TJR Blog: WWE Raw Fantasy Booking Balor’s Debut & Heel Reigns

Here’s some fantasy booking for Raw tonight. It’s not a deep and elaborate thing for the whole show. It’s just one major angle to do.

Stephanie and Mick doing promos blah blah blah and they introduce Finn Balor. Huge pop. Crowd going crazy. Balor says he was the man in NXT and he’ll be the man on Raw. Roman Reigns comes out to huge boos. They get to talking. Stephanie eagerly makes the huge main event: Reigns vs. Balor.

When Balor gets backstage, he’s met by Gallows & Anderson. They hug eachother. It’s mentioned they were buddies in New Japan and G&A say even though AJ is SD, this Club is back together. Finn says that unlike AJ he doesn’t need or want help and unlike AJ he actually means it. He says he’ll catch up with them after the show.

During the Balor/Reigns match, there’s a ref bump. Gallows & Anderson run down to the ring. They try to help Finn. He tells them to get out of there. Just as they are about to leave, Reigns nails Finn from behind with a forearm shot. G&A look at Finn, look at Roman, then Roman does his big roar thing, G&A pick up Finn and hit the Magic Killer on him. Roman sits on the top turnbuckle and starts laughing at Finn treating him as a joke.

Roman grabs the microphone: “You want to boo me? That’s fine. Boo me, but just remember The Roman Empire is here to take over and when we’re done taking over this goddamn show it’s going to be all on you because I tried to ‘The Guy’ for you and you didn’t care. It’s not ‘believe that’ anymore, it’s respect this.”

Balor gets back to his feet, Reigns hits a huge Spear. Reigns poses with G&A to end the show.

Long term, I would add another one or two people to the group down the line too.

I’m not sure about other people on the show this week. If it was a full column I’d think about it. I was really just wanting to accomplish Balor as a top face and Roman as a heel with backup.

I was going to write a fantasy booking column for this show and Smackdown tomorrow. I may do a full show fantasy booking for Smackdown if I can find the time.

Let me know what you think of this.