TJR Q&A #21: Cena vs. Undertaker? Paige’s Future, KO as Universal Champion & More (60+ Questions!)

The weekend is here, so that means it’s a good time to do a Question & Answer session here at TJRWrestling. As always, the questions come from my Facebook page. It’s a mix of questions about wrestling things from the past, stuff that involves current wrestling and of course some predictions for the future. Reader questions will be in the quote box with my answers immediately after. There are over 60 of them this time, so let’s get to it.

1. Jacob Nicodemus
What would be a better match: Daniel Bryan and Kurt Angle or Daniel Bryan and Dean Malenko?

I think Bryan vs. Angle would be just because Angle is in that elite class with Shawn Michaels in terms of best workers in the last 25 years. I think Malenko was very good too. It’s just that Angle had more of a character, more star power and was able to adapt better.

2. Justin Nett
Do you think WWE is having KO wrestle on every Raw a good idea? I know people complain when the champ only wrestles maybe once on a raw and then the PPV. Are they doing this so people cant say he is not a fighting champion? Especially with all the injuries currently in the E, you’d think they would e pessimistic to having their main show champ work all the time.

I think wrestling once in a while is fine, but not every Raw. I hated him losing in a non-title match so soon after winning the title. That’s WWE booking though. They seem to do it all the time. Roman Reigns rarely loses clean and they have him beat guys like Rusev and Owens in non-title matches to keep him strong. It’s bad booking in my opinion.

With that said, there’s not that much star power in WWE at the moment, so they need most top guys working most shows.

3. Nick Salvato
I’m with you in thinking HHH will cost Rollins at Clash of Champions. My question to you is a) how long until we finally hear the reasoning behind HHH turning on Rollins being that WM33 sounds like the destination for their match and b) Where does KO go after a (likely) title defense?

There doesn’t have to be much reason other than Rollins let him down by getting hurt and Rollins hurt Stephanie’s show by having Ambrose take the WWE Title to Smackdown. Those reasons make enough sense. I think they’ll do Rollins vs. Triple H before WM33. That’s so far away. Hell in a Cell is next month, so they need something big there.

They’ll probably do KO vs. Roman for a couple of PPVs. I would love Sami or Cesaro to get elevated to PPV main event status, but I don’t know if WWE will do that. Jericho could turn face to put over Owens too.

4. Ben DarthYoda Dombek
Do you think they’ll try for Cena v Taker again next year or should we just put Taker in the officially retired column?

I think they will. I don’t know about Taker officially retiring because they would have done Taker/Cena this year, but Cena was hurt. If The Undertaker wrestles at WM then I think that match definitely happens. It’s one of those things that we might know as the year comes to a close or it may not be known until February or March.

5. Josh Warner
With all the injuries and story updates…what do you see as the Main Event of Wrestlemania is going to be? I’m hoping it is something with AJ Styles!

I hope it’s AJ Styles too. I wrote a scenario about AJ Styles going face early next year as WWE Champ and beating Royal Rumble heel Brock Lesnar at WM33. Here’s that link: http://tjrwrestling.net/tjr-blog-fantasy-booking-aj-styles-and-wwe-title-to-wrestlemania-33/

I like that idea a lot. Rollins vs. Styles would be pretty great too even though they are on different shows. Nakamura in a major spot like that would be amazing too. There are a lot of options.

I think Undertaker vs. Cena will happen if Taker wants it and if that match is on the show then a case can be made for it being last.

6. Tommy Mondschein
If HHH vs Stone Cold vs Rock would’ve happened at that 1999 Survivor Series, who would’ve won?

I was there! Still pissed that Big Show was put into that match. I think Hunter would have kept the title. They put it back on him pretty soon after anyway because he was the long term champion.

7. Jamie Nottage
What was your favourite calender year of the WWE?

I think 2000 was the best. I feel like I should review every PPV and TV episode from that year just because I loved it so much. I dunno if I’ll ever have time to do it, but I guess I could lol.

8. Mark Tallentire
No need to fantasy book as such but how would you bring back Paige and when? As a heel or a face? Personally I’d put her as a heel against Bayley on Raw for now, Raw have the “better” women but their are more feuds on Smackdown in my opinion.

