Why Mickie James Should Be Involved in the WWE Raw Women’s Title Picture – by Mike Sanchez

This past week gave us some good wrestling overall. The No Mercy PPV was better than I expected with some great matches, yet only one title change in the form of the 205 belt being captured by Enzo Amore – “how you doin’”. It was a segment the following night on Raw that I enjoyed most however, when the self-proclaimed ‘Goddess’ of women’s wrestling, Alexa Bliss, was cut short in her promo by one Mickie James. Besides Mickie looking incredible, as usual, I was so pleased to see her finally being involved in the title picture. Her promo was great, cutting down Bliss’ attitude and arrogance and really putting her in her place. The swift “Mick Kick” to the head also helped too.

I can’t believe it’s taken WWE so long to finally start involving Mickie not only in the Women’s Title picture, but also have her appear in a prominent role on the flagship show. When Mickie was part of Smackdown Live, I thought it was a great spot for her. She was surrounded by the new breed of women’s wrestling; Becky Lynch, Naomi, Alexa Bliss etc. so naturally being the more experienced wrestler in the locker room, her advice to the younger generation would’ve been invaluable, plus she’s a big name to help get talent over. Mickie appeared quite regularly and though not majorly involved in any title feud, she was an important part of the team.

Her surprising switch to Raw initially made me think that she’d carry on just as she was doing on the blue brand, building up the women’s roster, but on a different show. It’s been very frustrating as a Mickie fan to watch a three hour show every week and not see her on TV. Mickie is a stellar talent and a legend in recent times. She’s been involved in every era in WWE in recent years and has flourished in every one. From being the crazy stalker in her early days to a powerhouse, force to be reckoned with who fully deserves to be ranked alongside the Trish Stratus’ of this world in her importance not just to women’s wrestling, but to WWE as a whole. Her stint in TNA also solidified that she’s not just a one trick pony, but can show her talent across different brands. Her return to WWE should’ve been seen as a massive coup by the company.

What to do now that Mickie is looking to be involved in the title picture? It goes without saying that not only does she deserve to be there, but she’s more than capable of holding the belt and defending it for a good length of time. I’ve been a big fan of the changes to the Women’s Division in recent years. I love that the focus has shifted from glamour models to athletes with incredible ability. However in recent months the division has become a little stale and some stars have stalled or not reached the heights they can. Bayley has gone from a firm fan favorite and gritty underdog to a bit-part player. Sasha Banks is similar, but I feel does her best work as a heel. Since Charlotte switched to Smackdown, Raw has been missing a really good heel in the Women’s Division. Don’t get me wrong, Alexa Bliss is a great talker and terrific talent, but I don’t like the cowardly, chicken s**t heels in wrestling. I prefer the cocky, brash heel or star that is good, popular with the fans and they know it. They fear nobody and will prove it any night of the week.

That’s the gap in the division that I believe Mickie could excel in. Her proven pedigree (I really don’t want to label her as a ‘veteran’ because it sounds old), experience and ability should have her permanently in the title picture. She should be schooling the younger women and winning matches with rarely-seen moves, using cunning and guile to outwit them at every turn. When the bell rings to signal her victories, I imagine her to be smiling and tapping her head as if to say “I’m too smart for you, kid. Better luck next time”. That isn’t a slight on the other women in WWE at all, but I think that while it’s great there’s a plethora of young, hungry women in WWE, the more experienced talent shouldn’t be pushed aside or ignored. It actually gives a good foundation to build feuds on; the younger blood trying to usurp the established stars. As I’ve said before, one will only get better by surrounding themselves with people who will improve them. Mickie is a legend in the world of women’s wrestling and her involvement with the other women on the roster will only increase the talent and ability already there.

Young talent and up and coming stars are all well and good, but sometimes it needs an experienced, established star to put over feuds and belts. Look at some of the current title holders in WWE: Brock Lesnar, AJ Styles, Natalya and Miz – all seasoned performers who elevate the titles they hold. Sometimes the chase of the title is the best part of a feud, so having Mickie as a dominant Raw Women’s Champion makes sense. She could take on all comers, hold the belt for months on end and culminate in an epic showdown with one of the newer generation in a big match on a PPV. Mickie James vs Asuka at Wrestlemania, anyone? I sincerely hope Monday’s promo wasn’t a one-off and WWE continue with Mickie going after Bliss week after week. Mickie could be the shot in the arm that the Women’s Division needs right now and as a fan of hers for many years (I was lucky enough to meet her last year, and she was such a nice person), I hope she gets the opportunity to shine once more and capture yet another Women’s Title to add to her impressive collection.

What do you think? Is Mickie what the Raw Women’s Division needs right now? Should she go on a lengthy reign with the belt? What’s been your favorite memory of her career thus far? I’d love to hear your thoughts. As always, thanks for reading.