TJR Q&A #17: Top WWE Draft Picks for Raw & Smackdown? Heel Roman? Finn Balor on Main Roster & More! (50+ Questions!)

There’s a lot to cover in the world of wrestling and one of my favorite ways to get that done is to open the floor to TJR readers by letting you wonderful people ask me questions. I recently did a Q&A session on my Facebook page covering topics related to the current product, some ideas for the future and things from the past as well.

1. Harry Ortlinghaus
When do you see as a target date for Randy Orton’s return? Will it before the draft?

I believe he’s advertised for some live events in August, but I’d have to check. I think the draft would be the right time to bring him back. It could even be the Monday before the draft as a way to get people thinking about him again. I’m not sure if he’s cleared yet, but ti should be soon. I think around the draft or at the draft makes a lot of sense. Right?

2. David Dierking
If a wrestler speaks no English or broken English, how are they able to call a match?

I’ve asked a few wrestlers about this over the years and they just kinda say that wrestlers will pick up the English terms. Sometimes they might use hand signals that the average person doesn’t see. Like if you slap your own shoulder maybe that tells the person to do an armbar. I don’t know if I’m the best person to reply to this because without being in a match it’s hard to say really.

3. Nick Venholm
Who benefits the most from the brand extension?

I think it’s the fans benefit really because it shows WWE is going to give a shit about Smackdown again after really not caring for many years now. It’s going to be relevant for the first time since about 2010 or so. The fact that they are doing the draft on Smackdown shows that WWE has a vested interest in this. I also think it’ll help the shows for us to see people only once per week instead of twice per week having the same matches over and over.

4. Kimsan Song
My question is concerning the term “eras”. When do eras begin and end in wrestling? Attitude Era, Ruthless agression era etc. Who determines when it begins and ends?

I think the era stuff is pretty silly to be honest. Early 1980s would be Rock N Wrestling Era or Hogan Era really. Once Hogan left people called it the New Generation for a few years. People just like to put labels on things. Attitude Era was late 1997 (but really early 1997) officially until around 2001 when WWE bought WCW. Then people like to say Ruthless Aggression Era from 2002 to 2008 or so. It really should be the Brand Extension Era because that’s what it was. Then 2008 would be the start of the PG Era I guess. It’s determined by WWE basically because they come up with the phrases and market them accordingly.

5. Rusty Rowe
Did Roman Reigns commit career suicide?

I don’t think so at all. The other biggest names that have had this happen to them are Randy Orton and Jeff Hardy. Neither of them were really punished after it. In Orton’s case, they put the WWE Title on him about a year after his suspension (suspended in 2012, won title in 2013) and it’s because he earned it in their eyes.

If you invest time in somebody the way WWE has built up Reigns for the past two years especially then you can’t just bail on that person. It’s not like he committed a crime. People make mistakes. Learn from it and get better. I would make him a heel, though. That’s for sure.

6. Jay A Jackson-Ferrans
Of the three companies Scott Hall worked in that probably deserved to give him the World Championship, which missed out the most: WWE AWA or WCW?

I can’t speak of AWA because I didn’t see it enough. That was early in his career, so maybe they felt he wasn’t ready. I think WCW should have. I don’t think he was that level in WWE, but if he stayed maybe he could get there. I always thought WCW should have done a Hall vs. Nash feud. The matches may have sucked, but they could have had one of them go heel and then put Hall over. It was probably a case of Hall not giving a shit and his drinking problem didn’t help.

I think Hall and Goldust are two of the best guys that were not a World Champion in the big two and in both cases their booze problems were the main reason.

7. Shay Smithers
Is there anyone from the Global Cruiserweight series that you think will get signed to WWE other than the winner, whoever that may be?

I like Strong a lot. I dunno if I have dream matches for him, but he’s a solid worker so any pairing with one of the best workers in WWE (we know who they are) is pretty cool. It’s not like he is at a AJ Styles level to have a dream match with Cena. He’s a good performer, though.

8. Octavio Fierros
Considering today is the 20 year anniversary of the Austin 3:16 speech, which moment was your favorite from these two: Austin 3:16 or what happened two weeks later with Hogan’s heel turn?

