TJR Q&A #22: Women’s Hell in a Cell, Goldberg’s Future in WWE, TNA Issues & Plenty More (40+ Questions!)

It’s time for another question and answer session here on TJRWrestling. It’s pretty simple how it works because I ask for questions on my Facebook page and the good people out there always come up with interesting stuff for me to ponder. Some things are about current wrestling, there are things from the past and some predictions for the future as well.

1. Jay A Jackson-Ferrans
TNA apparently owes back taxes to the state of Tennessee and could be seized. Thoughts?

It sounds pretty bad. I know Meltzer said something about a lot of talent didn’t get paid and if it doesn’t come on October 15 then the company could be really screwed with talent refusing to work even though they have shows taped. It sounds like the end is near. The concern is finding TV if there’s a new company because it’s been hard for others to get off the ground.

2. Andy Savieo
Long term deal for Mickie James or just a limited date schedule?

As far as I know it’s just one night for now, but do I think it can turn into more? Absolutely. I’m just glad that she’s back “home” after 6.5 years because it’s been too long.

3. Ian Tomlinson
Which wrestler needs a repackage and can come back a lot bigger star?

Jack Swagger comes to mind right away. I have always liked him because he is a big guy that is athletic, yet he’s stuck in the mud in terms of a character. Apollo Crews could use a gimmick too. I don’t know what. I would have had Crews work with Joe for like 4-5 months in NXT and win the title. Then call him up by the end of the year.

4. Andre Jones
Do you think the WWE product would be better if they ran television shows like house shows, specifically when it come to wrestler leeway?

House shows are basically just about the face going over, so I’m not sure what you mean. I guess you mean in terms of being able to do fun shit and loosen up a bit? I don’t think it can be the same in that way. Where they need to loosen up is the promos because so many of them just feel unnatural.

5. Daniel Mount
Thoughts on the Young Bucks and Adam Cole and would you like to see them in WWE?

I think within the next 2-3 years all of them will be, but I don’t know if the Bucks go in 2017 even with their deals up. They make good money and if WWE gets them they have to pay them a lot (over $400k per year each I assume).

Cole to WWE seems likely. Just a matter of when. I think Jay Lethal is most likely to go next year out of the ROH crew.

6. Greig Spence
How would you use Heath Slater over the next 12 months?

I like how he is used now in a tag team. If they want to use him as singles then they could probably make him work well as an underdog face going for the IC Title. I don’t know if he can get farther than that.

7. Bart Rowe
If TNA does go under, which wrestlers (men or women) do you think WWE would be interested in trying to sign?

The Hardys for sure. I really hope EC3 gets back there because I hated that he was released. It may have been good for him, though. I like Mike Bennett a lot. It would be nice if Cody and Sandow went back, but maybe not right away.

Drew Galloway is probably at the top of the list. He’s really good and has improved in the last few years.

8. Mark Thomas
Do you find that there’s shortage of woman in NXT that are credible to challenge the champ? How do they fix this?

They should do a women’s wrestling tournament similar to the cruiserweight classic. Do it in the first 3 months of 2017 and that way it helps the problem. There are enough women out there that can have good matches. If they can’t get 32 women then do 16 and make it double elimination.

There have been rumors of this for the last year. I don’t know if it’s been given the green light.

9. Erin Somers
Do you think the female “hell in a cell” match is a good idea??

I think it’s fine to do it because the girls have such great chemistry. The problem is doing three HIAC matches on the same show kind of hurts the “first time ever” feel to it. It’s not like they are going to face first into the cage and get bloody. I think the match will be a challenge and not as good as their last match, but I’m still interested.

With that said, I hope they don’t do any bumps off the cell or the side of it. I doubt the company would let them because Banks is 110 pounds. It’s not necessary.

10. Joseph Douglas
Would you like to see the Survivor Series go back to the original concept of only elimination matches? Personally, I loved it.

I think days of that being the whole card is over, but I like the ideas they have for this year. You can give those matches a lot of time and do creative eliminations.

