Lucha Underground Ultima Lucha Dos Preview and Predictions: By Kurt Zamora

The Day of Reckoning has come again for the company from Boyle Heights, California. Starting this Wednesday and going on for three episodes, the third one will be two hours long, it will be Lucha Underground’s Ultima Lucha Dos. With a lot to live up to from last season’s debut Ultima Lucha, which featured an insane Pentagon Jr. vs. Vampiro match and Mil Muertes finally dethroning Prince Puma for the Lucha Undergroung title, the sequel this season has added an extra week and a lot of storylines finally coming to a finale. For those of you that don’t watch, you really should be. It’s the best hour of wrestling on TV in my opinion, even more so than NXT which I get the pleasure of writing about here on TJR. So that’s not easy for me to say, but it’s the truth. If you don’t get El Rey, take it from someone that doesn’t either but doesn’t miss an episode, DailyMotion is your best friend.

Season two, to me, has answered the challenge that season one set. It wasn’t nearly as long, so the season seemed to fly by far faster than the original. There were less “throwaway” shows, where nothing developed. It seemed every episode had something new to follow. This season’s Ultima Lucha has eight big matches signed, each meaning something important. I’m going to break down all the matches by letting you know how we got to this point and then give my predictions for each match. I’ll go ahead and say this, yes I know these were taped months ago, but I avoid spoilers like the plague for this show so these are genuine predictions as I know nothing that is taking place.

“4 A Unite Opportunity” – Cage vs. Texano vs. The Mack vs. Son of Havoc

The match that will kick off Ultima Lucha this Wednesday is the match that has the least story behind it. This was just created by Dario Cueto on the last episode of Lucha Underground. Dario announced this is the most unique opportunity he’s ever handed out. Granted that one of his unique opportunities spawned the Gift of the Gods title, but his most recent one ended up getting Drago banished from The Temple after losing a title match. So there is high risk with the reward he sets out. Cage for most of the season was in a storyline with Johnny Mundo that culminated in a cage match back in April that he won. That led to a brief storyline with Chavo Guerrero, where Cage ultimately captured the GOTG Title and challenged The Monster Mantanza Cueto. He would lose that battle and now ended up in this match. Texano and The Mack did not do much all season, the only thing of note was The Mack being an ally to Sexy Star in her rivalry with Mariposa and Marty The Moth. Son of Havoc was Trios Champion with Angelico and Ivelisse, but Angelico came down with a mystery injury and he and Ivelisse lost the titles. Since then, he hasn’t done much. Based on everything I just broke down for you, I would think that this match comes down to Cage and Son of Havoc, as they’re the ones that have the most invested in them. Between the two, I think Cage has the most to stand by winning, so I will pick him, but trust me when I say this is a complete toss up.

Prediction: Cage

“The Perfect Woman” Taya vs. “The Baddest Bitch” Ivelisse

This is another match that was put together this past week, but these two women have had their paths cross quite a bit this season. The major turning point was when Taya ended up eliminating Ivelisse in the “Six to Survive” match last month that cost Ivelisse a shot at the Lucha Underground title. Taya has been a thorn in Ivelisse’s side for a very long time. Dario Cueto said when he made this match that he needed to know who the most dominant woman is in Lucha Underground. Ivelisse is probably the most underrated talent in Lucha Underground, although partly her own doing due to untimely injuries. However, when she says she’s the baddest bitch, you believe her. She’s got great charisma in her role and she can go in the ring. This match is another toss up to me, but while Ivelisse’s role in Lucha Underground is pretty established and I don’t think a loss here would hurt her that much, a win for Taya will really boost her stock. She’s been Johnny Mundo’s arm candy since debuting early in the season, but she’s proven multiple times she is not afraid to mix it up. She took some hellacious bumps from Cage during the aforementioned rivalry with Mundo. So for that, I’m going to pick Taya to win this one.

Prediction: Taya

Black Lotus vs. El Dragon Azteca Jr.