As a heel with Emma, who I believe is her best friend. They would do great together even though I think WWE overdoes the “two women are heel friends” story because how many times have they done it the last five years? Too much. I just think Paige and Emma have so much potential as well as a history dating back to NXT, so let’s see them bring out the best in eachother.

9. Kev Fee
Who was the hottest Female in wrestling? Stacy Keibler I think!

Trish Stratus for me. Gotta go with my fellow Canadian-Greek for being hot and definitely enjoyed her work. Others I really liked in terms of being hot would be Maryse, Nikki Bella, Candice Michelle, Eve Torres, Kaitlyn, Sable and even Debra too.

10. Francis Tasse
Wasn’t Paige supposed to be on Raw this week? What do you think happened?

She was backstage. Doesn’t mean they have a storyline. Fans need to understand that just because somebody is backstage does not mean they are on the show.

11. Tim Davidian
What if Cesaro/Sheamus match 7 ends in a draw? Will Sheamus and Cesaro challenge for the tag team championships? Is that why they’ve been so vague about what title opportunity the winner would earn?

It’s not going to end in a draw because even WWE isn’t that stupid.

I think they are vague about the title opportunity because creative sucks and they don’t care about these things as much as the fans do. In WWE’s eyes they are like “oh it’s the sixth biggest match on the show, let’s focus on other stuff” and that’s the reason. I hate it, but that’s how it is.

12. Chris Bush
Do you honestly think rey could still go as a WWE schedule cruiserweight at his age, and with his injuries he has had?

Let me first say that I love Rey. One of my favorite wrestlers ever – probably in my top 10. My fave WCW guy. People that make jokes about his injuries are disrespectful because that guy killed his body to entertain us and he was a role model for so many smaller wrestlers.

As for the question, nope. WWE barely used him the last few years because he slowed down. However, I saw some Lucha Underground matches he had like the one against Prince Puma and he can still go. His name value would still help, but he’s making a lot of money out of WWE, so I don’t see him coming back any time soon.

I think it was a mutual parting of ways and I don’t think there’s any heat there.

13. Roderick Walker
Who is the more successful couple in wrestling history: Triple H and Stephanie Mcmahon or Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth?

Triple H and Stephanie are the most successful couple in wrestling history unless you consider Vince and Linda.

14. Tommy Dinardi
How would you rate the last 3 weeks of KO’s booking as Universal Champion? As much as I can appreciate them booking him as taking advantage of any & all circumstances (and I would’ve rated it a solid B until they had Roman beat him clean in the cage race), having him get beat by a midcard title contender going into his 1st title defense doesn’t seem to have a silver lining.

Average. Not great. I don’t think he’s losing on Sunday, so that’s why they justified him losing on Raw. It’s lose on TV, win on PPV again.

15. Anthony Fees
I’m sure you get asked this a lot but do you think Daniel Bryan will wrestle again? I thought no but he’s been vocal about wrestling again.

I think when you have serious concussions and there’s a possibility of brain damage if you take a bad bump then why risk your health? He wants to have kids with his wife. They don’t have kids yet, but if you want that in your life why would you put your body at risk? I sure as hell wouldn’t. It’s going to be interesting to see what happens when his WWE deal is up in two years and if he would try to wrestle in Japan or somewhere in the US. I’d be curious, but also concerned for his health.

16. Ed Luis Valentin
Do you see Hideo Itami as the next top guy in NXT when Joe and Nakamura are gone?

Itami might be. He would have been NXT Champion last year if he didn’t get hurt and then they went with Balor instead. You could have him feud with a guy like Roode.

17. Scotty Adams
If you were on WWE creative, how would you intergrate Joe, Nakamura and (possibly) Roode onto the main roster?

I think Nakamura would be a face, Roode is a heel and Joe would be a heel with Paul Heyman as manager.

I would have put Nakamura on the main roster the day after WM. Seven months in NXT is foolish. You need your best performers on the main shows, that’s why they are the main shows and that’s why USA Network is paying you so much money.

It’s not hard to integrate either guy because they are such good all around performers. Put them in main events or near main events right away. It’s hard to do fantasy booking when I have so many other questions to get to, but I really would push both (and Joe) up the ladder quickly.

18. Nate Kuhl
Why would they call up Apollo Crews if they have no plan in place for him on the main roster? In my opinion he should still be in NXT fine tuning his character.