Austin because I like him way more lol. I think the Hogan thing was more important obviously because 95% of the people were surprised by it and never seen him work as a heel before, so in terms of impact on the business right away the Hogan move was huge.

For favorite I’ll pick Austin, but Hogan’s turn was massive.

9. Jamie Nottage
Can you see wwe network changing and charging more?

I think they should offer different price points and plans, but I really hope they stick with the $9.99 standard thing. Maybe they will do something where they tell people you can get a PPV for $5 and you don’t have to pay for the whole network. It’s just a one time thing for that show you can watch. I’m not sure how they are going to do it.

10. Francis Tasse
Who is the underutilized wrestler of NXT? Man and woman separately, according to you?

For guys it has to be Tye Dillinger. I’m probably a bit biased because he’s a Canadian guy and I have friends that know him. He’s really onto something with this Perfect Ten gimmick. Look at the crowd reactions. He’s on his way to a pretty good career if they just book him to get some wins.

I can’t think of a woman for that. I think they do a good job. Alexa Bliss stands out a bit just because I think she’s miscast as a heel and she’d probably do better in the face role. It’s just one of those things where you can’t push everybody at the same time.

11. Seth Francus
Why do I miss Paul Heyman so much?

Most of us do. He’s arguably the greatest non-wrestling performer in the history of the business. I think it’s him and Bobby Heenan. I know Heenan was a wrestler, but I’m talking about his manager and announcing work. Anyway, he’ll be back soon so we can enjoy his greatness again.

12. Frank Anthony Casabianca
I’ve got a joke question but curiosity. Every time I blow out a candle I find myself thinking “we’re here.” Do you ever do this?

Haha yeah. My nephew did it before his birthday a couple of years ago. He just goes “We’re Here” before he blew out his cake, the others had no idea what he was doing, but I did. It was well played. Wyatt Family references are a good idea.

13. Joe Sondag
Why do you think Randy Savage and Ted Dibiase never got a singles match for the WWE Championship on PPV after Savage won the title at WrestleMania 4?

I don’t think they booked Dibiase very well. He should have been a much stronger. I’m not sure if Hogan is to blame for holding him down or Vince just not wanting to push anybody too strong.

There just weren’t a lot of shows. They only could have done it at SummerSlam 1988, but they did the tag instead. Then Survivor Series 1988 is the elimination tag, so that’s really it. They probably did the match at live events all over the country. That was a big source for profits back in those days.

14. Oscar Deejay O Valencia
Do you think AJ Styles promo about cena “burying guys like me” was a Vince or cena idea? I’m pretty sure they know that the fans are not stupid and the fans think that about they’re golden boy. I must say it was very effective during the rivalry. I hope they gives styles a lengthy title run.

I think Cena may have suggested it, but that’s just a guess. Cena knows what people think about him and say about him, so it could be his decision to suggest something for Styles to say. It’s hard to really know for sure when they have 25 writers, plus all the people working closely with Vince and Cena obvious can have a lot of say in his stuff because of tenure.

I think Styles will win the World Title on Smackdown if he’s on that show. Pretty soon too.

15. Daniel Mount
Will they pair Bobby Roode with Austin Aries at some point?

They could do that at some point, but I think they would need both guys for separate storylines because the NXT roster may be stripped of some great talent once the draft happens next month. They’ll need people there to carry on the key programs.

16. Shane McCulley
What gimmick match do you miss?

I miss the Scramble match. It was actually a really good idea and I hate that they just abandoned it. Also Wargames, but it’s been so long for that one and not in WWE. Elimination Chamber isn’t the same thing, but they stole some Wargames ideas for it and made it their own thing.

17. Daniel BamaDan Ferguson
Do you think there will be a Shield reunion a few years from now? 5 years? Longer than 5 years? Never?

If there was no brand extension then it would be within a year. I think now that you can split them up it might be two or three years. It will definitely happen, though. It would be stupid not to do it.

