TJR Q&A #29: Another WWE Draft, Charlotte’s Greatness, Raw Two or Three Hours? + More! (30+ Questions!)

This edition of the Q&A is a continuation of the one that I posted on Sunday. There were so many questions that I decided to break it into two parts and post this second part on a slow day. Now that it’s a bit of a slow day, I figure I may as well post 30 more questions with my answers for you to digest. The questions come from my Facebook page. Let’s get to it.

1. Deion Larocque
Are you as tired of Dean Ambrose as I am? As someone who was a huge fan of FCW Ambrose when he was feuding with Seth and Regal and of Indy Jon Moxley (especially all of his promos) I HATE this “lunatic” cop out shit they’ve given him. Just so disappointing.

I am a bit tired of it, but he still has some pretty good matches. I think he would thrive as a heel as I write all the time. Reminds me of CM Punk because I was getting bored of his face act for a while, but when they unleashed him as a heel in summer 2009 he took off.

2. Denny Hart
Who are some wrestlers outside of WWE that you think will be brought in to WWE by the end of this year or maybe even sometime next year?

I think Adam Cole will be signed in the summer at some point. Ricochet will be there next year. Perhaps Kenny Omega in 2018 as well, but he may want to stay in Japan for more.

3. Brett Beatty
Do you think if Cody Rhodes knew the brand split was coming he wouldn’t of ask for his released?

I think he still would have left. I don’t think it’s a surprise guys like Rhodes, Barrett and Sandow all got out when they did because all were so close to breaking through, but none of them did. I think Rhodes is having a lot of fun working different guys and different promotions. He is young enough that he’ll probably be back in WWE in a year or two. He also seems happy doing what he is doing, so good for him.

4. Andy Rif Sheriff
What was your reaction to the “Pillman’s got a gun” storyline?

I thought it was fucking crazy. It was on my birthday too. I couldn’t believe they would do something like that and it was a big topic at high school the next day. It was pushing the edge like nothing else we had seen in wrestling.

5. Andy Staed
When/how do you think WWE will do a draft this time around? And how/when would you do it?

I think they’ll do it in June. Use April/May to tie up loose ends and end WM stories like we get every year.

They should call it a lottery and don’t say the term “draft” because it’s not a draft. A draft is only if they were picking talent from NXT. I think they should designate a Raw, say their GMs will “randomly” pick five balls of Smackdown talent and those wrestlers become Raw. Then on Smackdown, the SD people in power pick five Raw names. They can also use that show for a trade or two.

Basically, do better than they did it last decade because they made a lot of mistakes with the format, in my opinion.

6. Kenny Brophy
Out of the three big guys Baron Corbin, Braun Strowman & Big Cass who do you think has the brightest future?

All of them have bright futures. I think Strowman will have more titles and main events of the three.

7. Eric Corbridge
Your esteemed thoughts on this possibility for Mania: Taker is doing his pose after his match with Reigns (win or lose). Reigns returns to the ring and spears him. Next night Roman claims that no matter what he does (even defeating Taker) the fans still dont respect them. So screw the fans, now he does things only for himself.

Sounds good to me. I think Roman beating Taker in the match and then beating him up after would draw legitimate heat and be the perfect thing for him as a heel.

Will WWE finally pull the trigger on heel Reigns? I don’t know if they will, but they should.

8. Brandon Willis
Any idea what they have planned for AJ Styles at Mania? I’m hoping something other than Shane O’Mac.

It’s probably the Shane match. I haven’t heard anything else. I would put him against Balor or Nakamura. Of course Vince wants his son in a match.

9. Jeroukoc Vasilis
So it looks like at WM 33 the IC Title will be contested between Ambrose and Corbin. What do you think happens? (I think Corbin’s time has come and he’s getting the title at Mania.)

Might be a ladder match like the last two years. I think Corbin will win it if it’s singles against Ambrose or a ladder match. They probably put it back on Ambrose so he can be the one to drop it to Corbin.

10. Mark Tallentire
Who should induct Angle into the HOF? Personally I think it should be Cena, after all, it was down to the Angle angle (ha) that Cena was introduced!

I think Austin should, but WWE may pick Cena. Remember, it’s not always up to the talent. No way Trish would have picked Stephanie when she’s so close with Lita, but WWE did it.

11. Chris Goad
Will there ever be another long term tag team champions like The New Day OR will there be a long title regin WWE champ (or Universal Champ) like Punk a few years ago?