Agree. I think it was big mistake. That’s the biggest mistake of a call up this year. He should be in NXT still and main eventing or near main eventing there. They messed it up. He would have benefited so much from working with a guy like Joe or Roode.

19. Ryan Mullins
Do you think The Miz will get another main event run in his career?? I don’t necessarily mean a title run, just in some title feuds and feuds against the main event guys in WWE.

He might. I think he is certainly proving how good of a performer he is when the company books him in a serious way. The presence of Maryse helps because she’s hot, but also because they have great chemistry of a husband and wife. Remember how bad Ziggler and Lana were? That’s why you put people together that have a bond. He may not be WWE Champion again, but I think he can sniff the main event level again.

20. Adam Dunin
Do you think The Brian Kendrick can still be a superstar in WWE?

I don’t know if he’s going to get much farther than being a featured cruiserweight wrestler because he’s 37 years old and the company will want to invest more time in younger guys. I’m glad he’s back, though. It’s hard to get back to WWE seven years after they release you. He’d work well in a tag team long term if they can find a partner. He could be a crafty smaller heel with a bigger guy as his partner.

21. Matt Wyatt
Nakamura/Styles & Joe/Lesnar at Mania 33?

I would love both of those matches. Absolutely. There’s so much talent in WWE that I think any of us can put together at least five amazing matches that would be fresh and awesome.

22. Darrius Gaddy
What were your thoughts on Chris Canido as a singles wrestler? Do you feel he was underrated as a worker? And did you have a favorite tag team or stable in ECW.

I thought he was a good performer that always seemed like he was on the brink of breaking out in ECW, but he wasn’t able to get there. I think underrated is a good word for him. His death was pretty sad. Wish those doctors were more careful.

Loved the Dudleys and Eliminators in ECW as my favorite teams. Lots of good teams there.

23. Toby Tobias
Gimme a wrestler that you think had IT (had what?…) that never got a main event push? Dean Malenko for me. (He IS a Horseman, ya know.)

MVP. I loved that guy. You know me and how much I love the sports culture, so I just thought that character could work so well as a Terrell Owens/Chad Johnson cocky dbag type guy lol. I remember in 2009 writing a fantasy booking column about fixing his character and pushing him to the top. I thought he had so much potential as a character and worker.

He got heat from management because when he was doing a drug test and he had to drop his pants in front of the guy, he commented that “you went to med school so can watch a guy piss” or something. Then he was booked on this major losing streak.

24. Shane Blankenship
Do you think Carlito will come back to WWE?

I don’t know. I’ve met him a few times and he’s a really good guy, but also laid back. He makes pretty good money working most weekend on the indies while being able to set his own schedule. Working two days a week is a lot easier on the body than 4-5 days a week in WWE. I think financially he’s doing well, so if you don’t want the stress of being in WWE then why not keep doing what you like? I think WWE would take him back because he would help his brother Primo and Epico in terms of credibility.

25. Mitchell Wood
Update me on the possibility/ETA of these names in the WWE:
Young Bucks
Kurt angle (since he seems to not even know himself)
Prince Puma
Jeff Hardy
Adam Cole
Jay Lethal
I know it’s a lot of names so thanks a ton and I appreciate the time.

Okay here goes nothing.

Young Bucks – They are free agents in early 2017 I think New Year’s Day. It depends on if WWE can pay them close to what they make in the indies and ROH/Japan. They do well. It’s up to WWE. I think they will get them because a lot of their friends in WWE probably put in the good word.

Kurt Angle – I think 2017 will be the year. Maybe he’s the pre-order guy in the video game next year, but I hope it’s earlier like Royal Rumble. Just let him do a few matches in the year. Making him a GM on a show would make sense if they end one of the current guys as a GM.

Prince Puma/Ricochet – I thought he might sign with WWE next year, but it appears as though he’s going to work for New Japan. How long that lasts, I don’t know. Maybe it will be two or three years until he’s in WWE.

Jeff Hardy – Deal is up early next year. Him and Matt have a lot of power in TNA plus a light sched. I think he has said he wants to finish in WWE, so maybe he goes.

Adam Cole – His deal is up in April 2017 I think. ROH put title on him probably to give him reason to stay. He’s still under 30, so I think he’ll get to WWE, but it might be a couple years.