I could dedicate an entire column on this match as this is the only storyline that bleeds over in season one. This will be a year in the making for Black Lotus’ in-ring debut. It started when Black Lotus (formerly known as Savannah in WWE) was imprisoned by Dario Cueto for trying to kill his brother Matanza because she felt that Matanza killed her parents. Dario was able to convince her that El Dragon Azteca Jr. is actually the one that killed her parents and he framed Matanza. During Ultima Lucha, Black Lotus delivered a crushing blow to the spine of El Dragon Azteca Jr, and formed an alliance with Dario. During this season, Black Lotus has been a bodyguard of sorts to Dario, always by his side, while Azteca Jr has been on the hunt for her and Matanza. I’ve liked Azteca’s role this season, borderlining on that hot head rookie that needs to keep being pulled back for his own good by Rey Mysterio Jr, who has been a mentor to him this season. I have a feeling this match will have more story than actual wrestling to it, but it will be interesting to see Black Lotus in the ring for the first time and in an intergender match no less. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a no contest of some sorts as really the conclusion of this match should ultimately let us know who actually murdered Black Lotus’ parents. I wouldn’t be surprised if something totally off the wall happens and Azteca ends up being alligned with Dario all along. So I’ll predict that as an official winner, but again, I wouldn’t be surprised to see no result at all.

Prediction: El Dragon Azteca Jr.

Gift of The Gods Elimination Match: Sexy Star vs. Daga vs. Sinestro De La Muerte vs. Marty The Moth vs. Mariposa vs. Killshot vs. Mystery Opponent invited by Dario Cueto

The Gift of The Gods Title is Lucha Underground’s version of Money in the Bank, except better. You have to give the champion a week’s notice before cashing in, and if you decide to hold onto it for an extended period of time, you will be forced to defend the GOTG Title and perhaps lose it before cashing in. Although Sexy Star and Mariposa along with Marty The Moth have had issues throughout season two, this match was not built around them. Sexy Star and Mariposa had an out of nowhere amazing “No Mas” match (I Quit Match) back in early May that pretty much ended the storyline. Marty The Moth is the absolute worst character in Lucha Underground. I can’t sugarcoat it. He’s creepy, but not in an interesting way. Daga is a very bland member of the roster who is having a quasi-relationship angle with Kobra Moon. Maybe she helps him win this match, but I doubt it as it’s a very bottom of the barrel storyline. Really I think there are only two viable contenders in this match, this is actually the worst crop ever going for the GOTG Title, and that’s Killshot and the mystery man that has been hand selected by Dario Cueto. Since he’s a mystery and Dario has a hand in it, I’ll pick him.

Prediction: Mystery opponent

Death Match: King Cuerno vs. Mil Muertes (w/Catrina)

This has actually been to me the most fascinating storyline this season besides the one for the Lucha Underground title. Either man has a case to be the heel and face in this. The fans have to decide what side to choose. This started from the very beginning of Season two as Cuerno won the GOTG Title from Fenix. Catrina wanted the belt off Fenix at all costs so that no one would challenge Mil Muertes for his Lucha Underground title. That was not to be though as Cuerno made it clear that he would agree to no such treaty. However, Cuerno was not able to cash in as Fenix recaptured the title in a Ladder Match. The storyline then went on the backburner for awhile until Mil Muertes lost a casket match, also known as Grave Consequences, to Mantanza Cueto. At the end of that match it was revealed to be Cuerno who was taking the body of Mil Muertes out of The Temple. Cuerno then displayed Muertes’ dead body as his prized possession inside his house with fellow kills all on display. Muertes being the man of a million deaths though, came back to life and had only one thing on his mind, vengeance against Cuerno. He cost Cuerno in the “Six to Survive” match, which Cuerno then got his revenge last week when he scored a cheap win against Muertes. The rules of this Death Match have not been disclosed, but since this is Lucha Underground, it could mean anything. Regardless, I expect a balls to the wall, crazy match with a lot of high spots. Cuerno is one of the best all around characters in Lucha Underground, while Muertes is perfect in his role. Since Cuerno got the win last week that made Catrina go to Dario and get this match match, I would think Muertes will get the win here.

Prediction: Mil Muertes

Prince Puma vs. Rey Mysterio Jr.

