TJR Blog React: WWE Top 10 Video on Extreme Survivor Series Moments

The weekend means I like to write some different articles instead of the usual stuff about current WWE. Today, what I’m here to do is look at WWE Top 10 video about “Extreme Survivor Series Moments” and let you know my opinion on them. With Survivor Series taking place next Sunday (yes, really), it’s obvious why WWE decided to go with that list today.

What I’ll do is go over this top ten list, offer my take on the moment and then at the end I’ll let you know where my order might have looked different. The video runs 3:27 and I’ll post it at the bottom of this post.

10. Showstopping Spinebuster

Triple H gave Shawn Michaels a spinebuster through the announce table in a triple threat match they were in with John Cena. This was Survivor Series 2009 with Cena retaining the title. It was a pretty big bump for Michaels, who retired a few months later.

9. Flying Mankind

It was Kane and Mankind at Survivor Series 1997 with Mankind standing on the apron and Kane tossed him through one of the announce tables at ringside. Crazy Mick Foley doing his thing to put over his opponent. This was Kane’s first PPV match…as Kane at least.

8. Flipping Out

Trish Stratus and Victoria had a Hardcore Title match at Survivor Series 2002 and during the match, Trish gave Victoria a slingshot into a trash can that was against the turnbuckle. It was a unique spot. I’m not sure if it warrants a spot on this list, though.

7. Double Chokeslam

The Undertaker and Kane had a hold of Braun Strowman outside the ring and gave him a double Chokeslam through the Spanish announce table at ringside. This was Survivor Series 2015 when Taker and Kane beat Wyatt and Harper while Strowman was a rookie. That was an impressive looking move and a big bump for Strowman, who was a rookie at this point in his career.

6. Missed Swanton

Jeff Hardy was standing on top of a steel cage in a match against the Dudley Boyz. D-Von Dudley was laying in the ring, Jeff jumped off the top with the Swanton, D-Von and Jeff went crashing through the table at Survivor Series 2001. The cage is about 15 feet high, so it was a pretty crazy bump from Jeff, who did a lot of those in his career.

5. Chamber Crush

The first Elimination Chamber match took place at Survivor Series 2002. During the match, Kane and Jericho were battling outside the ring on the steel structure. Kane grabbed Jericho and whipped him through one of the pods surrounding the ring. It was a loud crash and one of the bigger bumps in Elimination Chamber match history. It sounded and looked bad.

4. Stage Toss

Braun Strowman got his hands on old “rival” James Ellsworth at Survivor Series 2016. Strowman grabbed Ellsworth and tossed him off the stage onto a table below. That looked painful. It put Strowman over as a huge badass on the Raw brand.

3. Shield’s Debut

The Shield trio of Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose showed up Survivor Series 2012 to assist CM Punk in the WWE Championship match against John Cena and Ryback. During the match, the young upstarts making their main roster debut focused their attack on Ryback, which led to a Shield triple Powerbomb that put Ryback through the announce table. At the time, most of us knew Rollins and Ambrose as top prospects in WWE’s developmental system while Reigns was more of an unknown. That would change over time, of course. I thought it was a great debut although the association with Punk didn’t become a thing and The Shield were their own group.

2. Shocking Accident

Steve Austin was walking in the parking lot at Survivor Series 1999 when a car drove up to him. Austin easily could have moved, but then he just stood there and the car drove over him with Austin (or a stunt double) landing on the hood of the car. It was the storyline explanation for Austin needed neck surgery a few months later and Austin would miss nearly one year of action. The driver of the car was revealed to be Rikishi, who did it…for…The Rock.

1. Coast to Coast

Shane McMahon had the reputation of being a daredevil, so when he had an Ambulance Match against Kane at Survivor Series 2003 it was no surprise that he did something crazy. With Kane out on the floor, Shane went to the top of the ambulance and jumped off with a dropkick into a trash can that hit Kane in the face. It was a bump that was planned well because it was a soft landing for Shane too. Kane came back to win the match.