18. Dave Sefranek
What’s the angriest you’ve ever been over a booking decision?

The entire invasion story in 2001. It made me groan a lot. I remember when they announced Survivor Series 2001 as the end of it after what, 4 months? So lame. I hated it and was so mad that they didn’t drag it out way longer. That’s the one that will always bug me because I felt like they messeed up big time.

19. Nicholas Pruner
Do you agree with WWE’S apparent decision to have 2 PPVs per month other than the big 4?

Sure I don’t mind. Not to be a selfish jerk, but having more stuff to write about and talk about is good for what I do for a living. As long as they don’t charge us more money for WWE Network I don’t see much of a problem. I guess there’s an overexposure issue, but it’s not that big of a problem to me.

20. Phil Jenkins
Top 3 NXT stars to debut on main roster in the coming months that excite you the most? In order please.

Finn Balor
American Alpha

I guess I picked four. I think all of them will be on the main roster either on the July 19 draft or shortly after. They are awesome performers that are more than ready for the bigger spotlight.

I didn’t put Joe or Nakamura because I think they will be in NXT for a bit longer even though they are obviously ready.

21. Jeff A. Batson
When Finn Balor goes to main roster and if drafted to same show as The Club (all 3 members), how do you see that play out with Balor’s relationship with Gallows & Anderson?

It would be fun. Make them a four man group. Then again, keeping them apart for a while would work really well and it gives people something to look forward to a couple years down the road or in a Royal Rumble setting.

22. Puneet Singhal
Who will get the most benefit from the brand spilt? I mean which wrestlers will shine?

I think the easy answer is to just say that it will be the people in the upper midcard that are not full time main eventers, but they are close. That would mean guys like Owens, Zayn, Cesaro and so on. In time, we might see somebody like Bradshaw in 2004 that was just a midcard wrestler that takes off because of an opportunity, but I’m not sure who it will be. Really, it’s the midcarders that benefit so much.

23. Erin Somers
Who do you see being the next “first time champion”?? Owens/AJ/Finn/other?

I think AJ Styles will be. It makes sense to have him holding a major title and The Club as tag champs at the same time. Dominant heel group is an easy story to write.

24. James Woolford
How different do you think smackdown and raw will be after the brand split? Do you think there is a chance one of them is allowed to be a bit more edgy (and no this isn’t a when will the Attitude Era return question)!

Haha the Attitude Era bit was good.

I wish they differentiated the shows a bit, but I really doubt it. It’s still going to be Vince McMahon as the final decision maker and probably Kevin Dunn as the executive producer of the shows. They have been doing it for so long that I doubt they are going to change things up anytime soon. They are set in their ways. I would do stuff like change the logos, change the theme songs and do cosmetic changes, but I don’t envision them doing that much. I hope I’m wrong. You have a nice thought there and I’m with ya, but will they change much? I doubt it.

25. Christina Harrell
Do you think they will make Roman Reigns a heel when he returns? I’d love to see him as a cocky heel.

They should. Most of the crowd was rejecting him anyway and the fact that he’s suspended for 30 days will make it easier for others to boo him. I’m sure he’ll still have his fans and people will like him forever, but I think he would be much more natural in a heel role. There are enough faces right now anyway. They can turn him face in a year or whenever they want to. No need to force it on people more.

26. Felipe Dupouy Cortés
Since they already used the mitb, who do think will win the rumble? Now, not being a smart-ass, what do you think of the cruiserweight classic? Who is your favourite competitor? Do see more events like this in the future?

Haha! Rumble pick is Nakamura! Do it.

I’m excited about the CWC. My favorite competitor is TJ Perkins, who was Manik in TNA. He was on our podcast a couple of months ago and he’s just a good dude who has worked so hard to get where he is. Kota Ibushi is another favorite. I don’t think I’ve seen more than 10 of his matches, but he’s so damn good and makes me say “wow” like only Nakamura does. That Japanese style is pretty cool right now.

There are discussions about a women’s tournament after this one. Maybe later this early or early next year. I like the thought of that.

