John Cena Hosting American Grit Season 2; Likely To Miss WWE Time Again

It was announced on Friday that WWE Superstar John Cena will be hosting the second season of American Grit on Fox. Cena was the host of the first season that aired earlier this year. The show did poor in the ratings with around 2 million viewers per episode, which is bad for network television. WWE didn’t promote it at all because they’re on USA Network television that is part of NBC Universal and American Grit also aired on Thursdays opposite Smackdown. Now that Smackdown has moved to Tuesdays, maybe WWE will mention it a bit as a favor to Cena.

Where it relates to WWE is that Cena is expected to miss several months of action on Smackdown because it takes a few months to film the reality competition show. Cena missed about two months of TV time last year (from late October to late December) to film the first season of American Grit. A couple of weeks later, he hurt his shoulder and missed nearly five months with shoulder surgery.

Cena tweeted his excitement about the second season of American Grit on Friday as well.

Here’s a WWE interview with Cena that was posted today.

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer noted that even with the show’s low viewership numbers, “Cena Cena got high marks on the show and right now people want to attach themselves to him as a star because of the feeling in Hollywood he’s the guy following in the success of Dwayne Johnson.”

Cena recently hosted the ESPY Awards and this Sunday is hosting the Teen Choice Awards on Fox as well. He’ll be back in a WWE ring this Tuesday on Smackdown.

There’s no word on when the taping will start for American Grit Season 2, but it will probably be after SummerSlam because they are still in casting mode at this point. We will have more news about it as the specifics of his taping schedule are revealed.