11. Kent Dwyer
Do you think New Day holding on to the titles for so long helps or hurts other tag teams??

I think it hurt G&A because they probably should have won the titles in July or August. Now they are going to delay it so New Day can get the record, I guess. It does hurt the division as a whole.

12. Michael Franks
Do you think the Goldberg deal is for 1 match or will he wrestle at some other PPV’s?

I think it’s one of those deals where they agree to have him work Survivor Series and he’s going to be on Raw three times to lead up to it. Then if Survivor Series goes well, if the crowd response is good, if he has fun and so on, then perhaps he’ll be in the Royal Rumble (they need big names for a larger show) and maybe WrestleMania too. If he’s up to it and can physically do it then I think it’s possible.

13. Oscar Omar Fernandez
What are your thoughts/opinion on WWE going to the NY Post to counter Paige and it seems her families tweets? It’s like they got called out by the tweets and WWE immediately responded. And I like their statement that Paige is getting treated for her injury by them. PR move or petty?

They are defending their Wellness Policy and the testing they do. If somebody is going to talk shit about them then they probably think they should speak up about it. We don’t know what the illegal substance, but the fact that WWE mentioned it shows they weren’t happy with her comments or those of her family. It’s PR move, but also the right move if I was them.

14. Leo Carter
Now that RAW has Cruiserweight title, do you think it would be a good idea for Smackdown to bring back the Hardcore title, & under the 24/7 rules? I’d love it and think Ambrose (once the main event picture is strictly Cena vs Styles) would be the best man to carry and defend it.

Oh God no. No more titles. Nine is so much. They definitely don’t need more titles especially when they have trouble finding time for all the titles they currently have.

15. Brett Beatty
What speciality match would you like to see return, Championship Scramble, War Games, or 6 Way Hell in a Cell? Or does another type of match come in mind to you?

I think War Games would be the best one to be back. I would love it see it again and there are always rumors that they might do it, but I think it’s unlikely. I liked the Championship Scramble matches a lot. I doubt they ever do 6 way HIAC since there’s Elimination Chamber.

16. Nate Kuhl
I’m thinking Nakamura’s main roster debut may be at Royal Rumble. What do you think? Also what shows do you think he and Samoa Joe will be on once they get called up?

I think that’s good for Nakamura. I’m not sure when he’ll lose the title, but perhaps it’s at the Rumble Takeover to Roode. Joe can go up in November.

I would put Nakamura on Smackdown because I like it more and Joe on Raw.

17. Pedro F. Lopez
Who do you think should have been the one to end Goldberg’s streak?

A younger wrestler that you could elevate to main event status. Guys like Chris Jericho and Chris Benoit come to mind at that time. They didn’t really build people up that well. That’s why WCW died.

18. Josh Lyon
Why haven’t the WWE realized the potential big deal they would have with Neville leading through cruiserweight division?

I’m with ya. He is the man that Creative forgot. I think he could add a lot to the division and get better crowd reactions than most guys.

19. Roderick Walker
Who was the better tag team: The Hardys, The Dudley Boyz or Edge and Christian?

Edge and Christian are my favorite team because I grew up watching them in the indies before WWE days. They were really entertaining in so many ways. In terms of longevity, the other teams lasted longer. I like E&C the best, though. In terms of better, The Hardys is probably the best answer.

20. Jaime Waluigi Berco
I was thinking the best use of Kane at this point would be to put him in a tag team if he wishes to still wrestle full time….the question is who would make for the best partner for him? I always felt he’s at his best when he’s with someone smaller…so I was leaning toward someone like Kalisto since they’re not doing much with him.

Yeah he should be in a tag team at this point in his career. I agree with that. I’m not sure who it should be either, but a lot of guys would benefit.

21. Adrian Libatique How would you do the brock vs goldie 2? Build up, match, aftermath and moving forward.

The first time they are on Raw together they have some big pull apart brawl and the whole locker room is out to break them up. Then Goldberg manages to break free and hit some huge Spear on Lesnar. Then you go into SSeries thinking Goldberg is in his head. I would have Lesnar win and let Goldberg receive cheers from the fans after the loss.