This is a dream match for Lucha Underground and I honestly have a sneaking suspicion that this will close out Ultima Lucha. Mysterio and Puma were partners for the majority of the season as they were Trios Champions with El Dragon Azteca Jr. Prince Puma’s emotions got the best of him though and after they were defeated by the now champions of Johnny Mundo, Jack Evans, & PJ Black, Prince Puma cost his team the rematch as he was caught giving Mundo a low blow right in front of the ref. Puma had valid reasons for his outburst, but the damage was already done. Puma then challenged Mysterio for a match at Ultima Lucha, basically wanting to know that he is better than the best that’s ever done it in Lucha. Mysterio accepted and we have this match. Puma has developed a bit of an edge since losing the Trios Titles, which has been a nice departure for him since he was portrayed as the ultimate babyface in season one. Mysterio is obviously older and broken down, but in the words of a song I know, he may not be as good as he once was but he’s as good once as he ever was. I think he will stay step for step for Puma and this match will be fantastic. Obviously Mysterio winning this match does nothing for him, but the future and top guy that Lucha Underground has built around, stands to gain a lot by winning.

Prediction: Prince Puma

Trios Championship Match: Drago/Fenix/Aerostar vs. PJ Black/Johnny Mundo/Jack Evans (c)

This match is built around Fenix’s issues with the champions. When there was a Trios Tournament earlier in the season, Fenix was paired up with Evans and Black. While in the locker rooms, Johnny Mundo came out of nowhere and laid out Fenix and took his spot. Clearly it worked out for Mundo as they became champions and now Fenix is bringing his friends for revenge. Drago and Aerostar haven’t been used much this season although in a little connection to this match, he did have a slight nunchuck battle with Black that lasted a couple weeks. The champs have been a pleasant surprise since getting together and really complement each other well. Black has really made a nice transformation since his days as Justin Gabriel and has gotten to show some actual charisma. The “Superfriends” as Fenix’s team is being labeled are always fantastic and I expect one of them to pull out something crazy in this match. I think based on how we came to this match, it only makes sense for Fenix to get his revenge.

Prediction: New Trios Champions, Drago/Fenix/Aerostar

Lucha Underground Title Match: Pentagon Jr. vs. “The Monster” Matanza Cueto (c)

I’ve done 2100 words thus far in this preview and I could do 2100 more just on this match alone. I’ll try to control myself. Pentagon Jr. is currently my favorite wrestler PERIOD. Any brand, doesn’t matter. Everything he does is gold. Luckily I’ve been able to see him live three times in 2016 and judging by the rockstar reception he’s gotten at each of those shows, I know I’m not the only one that feels that way. Everything he does on Lucha Underground is gold. Plus, the chemistry he has with Vampiro in their master/student storyline is undeniable. I have some minor complaints about Matanza since his big reveal earlier this season (such as how a “killer” like him that’s been imprisoned for years knows how to do a standing shooting star press somehow), but nothing that’s taken away from the total package that he brings. His presentation has been fantastic. He has run through everyone in the company thus far, including Pentagon, where he broke Pentagon’s back. The storyline since then has been Vampiro whipping Pentagon back into shape and rehabilitating him to get ready for another shot at The Monster. Pentagon returned to win the Six to Survive match, last eliminating Fenix in an amazing match. Pentagon has vowed to break every bone in Matanza’s body and then every bone in Dario’s body for good measure. Although the relationship with Vampiro has not made an appearance at The Temple yet, all vignettes have been filmed in other locations and Vampiro while he does commentary denies any partnership, I feel that he’s going to have a big hand in this match. Although the easy choice would be to pick Matanza to retain since they’ve done such a good job protecting him, Pentagon is believable enough to anyone that follows the show as the person that can tame The Monster. I expect an all out war with a lot of crazy bumps, probably mainly taken by Pentagon, but in the end with his master by his side, we will have a new Lucha Underground Champion. The era of CERO MIEDO will begin!

Prediction: New Lucha Underground Champion, Pentagon Jr.

K-Tank’s Final Take: Although this is a bigger presentation of Ultima Lucha, I dont know if pound for pound it’s as strong as the original was on paper. The original exceeded expectations, so it’ll be really important for this show to do the same to have as positive a reaction as the original did. I think everyone on this show will step up though and want to be the show stealer, all playing a game of “follow that!” If you’ve never watched Lucha Underground before, find a feed of the shows and check these out. You’ll be able to jump in and learn about the storylines but still appreciate the matches for what they are. Thanks for reading and enjoy Ultima Lucha Dos!