Jay Lethal – Probably would have been there before, but I know that he had a bad breakup with AJ Lee and that may have prevented it. They should get him when he’s free, which I think is next year also.

One thing I want to add about this is that I think WWE getting the likes of Styles, Nakamura, Roode, etc. in the last few years makes me think they will put up the money to get a lot of desired talent. As much as WWE won’t say it, they want to flex their muscles by signing popular guys from the indies.

26. Matty Steffan
Is Sable blacklisted from HoF for Playboy and do you think she deserves the nod? It’s strange how she hasn’t been inducted yet based on what she did for the ratings and how she was the original diva. Plus Lesnar is her husband etc.

I doubt it. Figured she would have been in, but I guess she wants to be out of the spotlight. I’ve read that she doesn’t travel with Brock anymore and may not want nothing to do with WWE. If they ask her and she says no then that’s her choice.

27. Daniel Mount
Who will Bobby Roode’s first big feud be with?

Tye Dillinger, but that’s kind of a spoiler lol. I think that would be a good match at the next Takeover special plus they are both Canadians. Wrestling in Toronto would be awesome for them.

28. John Harper
Who do you think will beat Nakamura and Asuka for their respective titles?

For Nakamura, it might be Bobby Roode in some cheap way towards the end of the year. If Nakamura isn’t on the main roster by the Royal Rumble it’s a serious mistake. Asuka will probably lose to Ember Moon at some point.

29. Chris Young
Do you think Heath Slater will win a major title (apart from tags) in the near future? I like his push, everyone likes an underdog.

Nope. He might win a midcard title like IC Title, but even that would seem like a stretch. I’m just glad he’s being used as a midcard talent instead of being simply a comedy figure because he was going nowhere with that.

30. Josh Rhodes
Better GM so far into this Brand Extension?

Daniel Bryan probably is and he’s very natural in the role. I think Mick Foley has had more screen time. Foley has done well too. I like both guys. The Stephanie character needs to go away because it doesn’t represent a “new era” at all.

31. Brian Wallace
With the way Nakamura has been allowed to be himself and the way that Kota Ibushi was trumpeted by the WWE, do you think that this bodes well for Hideo Itami going forward, and could you see any other Japanese stars coming over in the future?

I sure hope so. I think it’s great for Japanese wrestlers. A few years ago how many WWE wrestlers did WWE have? Zero. Now they have a few people that are amazing talents and if they can get Ibushi full time down the road that would be awesome. I like Itami a lot. Hope he succeeds.

32. Oscar Omar Fernandez
Is it just me or is WWE trying to hard to convince me that there is a “war” between Raw and Smackdown? The only ones who seem to care are the GMs and Commissioners.

I don’t think WWE cares about it as much as the fans think they care about it. They promote major shows on the other brand all the time, so there’s not much of a rivalry. It was actually done fairly well in the second half of 2002 with Bischoff, Stephanie and the lesbians! Remember the Billy & Chuck wedding? That was a great angle. This story is nothing like that.

33. Brigid Martinez
I know someone probably said something about this, but what would you do about the Anderson/Gallows stuff? I know wrestling can’t be super serious all the time, but I see them more as serious/badass performers instead of that goofy comedy stuff…

I’ve heard them on Jericho’s podcast and a couple of other things before. They are funny guys, especially Gallows, so I think it’s a case of WWE trying to show their personalities in the storylines. The problem is that we don’t need them doing bad comedy skits because when they bomb they look bad. Like you said, they should be more badass heels. That’s a problem with WWE right now. They just don’t know how to book all their heels the right way anymore.

34. Orion Roger Lowther
If you had a time machine and could bring any wrestler in their prime from the past to face the current roster, who would you bring, and who would they face? Alternatively, you could pair wrestlers up from different eras to face each other.

My three favorite guys are Shawn Michaels, Steve Austin and Kurt Angle. Any of those three would adapt so well today or in any era. I don’t think it’s hard to pick names that are good because we know the best performers.

AJ Styles vs. Shawn Michaels would be incredible. Nakamura vs. Angle? So good.

35. Leonard Maglasang
Is Roderick Strong a lock to come into NXT any day now? Who else is do you see actually coming in within the next few months to replace Joe, Nakamura and Asuka’s spots eventually down in NXT?