22. David Harnick
How would you feel about a Sami Zayn heel turn and him aligning with Kevin Owens?

Nope. I love Sami as a face too much to ever see him go heel. He’s just not a guy that would be great in that kind of role. They need to do more than him.

23. Chris Young
Who do you think is the all around better wrestler….AJ Styles or Seth Rollins?

I think Styles is better, but he’s also something like 8 or 9 years older. When you have experience like that you tend to know how to do the little things better. AJ is better today than he’s ever better. I like Rollins a lot and think he’s very good. I just think Styles is performing at such a high level right now.

24. Darrius Gaddy
Who do you feel are some of the unspoken heroes of the Monday night wars? Whether it be backstage/creative, in ring, or promo wise.

Jim Ross doesn’t get enough credit because not only was he so crucial as the play by play guy, but also was the legit GM of the company running talent relations from 1995 to 2002 or whatever it was. He’s the one that brought in most of the guys.

I think Vince Russo & Ed Ferrara should get more credit for being the right type of creative minds at the right time. If they didn’t push for it then who knows what would have happened.

25. Kevin Michael Jendrowski
If you were to hand pick anyone around the world to be signed by WWE, who would it be?

Probably Kenny Omega. He’s awesome. I have watched quite a bit of him this year, but he’s getting a massive push in NJPW and staying there for a while. Also just like Chris Jericho he’s from Winnipeg you idiots!

26. Drew Jefferson
What’s your favorite Hell in a Cell match and your least favorite Hell in a Cell match?

Favorite Hell in a Cell match is probably the first one Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels with the debut of Kane. So great.

Least favorite Undertaker vs. Boss Man WM15 it sucked. I’m not counting Al Snow vs. Boss Man.

27. Jeremy Barnes
What your opinion of the Ministry of Darkness?

I really liked how the group slowly came together to become a unit. It wasn’t a sudden thing. They just beat the shit out of people, then brought them into the group and it made sense within the story. It really helped some dead characters as well. Some stuff like putting Austin on a cross was a bit much and trying to embalm Austin at one point. What I liked is that it was a way to get midcarders involved more.

28. Alan Spindlow
With start up and existing “promotions” finding it hard to get a TV Deal, plus the state of TNA at present, do you forsee the WWE having promotions around the world under their umbrella, and show their shows on the network? Like the UFC has done with their fight app.

I think it’s very possible yeah. I’m not sure if those companies are going to make money doing that, though, so it depends if WWE is paying them for it or what the deal would be. I’m not sure if it’s worth it on WWE’s end either.

29. Erik Martinez
When do you see the best wrestler in the world Eva Marie returning?

Haha. Maybe November or December. She’s filming some movie with Nicolas Cage so probably when that’s done they will bring her back. Her entrance is spectacular.

30. Jeroukoc Vasilis
Do you think Paige’s carreer is over in WWE after two straight drug test fails?

I hope not. She’s young and she would regret it. If her love fest with Del Rio doesn’t last forever then she would hate not being in WWE.

31. Shay Smithers
What would you say is the reason why JR’s been so ignored by the WWE in the last few years? Is it still over the whole Ric Flair getting drunk at the videogame event thing back in 2013? It just seems like Vince has always had it in for him for some weird reason.

I think it’s something to do with him being so beloved that they wanted to push him to the side (or fire him in this case) so that they can really push Cole as the voice of the company. The Flair drunk thing was their reason to do it, but it was really not a big deal. It sounded like they just wanted a reason to get rid of him.

If they had something against him it’s that Kevin Dunn (WWE Exec Producer for like 30 years) wasn’t a fan of a southern voice as the main voice because they thought it was a turn off for the worldwide audience. He’s keeping busy doing a lot of other things these days, so he seems happy.

32. Kevin R. Fields
If you could change one or two things in the course of TNA that would have prevented its current fate, what would it have been?

Can I cheat and name two? Yes.