27. Chris Rowlands
With the current Jerry Lawler situation playing out, what do you think of Adam Rose? Does he have grounds for unfair dismissal having no charges against him, and does WWE have to sack Lawler as they did with Rose?

I think he said it was a mutual release. They weren’t going to do anything with him and he knew it. His career in WWE just wasn’t working out and it’s for the best for both parties that he moved on.

28. Rik Shaw
Do you think Smackdown as a brand will benefit from the brand split and the live shows? And do you think that in six months time it will just revert to being the show they don’t really care about in terms of storyline progression…I don’t want to use the words “B-Show” but right now we all know that’s the truth.

Yes to Smackdown as benefiting for the brand split. That’s why they are doing it. USA Network isn’t happy with poor viewership numbers and they are the ones investing WWE to put on better shows and to draw a bigger audience in. The move to live Tuesday shows was the one thing they haven’t tried, so let’s see how it does.

I’m not worried about it reverting to being a bad show. I think they are committed to it and going live is a significant move for the better. This is different than anything they’ve done with it before, so let’s see how it plays out.

I know people are negative too much, but I try to be optimistic. I think WWE is doing this for the fans and the wrestlers. They could have told USA no to the idea of going live, but they want Smackdown to be better too. Hoping for the best.

29. Nate Kuhl
Do you see any wrestlers from the Cruiserweight Classic getting signed to a WWE contract after the tournament? If so, who?

I think 10-15 will. Some of them like Gargano and Ciampa already have deals. Some others like Rich Swann as well. I think Ibushi will sign if he’s not already. WWE probably wants Sabre Jr., so that might happen. I hope TJ Perkins gets signed. Cedric Alexander is a guy I really liked from ROH. I’d have to look at the list and think about it some more, but like I said at least ten are going to get signed and maybe more.

30. Jay A Jackson-Ferrans
With him being under fire for several recent mistakes and Mauro Ranallo’s employment, would WWE consider moving Michael Cole to a permanent role as commentary producer, while continuing his role as sit down interviewer and possibly doing pre-shows? He’s shown skill as a producer for NXT commentary as well as Smackdown’s, and it would get Vince out of their ear, which is a plus.

I doubt it, but I don’t know what he wants to do. I would think because of having nearly 20 years of experience, plus a role in producing the announcers that Cole has very good job security and he’ll be in that chair for as long as he wants to be. That may not make fans happy, but it’s not up to us. He’ll be there as long as he wants and I don’t see WWE just getting sick of him.

31. Josh Warner
Can you recreate and make one storyline better from the last 10 years…GO!!!!??

“Hey everybody, let’s bring ECW back.”

Me: No. That would be stupid.

That’s my choice lol.

I think I’d also do the Nexus angle in a much better way. You could do it where they eliminated some of the crappy guys from there, had Bryan come back as a heel, maybe put a guy like MVP that was doing nothing as something of a mentor in the group and really push them hard. That angle had so much potential and they just screwed it up.

32. Oscar Omar Fernandez
With the brand spilt possibly having two world titles on each show, what happens with the Royal Rumble winner?

We saw it throughout the 2000s. The Rumble winner can either pick the show’s champion to go after (like Benoit was a SD guy that picked Raw’s title with HHH) or that person goes after the person on that show they are on. It does hurt the value of winning the Rumble, though. No question.

33. Ben DarthYoda Dombek
I enjoyed and agreed with a lot of things Russo said on a recent Stone Cold podcast. Is that IWC blasphemy?

I listened to it too and I didn’t mind it much. Russo was always very good at actually giving a shit about the midcard guys and giving them some kind of character. It wasn’t always great, but it was something. These days WWE does a poor job of that.

The problem with Russo is he’ll only focus on the two years of really good writing he did in WWE while blaming outside factors for failures in WCW and TNA. Then when he gets called out on it he just yells, so it’s kinda annoying.

34. Mitchell Wood
In your honest opinion will AJ Styles ever hold the top title? If they split the belts assume I mean the one that’s booked superiorly as opposed to like Ziggler’s run as a lesser champion.

I think AJ will for sure. WWE loves him right now and they should. He’ll win a major title before the end of the year.