He’s starting soon. I think he might be at the next tapings, but I don’t know for sure. I’m not sure who else is coming in other than Tommy End as well. They’ll probably use some cruiserweights on there.

36. Dangelino Ochoa
How would you feel about a group with AJ Styles and the Revival?

Sure because they are southern boys like him and their personality fits. I think The Revival may be in NXT for a while and they might be fine with that because they like it so much there.

37. Ed Eastin Jr
Not counting Benoit, but what other former superstars do you see not ever making the Hall of Fame, due to things that cause bad press or personal issues with the company? Try to name 5 if you can.

Chyna was probably the first name because she would have kicked Stephanie’s ass since she lost her job because her boyfriend fucked around on her with her boss’ daughter, which is one of the worst firings in wrestling history. Now that she’s dead they might put her in because they are hypocrites like that. It may be a few years, though. It’s bullshit. Should have been in when she was alive – may have saved her life because she just wanted to feel appreciated.

Demolition are not in because they sued WWE multiple times – at least Ax has.

King Kong Bundy should be in. Not sure why there is heat there, but he comes to mind.

CM Punk is a name because of the bad breakup. He’s young, so I think fences will be mended one day.

Probably others. I dunno. I think when average performers like Godfather and Rikishi go in it really becomes the Hall of Average.

38. Marlon Nedd
Do you think Cesaro should be on Smackdown Live instead of Raw? Why or why not? I think he should because Smack down seems like it showcases the wrestlers more than Raw.

I just want him to be a more featured performer in one of the top 2 or 3 PPV matches on whatever show. I don’t care show it is. Just use him more than they currently are. He’s proven himself over five years.

39. Adam Symes
If you could move one person from Raw to Smackdown (or Smackdown to Raw) who would it be?

It’s hard to say after two months because they are still trying to establish the brands and roles of the performer.

For a guy I’d like Sami Zayn more on Smackdown as a guy that stands up for Daniel Bryan against somebody like Miz that talks shit to Bryan. It would help Zayn get over more as a more popular guy.

For women it would be Paige on Smackdown. I think she’ll get lost in the shuffle on Raw.

40. Paul Olili
Hey! I see WWE doing a redemption story with John Cena, that will likely culminate to his big 16th title win against AJ at WM 2017. I think this explains his recent clean losses. Your thoughts on this?

I think if he wins a 16th title it shouldn’t be at WrestleMania. Do it at another show. Let others benefit from WM spotlight because Cena has already had it many times.

41. John Marr
Do you bring back Balor as a surprise heel leading The Club for instant nuclear heat or turn Anderson and Gallows face before the end of the year? Because those three together just screams money.

Balor won’t be ready until late February at the earliest. I think March is most likely for WrestleMania. He should be a face in a WrestleMania match because fans will want to root for the guy that just came back from a major injury. After that, putting him with G&A makes a lot of sense whether they are faces or heels.

42. Kyle Farney
What is the likeliness of a WrestleMania or Pay-per-view held at a baseball park? A lot of the new ballparks have retractable roofs.

I think some baseball parks are viable, but football stadiums are what WWE is looking for since they hold more people. Average NFL stadiums hold 65,000 while most baseball parks average around 40,000. The last baseball park WrestleMania was WrestleMania 19 in Seattle. They prefer football stadiums.

43. Chris Goad
When will John Cena retire?

It depends on what you define as retire. He’s only working one day per week most weeks these days. He’s 40 next year. I can see him having a part time schedule through all of his 40s. Some guys leave for good when they have wives and kids at home. He has no kids, so he’ll do this as long as he physically can.

44. Jeremy Barcelo
How bad does the WWE need an Undertaker daughter storyline?

I used to write all the time that they should have had an Undertaker son storyline, had Taker put the guy over and basically move the character onto the son.

45. David Harnick
When should Kevin Owens drop the Universal Championship?

Never! Just kidding. If he holds it until WM and drops it to Balor there that’s fine with me. If he loses it in Nov or Dec it wouldn’t surprise me either.

46. Russ Raymond
Does Brock Lesnar enter the title picture again between the Rumble and Mania??

I would do it. I’m not sure if WWE is going to do it, but I think he should be going after titles if you want them to be as important as possible.

47. Jason W. Boyd
Any chance WWE messes up a great thing and does a quick swerve and splits American Alpha? Could they see immediate star power in Jason Jordan as a huge singles push to top area as a heel? Or Gable turn on him over the whole tag fiasco?