At some point there will be, but since it just happened it might be a few years. Depends on the team and the circumstances. WWE seems to be interested in short title reigns these days.

12. Giles Hart
Success aside, how would you rate and compare the quality of Randy Orton’s two gimmicks, “The Legend Killer” and “The Viper”? Character, match quality, promo quality, regularity of such etc.

He’s one of those guys that had a lot of very good matches, but I don’t know if he’s had a five star matches in my ratings (I don’t think so). Cena has had a lot more better matches, but Orton is more consistent if you looked at their entire careers. I enjoyed his work more in the last six years than the first six years. Hope that makes sense. The rise of Orton in 2003/04 was pretty cool, though.

13. Joe Sondag
Do you think the quality of wrestling (in form of matches & women’s wrestling) has improved now as opposed to say seven or eight years ago in WWE and if so would it be the talent the reason or something else thanks?

It’s really good now. We are spoiled with how many great matches there. The only period that I could compare it to would be around 2000-01 or so. That was with a fantastic roster. Now we get so many great matches on different shows and even the girls are getting a lot of time too.

14. John C Hoddy
How would you redeem Apollo Crews’ character?

The face act is boring. Turn him heel, put him with Ziggler as his buddy and see if he can take off that way. He’s a good talent, but they need to find what works for him. Stop smiling, dude lol.

15. Everette A. Benton Jr.
Do you think these Triple H stable rumors are true with KO and Samoa Joe? If so, who else could you see joining them?

I don’t know if it’s a rumor. It’s common sense if you watch the shows. I would have The Revival join them. Perfect heels to be a part of it.

16. Brian Wallace
By the end of 2017, Hideo Itami will __________?

He will be on the main roster doing a great job. Maybe the Cruiserweight Division. If he’s still in NXT that would suck. I hope he can stay injury free.

17. Robert Lee Thomas
Two questions:
1. 3 years from today. You are watching Monday night Raw! Is it a 2 hour show, or 3 hour show?

2. If you had to choose, do you think The Undertaker will ever lose at WM again???

The next TV deal will be huge in a year or two. I think it will remain three hours because USA Network wants it to be that and WWE would be dumb to say no because TV contract is their biggest moneymaker.

I think Undertaker should lose at this WM to Roman Reigns. Undertaker is old and should lose every match for the end of his career. Why not? Put over young talent. Same thing Austin, Flair, Michaels, etc. did on the way out.

18. Geoff Landtbom

Could Charlotte be the biggest female star in history? It certainly seems that way. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a female star pushed this hard. I’m a huge fan of hers. Stop ping ponging that damn title though lol.

I think she might be when her career is over. She’s already 30, so that might hurt her, but if she goes another five years she will be at the top probably. As much as I love Trish Stratus, her in-ring career was about five years and Charlotte has consistently better matches.

19. Rhiannon Rodriguez
Thoughts on the Diva Division and if you could manage it, what changes would you bring about?

It’s the women’s division, no more divas.

I don’t have many changes. I like what they are doing on SD especially. Only change for Raw is to utilize more than 3-4 women because they have done a poor job of actually having a division.

20. Charlie Pérez
What role would you give Kurt Angle?

Make him the GM of Raw after WM because Foley needs hip surgery anyway so he’ll be out a while. Have Angle start a story with Rusev or some heel leading to a SummerSlam match.

21. Chris Rowlands
Would you change anything with American Alpha? It may be just the way it comes over on tv/network but the crowds don’t seem to be majorly taking to them.

I think they’re great. Nothing needs to change with them. It’s just WWE needs to develop a heel team (maybe the Usos) to feud with them and make fans rally behind AA more. I think WWE put the titles on AA a little too early.

22. Larry Yadao
Obviously you are pretty non biased, and are more in tune with the wrestling and performance aspects of pro wrestling/sports entertainment, but off the top of your head, can you name 3 of the most excited you’ve ever been as being a fan? Whether it be someone becoming champion or just a surprise moment? Dare say when you “Popped” the loudest.

I loved being at WM30 for the Daniel Bryan title win. It would have been even better if he wasn’t a champion before that, but it was still a favorite moment.

Eddie Guerrero’s No Way Out 2004 title win made me genuinely happy. Benoit one month later had me even more excited, but not anymore.

Another thing that stands out was HBK and Angle interaction at 2005 Rumble. I wanted that match so much and when they did that angle I was marking out.

