The WWE Smackdown Reaction for 2/14/20 by Kelly Dishnow

Welcome to The Smackdown Reaction, where I offer my take on this week’s show from Vancouver. It’s a rare TV taping for Vancouver as well. You can check out John’s full in-depth review here.

Smackdown opens with the opening video and an odd pyro display. The fans are excited and we start the show off with A Moment of Bliss on the stage, hence the odd pyro display. Alexa and Nikki are out to talk briefly about Valentine’s Day before introducing Carmella. Carmella comes out to hype the Women’s title match for later and eventually is interrupted by Bayley. Bayley rambles on as the segment dies a very slow death. Carmella finally says she’s ready to fight and let’s go right now. Carmella and Bayley head to the ring as a ref is there as we cut to break.

The match starts when we return and it was an amazing match from the two real life friends. There was lots of great action and near falls. Carmella looked really believable as being able to defeat Bayley but in the end, Bayley retains with her feet on the ropes. When Carmella was talking to the ref after the match, Bayley drops her with her finisher to bring out Naomi. Naomi and Carmella double up on Bayley to send her retreating. Bayley would tell Kayla Braxton, after the match, that her next title defense would be at Super Showdown. Carmella and Naomi would later step up wanting to be next and will face off against each other for the right to face Bayley next week.

Otis was shown getting ready for his date with Mandy backstage. Mandy texted that she was running a little late and then Tucker showed up for moral support.

Our second match of the night is a handicap match between Sheamus and the team of Shorty G and Apollo Crews. Crews and Gable looked really good in the match and could be a good addition to the thin tag team division. The match was pretty good for the time given, but Sheamus Brogue Kicks both of them to pick up the victory.

Mandy Rose is shown arriving at the restaurant for her date with Otis before the Hulk Hogan satellite interview. Hogan hyped the nWo Hall of Fame induction nod this year before being interrupted by Bray Wyatt and The Firefly Funhouse. Wyatt jokes around with Hogan before Hogan wishes him luck against Goldberg at Super Showdown. Hogan ended the interview and Wyatt waved bye. Perhaps The Fiend will add Hogan to his wall and maybe not.

More promo time with Sami Zayn and Cesaro in the ring to perform a song. Elias comes out and has a back and forth with Sami before allowing him to perform his song. Sami and Cesaro start up their song but Cesaro has too much cowbell going. Cesaro realizes he’s getting over again and tosses the cowbell away. Sami talks a little trash to the fans before he and Cesaro attack Elias to bring out Braun Strowman. Sami and Cesaro run away while Braun lays waste to the “security” Sami had brought for the song. The segment ends with a very impressive bump by the one security guy who hit Braun onto the other security guys at ringside. No sign of Shinsuke Nakamura this week, so the tag match will likely be next week.

Mandy was shown still waiting for Otis to arrive.

We get a video package announcing that John Cena comes home (to Smackdown) in two weeks when Smackdown is in Boston. Another video package recaps the Otis/Mandy saga.

An hour and a half after Smackdown started, Otis finally arrives at the restaurant for his date. He is told where Mandy is sitting and walks over to the table, only to find Dolph Ziggler sitting with Mandy. Otis drops the roses he had with him and leaves dejected. At least Heavy Machinery finally has a feud.

Main event time with John Morrison and The Miz taking on Roman Reigns and a mystery partner, Daniel Bryan. King Corbin, who had been fined and banned from competing tonight because of his antics last week, shows up in the crowd with a ringside ticket. The tag match itself was pretty much your standard WWE paint by numbers tag match. Morrison looked impressive and Bryan played the face in peril. Roman gets the hot tag to finish off Miz with a spear. After the match, Corbin hops the barricade with a hit and run attack on Roman to finish the show on his throne. Can we please end this feud?

Let’s look at tonight’s highs and lows:

The Highs:

The Bayley/Carmella match was the match of the night. Carmella looked very credible and a tough opponent for Bayley.

Bayley will defend the title at Super Showdown in a very historic first against the winner of Naomi vs. Carmella. Really happy for her.

The Lows:

The “A Moment of Bliss” opening segment bombed really bad. We could have just started Smackdown with the Women’s Title match instead.

I wish Corbin was next so we could bask in the glory of a Goldberg beat down instead of another Roman match. This feud is way past its expiration date.

There was way too much talking tonight with only three matches in two hours and one of those matches was short. Please don’t make it a trend.


That’s all I’ve got, until next time.