Jon Moxley Comments on Frustrations with Promos in WWE, Why Vince McMahon is the “Problem” with WWE Creative, More

The Jon Moxley interview with Chris Jericho’s “Talk is Jericho” podcast got a lot of attention earlier this week. I wrote a recap of it here in case you missed it. The main subject was Moxley’s frustrations in WWE that led to him choosing not to re-sign there and then he debuted at All Elite Wrestling’s debut show “Double or Nothing” last Saturday. Jericho noted that it was a very successful podcast that was first on the Sports chart and it did so well that it was #3 overall out of all the podcasts in the world. Clearly, wrestling fans were interested in what Moxley (former Dean Ambrose in WWE) had to say.

Late on Friday night, another long interview with Jon Moxley was posted by Wade Keller of Pro Wrestling Torch. It’s two parts long (he’s posting part two on Sunday or Saturday for PWTorch VIP members) and Wade claims it’s more of a follow up to the Jericho podcast rather than a repeat of similar questions. He mentioned talking about stuff like the bad Ambrose match with Lesnar at WrestleMania 32, the awkward Ambrose podcast with Steve Austin and more.

It’s worth noting that Keller was the one that broke the story of Ambrose leaving WWE back in January, so perhaps they know eachother. I don’t know that for sure, but when you consider this interview is over two hours in two parts then they likely did have some communication in the past.

Here are some of the excerpts from Moxley’s interview with Keller courtesy of some tweets from Keller late last night.

Moxley on how he felt after doing the Jericho podcast:

“Very cathartic. I’d basically been doing that podcast in my head for months while I was driving up and down the roads, especially in the later part of my WWE run, I was driving alone a lot because Roman was out. I’d be doing it in my head because I always knew I was going to go to Jericho with that and get all my baggage out of the way and get out my side of the story. Some days it would be a lot more venomous.”

Moxley on why he’s speaking out about WWE now:

“I basically wanted to not just bitch and make myself look good, but somebody really has to shine a spotlight on exactly what goes on backstage there.”

Moxley on the format of WWE promos and why he doesn’t like dealing with writers:

“If you need a writer to write a promo for you, you f—ing suck at your job and you shouldn’t be in WWE. There’s talent out there that is good at it that could get over on their own merits that should be here and not you. I felt my best weapon in my arsenal was that I could talk. When I get to WWE, that’s immediately taken out of your arsenal…it marginalizes everybody. Now the promos, this guy says this, this guy says this, this guys says this – the stupid thing where we’re standing face to face in the ring tradings insults but nobody is hitting each other. I hate that.”

Moxley on Vince McMahon being the problem with WWE’s creative process:

“Vince himself is the problem. It’s a shame. I’m not trying to tear them down by saying this, I’m trying to help. I’m telling you that’s the problem. I was just there. It’s a shame because there’s no much great talent. Over these last months, I didn’t see a lot of genius in Vince McMahon. In 2019 I don’t think he knows what the f— is going on. So he needs to figure it out or step aside and let somebody who knows what is going on do it.”

Moxley on why it was hard to speak up in WWE because of how they viewed him:

“I couldn’t help when I was on the inside because they all think I was some kind of idiot or something, but I can help from the outside. But I saved all my money, so who’s the idiot now?”

Moxley on how he feels now that he is part of the AEW roster:

“I’m not an elf, I’m a f—ing dentist… Now I can just have fun putting together awesome wrestling stuff and AEW is the perfect place to do that.”

Moxley on getting told by Michael Hayes to say goodbye to the Raw after Mania crowd:

“The way I felt is that I’m not saying goodbye to them, I’m saying goodbye to you (WWE). This is the night after Mania crowd, half of them (if not more) are probably going to be at Double or Nothing.”

Some of the other things Moxley talked about:

– Moxley spoke about how much he liked doing promos in AEW. He spoke about how he did three quick promos in AEW after Double or Nothing that would have taken hours if he was in WWE because of how they overproduce things.

– Moxley made a point that Dusty Rhodes and Roddy Piper wouldn’t have gotten the chance to sound better on the mic than Baron Corbin because everything is scripted so much now. Moxley noted that if Steve Austin was in his prime in WWE today then there wouldn’t be an “Austin 3:16” type promo.

– Moxley believes that wrestlers in WWE aren’t afraid of losing their jobs because they know they have job security. He added that writers and producers fear for their jobs, so there’s a “weird dynamic” between them.

– Moxley talked about when The Shield debuted and some of the promos they had to do where they would say stuff without really understanding what the point was.

– Moxley made it clear that he has a lot of respect for Vince McMahon and what he has built in WWE, but he was also very critical of Vince as well.

– Moxley had a lot of praise for Triple H saying he thinks he would be a much better option in running WWE right now between Hunter and Vince.

– Moxley complained about WWE repeating matches too often and not letting guys have matches. He specifically mentioned guys like Tyler Breeze, Apollo Crews, Chad Gable and others not being used at all. He said by the time you get to Monday’s Raw, you get booked in some 20-minute match that you already did the week earlier.

– Moxley remembered when Roman Reigns didn’t want to say the “suffering succotash” line and he asked Jon how to say it in a cool way. Moxley claimed Reigns didn’t want to say it. Moxley said Reigns is a great guy that everybody gravitates to in the locker room because he’s such a good dude. He spoke about how close they were and Roman was his best friend while noting that the pushes they got on the shows would never come between them.

You can listen to part one of Moxley’s interview with Keller below. It starts at 11:30 and runs for over an hour. As I said earlier, there will be a part two released on Saturday for PWTorch VIP subscribers and that will be released on Sunday on PWTorch as well.

TJR Thoughts: It’s another good interview with Moxley that I think is worth listening to. I’m not an anti-WWE guy or somebody that says ridiculous things like the company is going to die, but clearly, they have had creative issues especially on Raw. Since Moxley was a big part of WWE’s system for over six years, he obviously has a great perspective on what goes on behind the scenes in WWE. We can all read reports and rumors from different websites, but it’s not as good as directly hearing it from a wrestler. I don’t think Moxley comes across as a bitter guy. He’s just being honest in his frustrations and as he said, he wants things to get better there.