The Rock’s return in 2011. Really missed him. I think it was Valentine’s Day during that Raw and he talked for like 20 minutes.

23. Stephen Rancourt
Do you think this cruiserweight division experiment is working?

It could be going better, but it’s not that bad. It’s just a show to put on WWE Network to give it more live content. I’m not sure what people were expecting. I don’t even watch it most weeks because I am tired of all the WWE content and writing about it as much as I do.

Overall, I don’t think it’s a huge success. It’s not a failure either.

24. JD Robert
How would you book Joe Henning?

Find him a tag team partner and book them in a serious way. Jack Swagger would be a good pick. Get them a manager to try to get them a different heel. Axel is a talented guy like so many people there and they need more teams.

25. Aldous Davidson
Do you think the Val Venis porn gimmick is enough to keep him out of the Hall of Fame?

I don’t know if he’s on good terms with WWE or if they would be against it because he is so pro-marijuana (it’s his favorite subject). They just put The Godfather in where his gimmick was a pimp, so I don’t think the gimmick would prevent it.

First wrestler that ever emailed me about something I wrote? Val Venis around 2000 or so. Wanted me to write about politics for him. I passed because I’m not interested in politics especailly when I was 20 years old.

26. Jacob Nicodemus
Do you think there is a possibility of Nakamura becoming a Paul Heyman Guy?

It’s possible, but I think Heyman is better as a heel manager and Nakamura is better as a face, so I would avoid that pairing.

27. Daison Thomas
When I watch Dean Ambrose wrestle, it looks very sluggish and his strikes not so believable. His move sets are boring and weak. I like Dean Ambrose, but his character has gone stale. What do you think about his move set and wrestling?

His punches suck, but I like his matches. He’s had a lot of consistently good matches and is probably the most durable guy they have because he hasn’t missed any bookings in 4+ years. Only break was one month to film a movie. Move set doesn’t matter. Selling matters more than anything. HBK is the best ever because of selling.

28. Cody Nathaniel Linder
Will Balor get that huge push he was gonna get when he returns?

I think he’ll be in the main event picture, but I doubt he wins the Universal Title soon because I think it will go Goldberg to Lesnar to Reigns (or Strowman).

29. Ruffin Harris
“Snatch You Bald” If WWE doesnt take advantage of the greatness of that catchphrase, will you step up and put it on a shirt first? I know for sure that Brigid wants one in neon colors.

I think it’s pretty silly, but it’s different and Naomi says it with passion, so I’m glad she does it because it makes her stand out. Always do things to make you stand out – that’s a key in wrestling.

30. James Ferriman
Do you think Seth Rollins recurring knee issues will hurt him remaining a top guy? I know it’s just the second time he’s injured his knee, but I could definitely see this ending up as a Rey Mysterio type of issue as time goes on. It seemed obvious that he would be a permanent top guy for years to come, but these injuries have me a little doubtful about that leave of faith being put into him as time progresses.

I’m not really worried about it. Lots of people in lots of sports get injuries. This injury isn’t that serious. He wrestled ten years and barely got hurt. The only major name wrestler that went a long time without injury is Jericho. He broke an arm in his early days and nothing major since.

Triple H tore both quads and wrestled for like 20 years. It’s part of the game. Rollins will be fine.

31. James Toft
Strowman is my current favourite wrestler. Do you think they can build him to be a top level heel who can hold a title for a very long time? Or are they gonna balls it up and have him start crying like big show 10 years down the line?

I think he’ll be a top heel for a while and he has improved a lot. I don’t know a very long title reign, but he’ll definitely be a champion. Guys like Big Show and Kane didn’t have long reigns, really. It will be like that.

I hope they don’t have him crying a lot lol.

32. Chris Young
Do you think WWE is making the Women’s Championship look ridiculous by having Sasha and Bayley beating Charlotte for the belt only for her to win it back at the following ppv?

I think it’s poor decision to do that many TV title changes, but the matches are usually good, so it’s not that bad. If the matches sucked, people would hate it a lot more.

33. Jesse Ornelas

Could WWE kill the “WHAT?” chants by having their wrestlers say “Say what if you agree with me!” ?

I don’t see the chant ever dying completely. No way to completely shut it down. There is less of it today than 15 years ago.

That’s all for now. I try to do the Q&A’s every other week, so it will be back again soon. Thanks for reading.