It’s a solid list that WWE came up with, but they missed out on a big one by leaving off Bret Hart’s table bump at Survivor Series 1995. Hart was standing on the apron, Diesel ran towards the ropes and shoved Bret off the apron leading to Bret going through the table at ringside. I believe it’s the first major table bump in WWF history. I don’t know why WWE left that off. Maybe they just forget. Anyway, you can see that in this video. If it was up to me, this bump would be top three.

Another obvious one they left off was the ending of Survivor Series 2000 with Steve Austin lifting up Triple H in a car using a forklift and then dropping the car to end the show. Considering some of the other stuff they included, I thought this would be on here for sure.

As for my order of WWE’s top ten picks, here’s how I would rank them.

10. Flipping Out – Trish and Victoria
This was fine, but I don’t think it really needs to be on this list. It was likely done to get some women on here. They tried a mirror spot that failed or else that would be on here.

9. Showstopping Spinebuster – Triple H and Shawn Michaels
It was a big spot in a championship match. I didn’t remember it until I saw it on here, so I think it’s fair to say it wasn’t that big of a deal.

8. Stage Toss – Braun Strowman and James Ellsworth
This was only two years ago, so it was fresh in our minds compared to the others. Impressive bump by Ellsworth.

7. Double Chokeslam – Kane, Undertaker and Braun Strowman
I totally forgot about this moment. Strowman looks so different here with his hair and beard style. Big bump for him.

6. Chamber Crush – Kane and Chris Jericho
I remember it well and it sounded like a rough bump for Jericho. I just feel like some of the other moments on here are bigger.

5. Shocking Accident – Steve Autin run over by a car
When people think of Survivor Series, this is probably one of the first moments they think of. Due to Austin’s status as a top guy that makes sense. Using a car to take a guy out is definitely an extreme moment, but it also required a stunt double in a backstage setting. It’s not as authentic as the others on here.

4. Flying Mankind – Kane and Mick Foley
Ouch. That’s how I react to these Foley bumps where he puts his body on the line and goes through tables from insane angles. It looks bad, it sounds bad and knowing how his career was where he retired as a full-timer in his mid-30s, you can tell these bumps took a toll on him. With that said, Bret Hart did a similar bump two years earlier in a WWF Championship match that isn’t even on here, so that’s weird.

3. Coast to Coast – Shane McMahon and Kane
It was a unique spot from Shane McMahon and something I had never seen before, so he deserves a lot of credit for doing it. It’s also a spot that is too silly because of the time it takes to set Kane up with the trash can, then Shane has to go to the ambulance and hit a dropkick. It looked cool, though, which is really what matters.

2. Missed Swanton – Jeff Hardy
There have been so many crazy Jeff Hardy moments that I completely forgot this one. The thought of going up a cage, jumping off with a Swanton and going back first through a table is crazy. Those are the kinds of things Jeff loved to do. What isn’t shown in the clip is that right after the spot, Bubba pinned Jeff to win the match. I like when a failed big spot ends a match. It doesn’t need to continue on much after that spot. Let it end there.

1. Shield’s Debut – The Shield and Ryback
This was a huge “WTF is going on?” type of moment that you don’t see very often. The fact that WWE believed in these guys enough to debut them in the main event of a major show like Survivor Series is pretty cool. Nobody could have predicted that was going to happen, which is why this is number one to me. It’s the unpredictability factor, the move was huge and it determined the winner of the match because CM Punk pinned John Cena to retain his title after this move. The issue with that is Ryback hit his Shellshock finisher and Cena stayed down for like two minutes, which was a ridiculous amount of time to sell a move leading to a pin. Still, this Shield moment was awesome and we’ll never forget it.

That’s my take on this list. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. I’ll be back on Friday with a preview of this year’s Survivor Series and then next Sunday will be a review of this year’s show.