it depends on if they have Taker shake his hand after WM (a sign of respect to keep RR face) or if Reigns acts like a jerk after to be a heel.

17. Christopher Brown
John, what do you think of this theoretical match for Summerslam? Shield Reunion (yeah, I know pipe dream, but it works for what I have in mind) Vs Joe, Fat Owens Fat and Strowman?

I think it’s possible to do Shield vs. three heels like Owens, Joe and another guy for sure. Might happen if they move Ambrose to Raw to set it up.

18. Brad Essex
Could Finn Balor come back and win the Universal Title the night after Wrestlemania from whoever got the title?

Nope. Doubt that very much especially since Lesnar will probably be the guy holding the title. Maybe wins it later in the year, but no idea. Better to build it up.

19. John St. Pierre
In 2002, did you know that Bischoff was gonna be the GM in same year? If not what was your reaction like?

I was very shocked. No idea that was coming. A great surprise. One of the best surprises in the history of wrestling, to be honest. A lot of people had no idea Bischoff was going to be on Raw, much less as GM of Raw, so when it happened the news generated a lot of attention for WWE. He did a great job as GM as well.

20. Wally Dziduch
John Canton how many title changes do you think there will be at this year’s WrestleMania? Something is bugging where I’m thinking there will be a lot.

Lesnar wins for sure. Enzo & Cass should win. Corbin should win. Maybe Owens wins. SD Women’s Title maybe Lynch or Mickie. That’s four at least. Maybe five.

21. Joe Sondag
With WrestleMania right around the corner who would you pick as the top ten WM performers of the first 32? Thanks.

Shawn, Bret, Taker, Savage, Austin, Rock, Triple H, Edge, Angle and I guess Hogan out of respect since he headlined the most.

22. JD Robert
How would Strowman and Lesnar do against the 1980s big guys?

Strowman and Lesnar would have been pushed a lot and done very well in any era. Both of them are great athletes (especially Lesnar), so if you can move around the ring well then you’re going to be successful in any era of wrestling. I don’t think either man would have had a problem adapting in that era.

23. Larry Yadao
Do you think if Goldberg was booked like he was now, and tore through Rock and Triple H like he did Lesnar and Owens, you think his last WWE run had potential to be huge?

No. I don’t think he loves pro wrestling and they would have got sick of him. Goldberg cares about his rep and his image for sure. He’s a nice guy. I don’t think he’s a bad person at all.

Lesnar is a MUCH better pro wrestler than Goldberg and it’s not even close in my opinion. I also think Lesnar doesn’t give a shit about what we think about him lol.

I’m not thrilled it’s the WM main event either, but I’m numb to it at this point. Just kinda shrug my shoulders and think of things to write about.

24. Francis Tasse
What is going on with Eva Marie and Paige (aside the MMA stuff and the movie)?

Eva Marie is still under contract, but I don’t think they have plans for her. Might be done. Paige is still injured after major neck surgery. Back in action later in year. Doubt Paige ever tries MMA. Just something for her to say since her fiance Alberto El Patron is a fan.


That’s it for this Q&A. I’ll be back with more content every day because that’s what I do! (I channeled my inner Mark Henry for that one.)