Full List of WWE’s “50 Greatest Women Superstars” Countdown on WWE Network (Plus TJR Thoughts)

Earlier in the week, I did a post on this countdown and now we have the full list of 50 to look at. This month is Women’s History Month, so WWE Network has been doing a countdown of the 50 Greatest Women Superstars in WWE history.

The ranking is a list of women from the Modern Era, which means from 1993 until the present day. The reason they went from 1993 is because that’s when the Women’s Title came back after it was ignored for about five years. The list is based on in-ring accomplishments, championship victories and creating legendary moments. They will also take into consideration those who made their mark outside the ring as well.

The series had five episodes hosted by WWE’s Sarah Schreiber where they counted down from 50 to 35, 34 to 21, 20 to 11, 10 to 6 and then 5 to 1 in the final countdown.

Here’s the order that WWE came up with.

50. Toni Storm

49. Kaitlyn

48. Kay Lee Ray

47. Sonya Deville

46. Shotzi Blackheart

45. Kelly Kelly

44. Candace LeRae

43. Nikki Cross

42. Layla

41. Ember Moon

40. Eve Torres

39. Lacey Evans

38. Jazz

37. Maryse

36. Nia Jax

35. Bianca Belair

34. Carmella

33. Gail Kim

32. Jacqueline

31. Kairi Sane

30. Naomi

29. Bull Nakano

28. Ivory

27. Melina

26. The Bella Twins

25. Io Shirai

24. Luna Vachon

23. Stephanie McMahon

22. Michelle McCool

21. Rhea Ripley

20. Natalya

19. AJ Lee

18. Shayna Baszler

17. Paige

16. Sable

15. Molly Holly

14. Victoria

13. Alexa Bliss

12. Mickie James

11. Beth Phoenix

10. Bayley

9. Ronda Rousey

8. Lita

7. Alundra Blayze

6. Sasha Banks

5. Asuka

4. Chyna

3. Becky Lynch

2. Charlotte Flair

1. Trish Stratus


TJR Thoughts on The Top 10

I already had some thoughts on Wednesday for numbers 50 to 11, so now for some opinions on the top ten.

* I can understand why Ronda Rousey made the top ten because her one year was impactful and she main evented WrestleMania 35 along with the only women’s only PPV Evolution 2018. However, I think she should be 10 or even in the 11 to 15 range. I just don’t think you can put somebody that high when they don’t have more televised matches compared to the others on here. So I’d have Rousey at 10.

* Alundra Blayze would be at 9. She really was ahead of her time and if she was 20 years younger then I have no doubt she would be able to hang with the current women’s division while also standing out more than most of them.

* I would probably put Bayley at 8, Lita at 7 and Sasha Banks at 6. I’m sure most of the women on here would understand why they are ranked where they are, but I also feel like Sasha Banks is probably angry that she isn’t higher on the list. I’d consider putting Banks ahead of Chyna and Asuka into the fourth spot although I think 6 is fair. Bayley and Banks have a lot more great matches (especially against eachother) compared to Lita, but Lita was also a big star in an era when a lot more people were watching.

* Asuka has had an incredible run in WWE with a dominant run in NXT that produced a lot of good matches, she won the first Women’s Royal Rumble and has won every title on the “main roster” too. I think 5 is fair. Maybe 4 would be even better.

* Chyna is a one-of-a-kind performer that is definitely worthy of high placement. I would probably put her around 6 or 7 due to a reluctance to really work with other women’s wrestlers. Part of it was because WWE doesn’t push the women’s division. I’ve listened to Jim Ross’s podcast a lot and he talked about how difficult Chyna was. Yes, Chyna won the Intercontinental Title and is the only woman to do that, but it’s not like any of those matches or title runs were memorable at all. Also, Chyna wasn’t a very good talker like Banks or Lynch, so that hurts.

* Becky Lynch at #3 is fair. I think if she didn’t get pregnant last year and missed the last year of action then she might be even higher. After all, she headlined WrestleMania 35 and then spent the next year as a dominant champion, but there was a lot more she could have done. Obviously being a mom means a lot to her and I’m certainly not criticizing that decision. I’m just saying that absence could be why she remains behind Charlotte and Trish.

* The top two are pretty close, so I don’t really have an issue with either woman in that spot. Charlotte has been pushed the most with 10 Women’s Titles (12 if you count the two in NXT) compared to 7 Women’s Titles for Trish. I think if you compared match quality, Charlotte has more matches that I’d rate over ***+ (very good) or ****+ (excellent) than any woman in WWE history. With that said, it is not really Trish’s fault that WWE was reluctant to book women in longer matches until the 2014-15 days when NXT really led to the Women’s Evolution through the last decade. I think from a performance standpoint, Trish was a better talker overall and in terms of effectiveness as a face or heel, I think Trish was amazing. I think Charlotte is one of the best heel women wrestlers for sure, but as a face, I think she has a tough time being that character and she probably hates doing it too. It shows in her performances. With all of that said, I really have no problem with Trish Stratus in the #1 spot. Along with Mickie James, Natalya and I’d probably throw Becky Lynch in that group, she is one of my favorite women’s wrestlers ever. I’m happy for her.

In closing, I think it’s very difficult to put together a list like this. I don’t know who came up with it or how many people decided on the order. I think overall they did a nice job. Will everybody be happy about the ranking? Of course not, but if you have fun with it and really think about it, I think it can lead to interesting discussions.