I hope they are together for a couple of years at least. Both guys have a lot of potential as singles wrestlers, but they have time too. They are both under 30 years old. Let’s see what they can do as a team for a few more years before they split up. I don’t see a split any time soon.

48. Deryl Parnell Jr.
Do you see John Cena getting his 16th World Title before Wrestlemania?

Nope. I hope not. I want AJ to hold that title until WM. Cena’s gonna be off TV after No Mercy to film American Grit season two, so I doubt he wins it before WM.

49. John St. Pierre
Was it well known by the “smarks” back then, that wrestlemania XX was gonna end with Benoit and Eddie as champs?

Yeah pretty obvious. Eddie’s title win was known because Lesnar was going to feud with Goldberg, who was on Raw at the time. We knew Goldberg was leaving after WM, but had no idea about Lesnar leaving until like two weeks before WM. Eddie vs. Kurt was set up after that.

As for Benoit, it just felt pretty obvious they were doing the title change because that’s what usually happened at WM with a face going over in the main event.

To sum it all up, in the first few months fo 2004 I was definitely marking out bro.

50. Brian Coats
If you could change three booking decisions in history, what would they be?

It’s hard to pick just three, but here it goes.

A. The entire WCW Invasion 2001 storyline. It was just a mess and ended way too soon.

B. John Cena beating Brock Lesnar at Extreme Rules 2012. So stupid. I would have Lesnar not lose a match for several years, yet they had him lose his first match back.

C. I also would have had Mr. Perfect or Ted Dibiase win the WWE Title from Hulk Hogan at one point when they were top heels. They deserved a chance.

51. Peter Jaruzel
Will Vince open up his checkbook and finally put TNA out of its misery?

I doubt it. By all of the reliable reports I have read, Billy Corgan probably has the funds to buy them and will do so soon.

52. Alexander Podgorski
How long do you think they’ll be doing this Miz/Bryan feud and what do you see the payoff as being?

It should probably be resolved in the next month or two. I don’t know what the payoff will be, but I wish a babyface on the rise like Zayn or Cesaro was on SD so they can step up for Bryan to take the IC Title from Miz. It would elevate both characters immensely.

Who on SD fits that role? Nobody really. Maybe if they booked Apollo Crews better it could have been him.

When Miz loses the title it will mean something now, which is great.

53. Kimsan Song
Is NXT developed so it can shut down the independent scene, so the WWE can take over the rasslin bidness? Or is it simply just another brand under WWE’s umbrella to help generate money, money yeah yeah?

It’s there to help WWE develop talent as well as acquiring other talent to bolster the depth in WWE as a whole. It is a great addition to the company in the last few years.

54. Joel J-money Wood
I know you’ve probably addressed this but I wanted to see about getting a question in and I’m curious lol. Who do you think is most likely to wrestle for WWE again first. CM Punk or Daniel Bryan?

That’s a different one lol. I’ll say CM Punk because I think Bryan really is retired. I also thought Shawn Michaels was done in 1998 too, so who really knows? It’s too bad that Punk and Bryan aren’t wrestling in WWE right now considering how important they were in the first half of the decade.

55. Mike Robinson
With the Usos being much better since repackaged, name one from Raw, one from Smackdown and one from NXT who need the same.

Raw – Roman Reigns for almost two years now lol.

Smackdown – Ziggler turn him heel soon.

NXT – Tye Dillinger should be a top 2 or 3 face. I know he’s kind of a face now, but he should really be a face.

56. Larry Yadao
John, Raw has a lot of star power for their women’s division (Bayley, Sasha, Charlotte, and hopefully Paige) however, outside of that, I feel that they are lacking in lower end talent. (Nia, Summer Rae, , Brooke, Fox, Lana)

Smackdown doesn’t have the same degree of star power/wrestling as Raw outside of Becky, (Though Nikki is super over still) but have a lot of quality contenders and fresh feuds and promising stars in Bliss, Carmella, Naomi, and yes, even Eva to a degree. Also adding Nattie is the vet that can still have a run and put out great matches.

With that being said, do you think the brand split was well done with the Women? Or do you think that maybe they should have kept the Women’s division on Raw and perhaps made Cruiserweights on SD or vice versa? I just feel on Raw that we are already seeing a lot of the main stars feuding with each other and Raws side of things may grow stale or one sided.

