Five Possible First Time WWE World Champions

In honor of Big E’s successful Money in the Bank cash-in to capture the WWE Championship on Raw, I decided to take a look and see who could become a first time men’s division world champion. Last year, I did a women’s division column but never followed up with a men’s division list. For this list, I picked two superstars from both Raw and Smackdown and one from NXT that would have the potential if given a main roster call up. Here we go, in no particular order.


Karrion Kross

Kross has the credentials as former two time NXT champion already, but I think there will be main roster success in his future. Kross’s main event run started off a little shaky, but I’m sure things will settle down for him once Scarlett is cleared to join him at ringside. The Kross gimmick fits him and can propel him to multiple world championships.


Damian Priest

I originally had Keith Lee written here, but I think Priest is the more immediate project. Once Lee gets his health all sorted out and can go like he did in NXT, there’s no doubt he’ll line himself up for a world title. Priest just won the United States Championship and has some quality wins over big name veterans. Priest could be that next big Latino star that WWE has been searching for. He has a good following and has all of the tools necessary to succeed. I’m hoping that the WWE puts an honest attempt at backing him with a meaningful push.



The Swiss Superman has all of the tools you could want in a world champion. Why the WWE keeps missing the boat with him, I never know. The start stop pushes he’s endured through the years hasn’t hurt him within the crowd’s eyes. The best time to pull the trigger was when he was doing his James Bond like character. Emma was doing a Bond Girl like character and it would have been a perfect match, but alas, here we are. Cesaro is firmly over with the WWE Universe and I believe it is only a matter of time before he lays claim to his first world title.


Jey Uso

Uso certainly stepped up while his brother was out with his Main Event Jey Uso gimmick. He did far better than I would have expected as singles competitor and I would like to see more from Uso. His feud with Roman Reigns really established him as a potential player in the world title picture. Uso is a good example of allowing someone to step up and show you what they’ve got. He has shown that he can be main event material.


LA Knight

There’s just something about the former Eli Drake that makes me feel like he’ll be a main roster champion. He’s got the look and can talk. Knight has been impressive in the ring and worked well in the Million Dollar Man angle in NXT. I could see him getting a test run with the NXT Championship first before getting bumped up to the main roster.


There you have it. Agree? Disagree? Did I miss someone? Hit me up on Facebook or Twitter at @ciscowebwiz76 and let’s talk it over. That’s all I’ve got, until next time.