News: CM Punk and Colt Cabana win lawsuit filed by WWE’s Dr. Chris Amann (Punk and Cabana Comment)

CM Punk, the former WWE Champion, joined his good friend Colt Cabana on his “Art of Wrestling” podcast in November 2014. It was a huge show because it was the first time Punk went really in depth about why he left World Wrestling Entertainment in January 2014. One of the things that Punk talked about was that he was injured a lot and he didn’t feel like he was treated the right way by WWE’s doctors and in particular mentioned WWE’s Dr. Chris Amann.

Punk’s comments upset Amann, who sued Punk (and Cabana) for defamation because Amann claimed that Punk’s comments hurt Amann’s reputation as a doctor. It’s easy to see why Amann may have felt that way because if you’re a doctor and a public figure rips on you then that’s going to hurt your credibility. Did it really need to lead to a lawsuit? I’m not sure about that.

Anyway, Amann was seeking over $4 million in a defamation lawsuit. There was a trial over the last two weeks and a jury found that Punk and Cabana should not be charged for what they said on the podcast. Punk and Cabana won. Credit to Nick Hausman of Wrestlezone for the great coverage of the trial.

Here’s what Punk said to Wrestlezone’s Nick Hausman, who recorded a short interview with Punk:

“A gigantic weight has been lifted off my shoulder. First and foremost, I’m happy for my friend Colt Cabana, who I think was dragged into this for silly reasons. But, just in general, I’m super appreciative and happy that the jury came to that verdict. I think I had truth on my side — obviously I did — and common sense prevailed. And I’m just happy. So I appreciate everybody who I guess was in my corner and knew, and continues to know, the truth. I can’t wait to put it all behind me. I wanted out years ago and I still feel the same way. I just want to move on with my life.”

Later in the interview, Hausman asked Punk if he would be appearing at the “All In” event run by Cody Rhodes and The Young Bucks in Chicago in early September. Punk quickly said no.

Punk fights at UFC 225 against Mike Jackson on Saturday night in his hometown of Chicago. Punk is 0-1 in his UFC career so far.

Analysis: I’m happy Punk and Cabana won. I thought the whole lawsuit was ridiculous in the first place. Good luck to Punk in his fight on Saturday. I wish he was still in wrestling because he was so great at it, but I’m just glad this ordeal is past him and he can do whatever he wants with his life to make him happy. As for Dr. Amann, he should learn to take a bit of criticism. You’ll be okay, doc.