TJR News: WWE Week In Review (05/16 – 05/22)

Welcome one and all to another WWE Week In Review. I’m Wayne and I’ll be guiding you through the muddy news waters, to show you the biggest news that John, Mark and Michael have reported on this week. And what better way to start than the news that unexpectedly broke yesterday (05/21)……

Biggest News Of The Week

Wow! This really came out of left field!Micheal Ryne reported that WWE stalwart, Cody Rhodes had asked WWE for his release. Cody broke the news himself on his own personal Twitter account, @PrinceCGR, that he had asked for his release, and would be updating us all in due time.

Cody’s wife Eden also came out in support for her husband on her Twitter account too.

I’m still reeling from the Sandow release and now this? When I was first told I was shocked, but after a few minutes I could see why. He’s hardly being used, his Stardust character has stagnated and become dull. Much like Damien Sandow, Cody could make chicken salad out of the chicken poop that WWE officials gave him for gimmicks. His “Dashing” persona was amazingly brilliant, and with the help of his feud with Rey Mysterio, it got over in a huge way.

I’ve heard rumors that it’s possible that Cody will be done with wrestling for a while and turn his hand to acting. If that’s true then I wish him nothing but the best, maybe his former SummerSlam opponent, Stephen Amell, could help him out? But if the acting is just a rumor then I will be hoping and praying that a possible Team Rhodes Scholars reunion could be on the cards in the indies.


News Timeline

05/16 – Mark McAllen brought us the news that we were desperately waiting to hear…..Stephanie McMahon is writing a book on her life, growing up in the WWE, marrying a talent and becoming the most powerful woman in the industry. Read all the in’s and out’s of the story by clicking right here.

05/17 – NXT GM William Regal told the world through the medium of Facebook, that the NXT Championship match between Samoa Joe and Finn Balor on June 8th at NXT Takeover, would be contested inside a steel cage, for the first time in the history of the promotion. Click on the link above to see the video of the announcement too.

05/18 – John Canton gave us the new and final card for today’s Extreme Rules PPV that comes from Newark, NJ. If you don’t know don’t know the card, click right here and John will hook you up!

05/19 – In a self indulgent moment for me, it was announced that The Greatest Man That Ever Lived, Austin Aries would be squaring off against the one and only Shinsuke Nakamura on the June 8th NXT Takeover event. Mark wrote about it right here, and I can tell you, I’m totally psyched for this match!

05/19 – Mark was a busy boy today as he also gave us the news that WWE had released their PPV schedule for the rest of the year. The biggest news to come out from this was that Toronto would be hosting this years Survivor Series. It will be the first time that area has hosted a WWE PPV for nearly a decade. Can’t wait to get back to Bizzaro-Land (Thank’s King!)

05/21 – The SyFy Network could have a ratings winner on their hands, as Mark wrote that they will be airing what all WWE fans have been clamoring for……a two hour edition of Raw! Yes! No more three hours of bumf and filler, just a classic old school two hours!

Under The Radar

As you loyal readers know, this is where I cover the news stories that weren’t picked up by the news guys. Silly, random and often irrelevant stories that have piqued my interest.

  • In a slight carry on from my Biggest News Of The Week, Stephen Amell tweeted his support for Cody Rhodes with this Tweet:
  • People that have read my work before know that I am a massive, massive Scott Hall fan. And being a fan, I’m giving you this preview video fromWrestling DVD Network, a trailer as you will, for the upcoming WWE documentary Living On A Razor’s Edge: The Scott Hall Story. Enjoy and await the DVD/Blu Ray release like myself!



  • If you’re missing Daniel Bryan as much as I do, here’s a quick Twitter post from the man himself, commenting on the two year anniversary of his neck surgery. On a side note, I tried doing this move and nearly had to have neck surgery myself!
  • A few months ago, the WWE made super fan Elijah Mainville an honorary member of their roster. Elijah had been battling cancer for quite some time and Triple H and Stephanie McMahon invited Elijah to join the roster under his WWE Superstar name “Drax Shadow”. In the below video, Stephanie asked the executives at Mattel to create a custom action figure for Elijah. A great video and a great act from WWE. See……she isn’t all bad!
  • Are you missing your weekly fix of Total Divas? My wife sure is. Not a day goes by where she asks me if I know when it’s coming back, do I know any more information? Well to satisfy her’s and your needs, here’s what has been reported about the new season. There may be some embellishment on one of the notes. There’s a wedding on this season, there’s the announcement of a pregnancy, there will be bitching, whining, and Eva Marie will still talk about “All Red Everything” while wearing any other color but. Oh, and before you ask, it returns to E! in the fall


Wrap Up

With another high profile talent leaving the company, to the first cage match in NXT history, all the way to Total Divas, I’ve got you covered. But alas, that is all for this week. Never fear! I will return this time next, on this very site to do it all over again for you, the loyal and faithful TJR readers!