35. Mark Tallentire
Is there room for Paige in the title picture in the next PPV before the expected Sasha Banks v Charlotte at SummerSlam?

I think Paige got her title shot on Raw, lost it and is not in the title picture anymore. They’re clearly gonna do Charlotte vs. Sasha likely with a title change, which is fine with me. I hope Paige does well when the roster split happens because I like her as a talent even though they turn her too much. She’s better as a heel. Did you know it was her house?

36. Randy Mayne
Who are your top picks in the WWE Draft? Not who you think will go but who you would pick to represent each show?

Raw – Rollins, Reigns, Owens, Balor, Orton, American Alpha

Smackdown – Cena, Styles, Ambrose, Zayn, New Day, Cesaro (make him a Cena ally, then turn on him)

I would change my mind on this many times if people asked me again.

Keep Balor and Styles on opposite shows. Tease that shit for a long time. I would break up KO and Zayn even though I love both.

37. Andrew Harlall
Had a debate with a friend about HBK’s run as the top guy in WWE in the mid to late 90s. What are your thoughts on his run? Do you think he was the main attraction because there was no one else (save for maybe Taker/Bret) or was he the right guy/wrong time because WCW was so hot for those few years? I don’t know if you are privy to/remember any of his merchandise sales/live event attendance and how well or how bad he did compared to the wrestling industry as a whole at the time. (This debate was brought on by another debate about Roman Reigns and how he draws at events and merchandise sales).

I was ecstatic about it because he’s my favorite wrestler and he deserved it. I mean it’s an easy story to root for a guy that went from babyface tag wrestler to midcard heel and main event face. Just like with Bret, they really built him up well and I was so happy when he won the title at WM12. He should have been in that spot.

Business wasn’t great with Shawn on top in 1996, but at the same time I know Kevin Nash says the last MSG show they did in May 1996 was a sellout and the biggest gate in years, so they were on the right track. Part of the problem with his first title run is that WCW was so hot because of the NWO turn, so that hurt WWE business a bit. Is it his fault or the lack of talent? They were at least building it up with Austin, Foley, Rock, Hunter and others.

When he was the top heel against Austin in early 1998 the company was getting really strong again. It sucks that he got hurt and missed four years because he had value as a top guy. Later in his career, he was never a huge draw, but stuff like him vs. Hogan at SummerSlam 2005 did really well.

He’s not the best or the worst as a draw. In the ring he’s the best WWE performer ever in my opinion.

38. Roderick Walker
Besides Trish, what are some of your favorite Mickie James matches?

I think some of Mickie’s best matches were with Lita I think at Survivor Series 2006, the title change match against Beth Phoenix on Raw in England I believe in 2008 and I liked her matches with Melina too.

39. Andrew Harlall
One of my favorite moments was being in attendance at my first ever WWE Live Event and watching Diesel unexpectedly beat Bob Backlund for the title at Madison Square Garden. Do you recall the circumstances around that, that led to the title change? Was it planned/unplanned?

It was something where Vince basically saw a lot of potential in Diesel in 1994. They booked him so strong in that Royal Rumble and then he was protected for much of the year. Backlund was the definition of a transitional champion because he won the title from Bret Hart and then they moved it over to Diesel. That’s because back then they preferred to have it go face-heel-face rather than face to face like now. It was the plan. They wanted to see what Diesel could do. As it turned out it was a bad move because 1995 with Diesel on top was bad for WWE business.

40. Paul Olili
Rumours have it that WWE wants to make the blue brand an equal to the red brand after the draft and that Aj Styles will be the top heel in SD, with John Cena as the top babyface. Reigns is expected to be the top babyface on Raw. Who do you see as the top heel on Raw, and your thoughts on this?

That would be Rollins as the top heel on Raw at least for now. I assume Ambrose would be on Smackdown to break up The Shield trio They could have Roman as the heel, though.

41. Jeroukoc Vasilis
Do you think Hideo Itami will ever use the gts? I know he used it at a house show, but do you think he will use it on tv anytime, because they keep teasing it?