I think it’s going fine. The matches have been pretty good at the PPVs and some good TV matches too. Give it some time and it’s going to work out well. I’m optimistic about the women’s division on both shows.

57. Chris Young
Do you see the old school heel ever come back? The ruthless heel who cheats on a regular basis, goes out of their way to piss the fans off, and adds controversial angles. Or do you think we’re stuck with the watered down heel who just tells the fans he/she doesn’t care what they think, rarely cheats, and are mostly (not always) there to put over the faces? And do you see a resurgence of more heel managers who go out of their way to cheat to get their guy/girl the win?

Unfortunately no because the business has changed too much. The Miz cheats to win a lot. He did at Backlash and last night on SD in great matches. Rusev is an old school heel. Charlotte is. There aren’t enough old school heels and I think it’s because the crowd cheers for the bad guys/girls too much, so what worked for Roddy Piper or Ric Flair 30 years ago isn’t going to work for wrestlers today. That’s just the wrestling business today.

58. Joe Sondag
With WWE pushing the idea that Cena will tie Ric Flair’s 16 World championships reigns my question is which of Cena’s 15 reigns was the best and which was the worst from your recollection?

The best were some of the early ones when he had it for a really long time. The long one for most of 2005, then again for most of 2006. That really established him as a top guy. For worst reign, I think 2013 after he won the WWE Title from The Rock. They just didn’t have good opponents for him (Ryback made me yawn) until he dropped it to Daniel Bryan at SummerSlam 2013.

59. Jason Giraldo
If they sign Kenny Omega should he go straight to the main roster or NXT? And who should he feud with upon arrival?

I would go main roster, but not sure if WWE would do that. Feud with anybody. AJ Styles? Works for me. He’s a great performer. Since he’s a top guy in New Japan, he might ask for a lot of money from WWE and they may not be willing to do it.

60. Chris Spears
What are your thoughts of Alexa Bliss? If you had to compare her with a diva/wrestler in the past I would go with Trish Stratus. I know she is in the early stages of her career but there is something with her presence that I think fans would love to despise about her then fall in love as her career grows. Maybe it’s just me.

There was a question about her earlier and somebody mentioned Trish too, so that comparison fits. I like her a lot. Great promos already, has a lot of poise and improving in ring too.

61. Van Wilhoite
Which wrestler from the Cruiserweight Classic would you say has the best chance of becoming WWE world champ down the road?

Cedric Alexander because I think he can really develop a connection with the crowd based on his skills in the ring. Will be hard for all of them, though. They are 205 pounds or less. Historically, it’s very hard for guys that small to become top guys.

62. Evan Briggs
If there was one match you could have seen in person, which would it be? (Jealous of anyone who actually was present for these matches) for me it’s either gonna be Mankind/Taker hell in a cell. Stone cold/Bret hart submission only. Or the Montreal Screwjob. I can watch these matches over and over and get stoked every time. Also, what the hell does “mark out” mean? The only people I’ve heard say it is wrestling fans….is it the same as being stoked?

I think Hart/Austin WM13 is the winner just because of the intensity of the match, the way the crowd turned as the match went on and the reaction post match as well.

Also WM25 Taker vs. Shawn because I think that’s the best match ever. I think those are the two best matches.

If I picked something not at WM then Eddie Guerrero winning WWE Title over Brock Lesnar at No Way Out 2004. Love that.

63. Guy Handscombe
Will the wwe ever bring back male managers on a full time basis (not including Paul Heyman)? Am I the only one who missed stables?

It seems like they change their mind on that a lot. I think they have moved on from that sort of thing, though. They just don’t value the role of a manager anymore even though I would have more of them. Women managers like Lana and Maryse do a good job these days too.

64. John C Hoddy
What gimmick surprised you when it got over?

The Undertaker. It worked so well. Scared the hell out of me when I saw him in person. Who knew that a character of a guy that rises from the dead and “works at a cemetery” would have such longevity? It sounds as silly as some of the stupidest gimmicks ever. Credit the performer and Vince.


Thanks for all the questions. We’ll do it again soon. I’ll be back on Sunday night with live coverage of WWE Clash of Champions. Have a great weekend!