Recap of the 9 WWE 24/7 Title Changes on Raw Last Night, First Female Winner, More

There were nine WWE 24/7 Title changes on Raw this week, so I thought it would be a good idea to summarize all of the changes in case you missed it or maybe it was tough to digest in my review of Raw. I think if you can accept the fact that the 24/7 Title is there for comedic purposes, you can enjoy these segments. If you try to take it too seriously, you will probably hate it as much as anything that WWE does.

1. R-Truth walked into Raw as the 24/7 Champion. He was interviewed by Charly Caruso, then Renee Michelle complained about Truth ruining her life with her husband Drake Maverick and that allowed Maverick to pin Truth for the 24/7 Title.

2. Maverick was in the locker room trying to get his bags to leaves the arena, but The Boogeyman showed up to scare him. When Maverick was knocked down (out of fear?), Pat Patterson showed up and stomped on him with weak looking kicks. Patterson put his foot on Maverick to pin him to become the champion.

Patterson is 78 years old. He is the oldest 24/7 Champion to date and it may be a long time until they find somebody older to break that record.

3. Patterson’s reign as 24/7 Champion was very brief. They cut to a scene where he was down against a container with his good friend Gerald Brisco (who is 72 years old) holding the title over him. We did not see Brisco do a move to Patterson or actually pin Patterson. As we covered earlier today, WWE doesn’t want a senior citizen like Patterson taking a bump for fear that he might get injured. That’s why they did what is called a “Phantom Title Change” without actually seeing Brisco beat Patterson.

4. Brisco’s title run was also brief because Kelly Kelly went up to him kneed him in the ribs and pinned him.

That meant that Kelly Kelly, who is 32 years old and “retired” from WWE at 25 years of age, became the first women’s 24/7 Champion. What a great moment in sports entertainment history.

5. Kelly Kelly went up to her friend Candice Michelle, Melina and Naomi in a hallway to celebrate winning the title. Melina revealed that she got a referee’s license while Candice attacked Kelly and Candice became the 24/7 Champion.

6. While Candice celebrated her win, Alundra Blayze showed up to put Candice in a chokehold and Candice tapped out to give Blayze the title.

7. Alundra Blayze went onto the Raw stage to tease putting the 24/7 Title into a trash can (like she did in 1995 on WCW Monday Nitro), but the “Million Dollar Man” Ted Dibiase showed up. Ted gave her a wad of bills and reminded us that “everybody has a price” so Ted bought the title from Blayze without actually pinning her.

8. Ted Dibiase tried to get away with the 24/7 Title in a limo, but then there were some noises and Drake Maverick won the 24/7 Title for the second time in the night and his fourth time overall.

This was the second “Phantom Title Change” because we never saw Dibiase actually get pinned by Maverick. Dibiase is 65 years old, so once again, WWE didn’t want an old-timer out there taking bumps when it was just for a comedy title.

9. The final 24/7 Title change of the evening took place when R-Truth went after Drake Maverick by the limo, which had Drake’s wife Renee Michelle inside of it because the married couple wanted to leave to “consummate” the marriage. However, Truth pinned with a ROLLUP OF DEATH~! thanks to an assist from Carmella, who kicked Drake’s hands and Truth had the title. Truth went into the limo, which took off with him and Michelle inside it.

Drake Maverick put out this tweet that was pretty funny because it shows that his character prioritizes the 24/7 Title more than his wife.


That’s the summary of the 24/7 Title changes at Raw Reunion.