Goldberg vs Brock Lesnar: What’s next? by Mike Sanchez

As I loaded up the WWE Network on Monday after work, I settled down to catch the rest of Survivor Series. I’d caught the first two matches the night before, but I had to be up early for work, so decided to leave it until the following day.

After avoiding Twitter for spoilers, I continued to watch the PPV. I skipped some of the build ups to the matches and for the most part, enjoyed what I saw. After the Team Raw vs Team Smackdown match, I paused the show to see there was a little more than ten minutes left. Surely not? I thought. Don’t tell me I’ve skipped the Goldberg/Lesnar match? I rewound a few times and couldn’t find it.

I suppose I had fair warning that the main event was going to be short, something those attending the PPV or watching live didn’t have.

I’d drank the Heyman Kool-Aid and was excited for it, much like I have been for big boxing title matches, and much like those said hotly anticipated boxing bouts, this one was over in a matter of seconds. Sat dumbstruck and with my daughter asking ‘is that it?’ I kind of marked out a little with surprise. All I could muster was ‘wow’.

The next day I saw and read that Goldberg would be gracing us with his destructive presence a couple more times in the next few months. I’m happy with that, but come on, that isn’t the end of the feud is it? Instead of who’s next, it’s now; what’s next?

Let’s start with Goldberg; he’s now 2-0 against Brock. I can’t see three rematches in the next few months to give Brock the three wins to end the feud. So surely their next altercation will be in the Rumble. As much as Goldberg might have another title run left in him, it isn’t going to happen. WWE has (hopefully) learnt their lesson from having part-time champs on their weekly shows, or not on their shows as the case may be (Rock, Lesnar etc.).

It looks like one will eliminate the other in the Rumble, only to be either dragged out or illegally tossed over the rope to cost them the win. Then the script writes itself that on Wrestlemania they’ll face off and yadda yadda yadda.

One surprising thing I thought was WWE has traditionally been harder on non-WWE based talent, tending to prefer their own guys. Having Brock (a WWE guy, not counting the UFC), losing to a former WCW guy caught me off guard. Still, perhaps the old booking is changing – a look at the Phenomenal AJ Styles only confirms that.

Onto Brock and what next for him? Has this loss hurt him? At the moment, yes. This is the legit bad ass, a proven, dedicated, real fighter. To use an English term; he was done up like a kipper.

However back to my boxing reference and even the toughest boxers of all time lost or took a big hit once in a while and most came back hungrier, stronger and more dangerous than before. Could this demoralising loss only fuel that best incarnate? Light a fire under him that sees him lay a destructive path on TV for the next few weeks until he gets what he wants – a rematch.

I can see Heyman going into full on rage mode with this, citing excuse after excuse to protect Brock. A fluke, a chance occurrence, a cheap shot, anything to goad Goldberg into going again. I don’t see Goldberg rising to the bait however. From a storyline perspective, what does he have to prove? He’s already beaten him twice, so why do it again?

I hope Brock quickly recovers from this loss in WWE, but just because he ate two spears and a Jacknife, doesn’t mean he’s any less dangerous, although perhaps he’ll now be perceived a little more vulnerable than before.

The Survivor Series match had my attention. It was built very well and made me want to see it. Whether that was my nostalgia or the Heyman factor remains to be seen. I do want to know where it goes from here. Do we see them go one on one again, or does Lesnar have to goad Goldberg into the fight? The provocation ammunition is there, with the references to Goldberg’s family, so maybe Heyman turns it up a notch or two? Whatever direction they go in, I’ll want to see it. I believe we witnessed another Survivor Series moment last week, and something that will keep us intrigued for the next few months. I want to see what’s next.

What do you think? Did you call how the match was going to go? Can you see them having another one on one anytime soon? Will they cost each other the Royal Rumble win? I’d love to hear your thoughts. As always, thanks for reading.