The Undertaker And Brad Maddox On The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon (VIDEO)

Last night, The Undertaker made a surprise appearance on NBC’s The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. As seen in the video below he made his dramatic entrance and then proceeded to Tombstone piledrive WWE superstar Brad Maddox, who was dressed as a turkey. They didn’t mention Maddox by name.


The skit was a regular bit where Jimmy Fallon took written viewer suggestions out of a box. One viewer suggested that they have The Undertaker hit the Tombstone on a guy in a turkey outfit. Fallon replied, saying it was late notice and he wouldn’t know how to contact The Undertaker, when the Undertaker’s music hit and he made his grand entrance to The Tonight Show, complete with dry ice and light show. Maddox acted like a turkey while Taker removed his gear and hit him with the Tombstone. Taker then pinned the turkey/Maddox as Fallon made his way onto the stage. Fallon extended his hand for a shake but Taker just stared at him. The crowd loved it.

Ski’s Take – Taker is a busy guy right now huh? On Monday and Tuesday of this week, he appeared on Raw and Smackdown respectively over here in England, then flew right back to the States to appear on The Tonight Show. Obviously WWE are using him to push that it’s Undertaker week on the WWE Network, and to promote the company as a whole. Good idea too to use Maddox as the patsy taking the Tombstone, only WWE fans will recognize who he is, while to the general public he’s just a Joe Schmoe taking the bump.

Great use of a guy with star power that’s allegedly only got a few months left in the business (if you listen to rumor and conjecture).