Poll Results: Who Will Leave Royal Rumble As WWE Champion?

In our TJRWrestling Royal Rumble preview we posted a poll after our predictions for the main event asking you who will win the Royal Rumble match and leave Orlando as the WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

After more than 1,600 votes here are the results.

Triple H – 30.89%
Roman Reigns – 16.98%
Brock Lesnar – 16.2%
Bray Wyatt – 11.92%
AJ Styles – 9.75%

After that, the votes are scattered among seven other choices and then “Somebody not listed here” has about 5% of the vote too. You can see for yourself here.

The voting is open until the show starts at 8pmET. I limited it to one vote per user, but I wanted to get up a post before the show.

Do those results surprise me? A bit yes. I’m picking Roman and I thought that more people would pick him too. I get why they aren’t picking him because it’s too predicable and if WWE wants to set up Roman vs. Triple H at WrestleMania then having Hunter win the WWE Title at the Rumble is a way to get there. My feeling is that it would damage Reigns too much to have him get screwed out of the title again. It just feels like a repeat of Survivor Series.

I’m not surprised with Lesnar as the third best option because it would make sense to put the title on him in a match like this.

Bray Wyatt may not have got that many votes two weeks, but after ending both Raw and Smackdown looking dominant with the Wyatt Family by his said, it likely swayed some voters.

Then there’s the AJ Styles factor. He’s likely debuting at the Royal Rumble tonight. It would make him look like a star right away to have him win the WWE Title in his first match as a WWE full timer. I’d love to see it.

The Rock even got about 3% of the vote. He’s not expected to be there, but he was there last year, so you never really know.

As I said, voting is still open, so vote if you haven’t done so yet. When I write my review later tonight I’ll mention the updated voting in there as well.