I think he will. So what if reminds people of CM Punk. He did it first in Japan and made it popular there. Punk isn’t coming back, so he should do it. I don’t see a problem with it.

42. Ed Luis Valentin
In terms of in ring performance only, do you think Asuka is the best woman on the WWE roster right now? Also, I know you don’t care for intergender wrestling, but hypothetically, If WWE were to bring it back, who would you want to see Asuka face?

I think Asuka is the best in-ring performer among the women in WWE, yes. Bayley and Sasha Banks are up there too. Natalya would be, but they never book good finishes for her longer matches. Charlotte and Becky are pretty solid as well.

Asuka against a smaller wrestler would be fine. If it was somebody bigger it just wouldn’t look good. She’s pretty tiny at about 110 pounds, though, so it’s hard to make it believable. Chyna weighed about 200 pounds and guys would have to sell for her as if she was a giant, which is why people hated it.

43. Chris Young
Do you think WWE took the belt off of Reigns this early just because he violated the Wellness Policy or because they’re finally listening to the WWE Universe to let Dean Ambrose have a chance to shine?

I think they took it off him because of the Wellness Policy violation. This gave them an easy way to get out of the story with him not really working well as the top face too.

44. Joel J-money Wood
Stone Cold retired because of his neck mainly. Had he not had that injury and subsequent surgery, how much longer do you think he would have hung around?

He’s mentioned it on his podcasts quite a bit because he has people ask him all the time. I think he usually says 4-5 years because he was 38-39 when he stopped and he felt like he could have gone into his 40s. it seems like a good answer because HBK was 45 when he stopped. Most guys don’t go into their 50s.

45. Ricardo R. Sánchez Neyra
When is the nonsensical hate towards CM Punk gonna end?. Do you think it has some ground? You always wish good to the guy, but you also tend to take little sarcastic digs at him. Did you feel offended when he left or the things he says about the bussiness?. And if he wins his fight, do you think that Vince/Hunter are gonna be kissing his ass in no time?

I make jokes about him leaving, but it’s all in good fun. I support him, I wish him the best and I hope he wins his first fight in UFC as well as every fight. Good for him for spending two years getting ready for a totally new challenge. It’s not easy.

It didn’t personally offend me because I’ve walked away from things in my life whether people agreed or not. I mean we all do at some point, right? If you’re not happy, find something that makes you happen.

As a fan of WWE as well as a guy that writes about him, I miss him tremendously. I think the roster is better today than it was 2.5 years ago when he left and I wish he was still there. I don’t blame him for leaving or hate him. It was his call and he can do what he wants. Good for him.

46. Kevin Alexander
Who has, and what is the best finisher today in WWE? I’d say AJ with the Styles Clash. And doesn’t Ambrose need a better finisher?

I think Styles and Cesaro have the best finishers. I guess I like face bumps lol. They look more devastating. Ambrose’s finisher is just a DDT variation (he does the double arm DDT), which is fine because you can do it on anybody no matter their size. It’s not great, but it’s not that bad either.

47. Michael Reichmuth
What is the worst wrestling cliche ever? Mine is the guy gets to the top of ladder but can’t reach briefcase and has to stand there until he gets knocked off.

The tag match formula leading to a hot tag. I know they have to do it, but they repeat it too much especially with a team like Enzo & Cass where it’s always the same.

48. David Harnick
When will Charlotte tap out to The Boss? Will she ever win on her own?

I’m not sure what they’ll do at Battleground, but I think Banks beating Charlotte for Women’s Title at SSlam makes sense. Charlotte is a cheap heel and it works.

49. Deryl Parnell Jr.
What do you think of the possibility of John Morrison or Rey Mysterio being a surprise draft pick on July 19th?

They both have contracts with Lucha Underground and I doubt they are able to get free from there. It’s not happening.

50. Adam Park
Is there any favourite feuds / storylines of yours from WWE history that stand out in your memory that would still work in 2016? I’ve been struggling to stay interested in watching RAW on a weekly basis with the move away from kayfabe, feel like the simpler story lines have a smaller pay-off and wonder if its still possible to make “must watch” tv in the current environment.