Paul Heyman running creative – I know it was something talked about in 2009/10 he wanted part ownership, full control over creative and I think he wanted Dixie out or something to that effect. That could have really changed things.

Also Toby Keith/Jeff Jarrett wanting to buy it in 2013 – Again they wanted Dixie out and her parents wouldn’t do it. I think that probably would have helped because they would have had more funding.

Also from everything I’ve read/heard it’s Dixie that was the major problem with spending too much money on things that weren’t necessary or paying certain people too much to work for TNA. She just wasn’t cut out for the job.

33. Van Wilhoite
Will Andy Kaufman will ever get into inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame as a celebrity like he so richly deserves?

Probably not because he’s dead. I think with celebs they want living people so they can get mainstream media attention.

34. Emory Cantstopmyswagg White III
How many matches will Goldberg have?

I think he’ll do Survivor Series, it will go well and then he’ll maybe be in the Rumble and do a WM match. At least the one match is for sure, though.

35. Eric Hay
What surprises do you think we see as the year ends leading into the Royal Rumble?

Nothing. Creative team sucks lol. They don’t book surprises well do they? I think they are terrible at it.

36. Francis Tasse
What are your thoughts on Sanity’s future?

I think Sanity has a good future because Young is such a talented guy that can play any kind of character. The other two guys needed a direction and now they have something. They’re going to do well.

37. Damian McGrath

I’m going to WM next year hopefully and I’m really looking forward to seeing some quality matches. Is there anything you can do to stop Big Show-Shaq from happening?

No. I love Shaq and think it will be fun. He’s one of the better pro athletes out there that could fit in well with what WWE does.

38. Brian Coats
How would you book Cesaro and Sheamus out of this awkward tag team feud?

Trade Cesaro to Smackdown and forget about this shitty angle in the first place.

39. Joe Sondag
With Charlotte & Sasha wrestling in a Hell in a Cell match my question is what other kind of stipulated match you think that WWE would allow or support them doing in the near future?

They should have any stipulation guys have, but be smart about it and remember that 110 pound women like Sasha can’t bump like 250 pound men. I’m glad they are getting more opportunities.

40. Alexander Podgorski
What do you think is the best age to be world champion? Is it better for someone to win the belt in their mid to late 20s, or as they closer to 40 or beyond?

Mid to late 30s because by that point a wrestler tends to be more experienced, they know what their character is all about and how to carry themselves like a champion. They might be more banged up by then, but they will have earned more respect by that point too.

41. Jimmy-Lee Ifrene
Favorite short-term heel and better heel Canada promo: Shawn Michaels 2005 or The Rock 2003?

Love both, but I’ll say HBK in 2005 for the Hogan feud just because I’m not a Hogan fan at all. Shawn’s heel work in the 1990s was amazing too. Rock was a lot of fun in that 2003 period as well.

42. Anne Schaefer
Who will be the one to dethrone Asuka??

Ember Moon in January or March. I wouldn’t mind if Mickie James won it, though. I don’t think she will.

43. William Shane Blalock
Top 3 storylines in both WWE and WWE??

1. Austin vs. Vince
2. Hogan vs. everybody for like ten years.
3. Bret vs. Austin

1. NWO vs. Sting
2. Anything with cruiserweights
3. DDP vs. Randy Savage

I could probably go on with that question for a while, but that’s my answer off the top of my head.

44. Brad Essex
Does Finn Balor have a match with The Rock?

I doubt it happens. If Rock ever wrestles again it probably wouldn’t be against him.

45. Jared Ralphie Robertson
Do you feel the Dudley Boyz were utilized correctly during their recent run in WWE? I feel bubba could have been a great heel with his Bully Ray character. To me it feels looking back that it was a short run just to get them in good graces for hall of fame.

I thought they might win the titles at one point, but they were just there to be veterans working with younger teams. It’s fine. Agree about Bubba possibly doing well on his own. Just didn’t happen.


That’s all for now. Thanks for reading. I’ll be back on Tuesday with the WWE Raw Deal review.