The Rock Calls CM Punk After WWE Raw (VIDEO); Backstage Reaction From Vince McMahon & Triple H

After last night’s edition of Monday Night Raw went off the air, The Rock made an appearance for the WWE Universe that packed the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California.

The reason for The Rock’s appearance is due to the movie “Fighting With My Family” which is about WWE Superstar Paige and her professional wrestling family. WWE Studios and The Rock’s production company, Seven Bucks Productions, are involved in making the movie.

A scene for “Fighting With My Family” was filmed at the Staples Center last night after Raw went off the air. The Rock informed the crowd that they were filming the moment when Paige defeated AJ Lee for the Divas Championship. Upon mentioning AJ Lee, loud CM Punk chants broke out from the crowd (since Punk is married to AJ Lee). This led to The Rock taking it upon himself to take out his cell phone and legitimately call CM Punk. Although Punk did not answer, Rock left him a voicemail.

Punk responded about what happened on Twitter.

Vince McMahon and Triple H reportedly did not approve of The Rock calling CM Punk. This is according to PWInsider. It was not something that WWE approved of. Instead, it was something The Rock did spontaneously, as he usually likes to go off the cuff in his WWE segments. McMahon and Triple H did not want this to continue and reportedly sent word that The Rock needed to wrap it up and get to the filming of “Fighting With My Family.”

Below is video of The Rock calling Punk.


As I mentioned, for the movie, they recreated the moment where Paige defeated AJ Lee for the Divas Championship. Below is a video of AJ Lee’s entrance and a picture of the actress who played her, which was Thea Trinidad, who was Rosita in TNA.



Picture used above is courtesy of WWE.com.