My favorite feud ever Bret Hart and Steve Austin in 1996/1997. The double turn story would work so well. It hasn’t been done in so long. They could do it with Rollins and Reigns easily.

51. Jayson Reyes
What would you think is the best way to utilize AJ Styles and Finn Balor along with The Club?

Put the Smackdown title on AJ and the tag titles on G&A. Keep Balor on the other show. Don’t let them interact until a joint brand PPV. Make people wait for it.

52. Eric Hay
For a historical question, who do you think actually knew the screw job was going to happen? How difficult do you think it was for those guys who knew to be able to stay quiet backstage knowing how the business works and this was obviously opposite of that?

I think for The Screwjob it was probably Vince, Shawn, Hunter (he came up with it), Brisco and then they told Hebner the day of the show or the night before I can’t remember. I’m sure others in production knew, but it’s not like they would talk.

53. Geoff Landtbom
Why is John Cena so hated? Do you think it’s generational? Hulk Hogan was in the exact same situation 30+ years ago and nobody complained. Is there something you would do if you were booking to get him more popular than he is? It just seems that no matter what he does (adding new, sometimes illogical moves to his moveset for example) he can’t shake the negative reactions from the crowds. I think the main problem is like Roman Reigns he was never the fans choice to lead the WWE. Can’t really do much about fan sentiments. He has a guady albeit interesting legacy in wrestling history, I do know that much.

He was booked so strong for so many years that people just booed the shit out of him and hated him. You’re a sports fan like me so you know how it is. When teams dominate in a sport they are gonna be hated by some people. That’s what this is.

54. Paulo Quinteros Jara
Should the WWE consider bringing back some WCW match concepts like The War Games or a Triple Cage Match?

I thought Triple Cage was dumb, but War Games yes. I’ve said yes to War Games for 15 years though. I think with Elimination Chamber they feel they have something better anyway.

55. Damian McGrath
Do you think Sami Zayn will ever get a Daniel Bryan style journey to the WWE Title, against a Champion Kevin Owens at a Wrestlemania? I hope Zayn doesn’t get lost in the shuffle, I really hope I get to see his successful journey one day.

I hope so. He has the talent to do it, but still needs something to get character over. The “yes” thing was so simple for Bryan and it got him over huge. As much as I love Zayn, Bryan had a bit more to him in the ring just because of all the great technical wrestling and submission based offense that he has. Zayn should probably start using a submission finisher as a secondary thing because it would help him a lot, I think.

56. Kenny Brophy
Did Roman Reigns enjoy the gift of Jericho, did he drink it in too much maaan?

Haha that made me laugh. Thanks for that. And yes he did!

57. Dustin Rose
If you could pick one main roster guy to get sent back down to nxt, get called back up and get a push who would it be? Example: Zack Ryder except the push part lol.

The entire Social Outcasts or specifically Bo Dallas. I know he was in NXT fairly recently, but he’s too good to not be doing more. Darren Young is another name that comes to mind although this angle with Bob Backlund could work out for him.

58. Diego J Amarilla II
How do you think a feud between the Wyatt family (four strong) and the club with Balor and Styles would play out? And do you think it would be a great war?

I think it would be pretty awesome. It’s important to build up The Club more, though. Let them accumulate titles and get stronger. This is a feud they can do down the road.

59. Adam Garcia
WWE just posted a video about the million dollar giveaway that they were doing. Couple of questions about that. Was it legitimate? Did people really win money? Also, what was the reason for that? Was it going to lead into a storyline? Why did they end it with the set falling on Vince?

It was legitimate and yes those people really did win the money. It was a way to get more people watching Raw that may not have normally watched. The idea was that if the audience (it was only for Americans) were to enter this contest, they might be more willing to watch. Ideally, some non-wrestling fans may want to watch to see if they win some cash. It ended the way it did because ratings didn’t really move significantly, so Vince probably figured he didn’t want to give away more money. That’s why it ended when it did. I thought the whole “crash” was pretty silly.


That’s all for now. I usually do these every two weeks, so look for the next one soon.