CM’s Quick Hits On Roman Reigns’ Big Loss And AJ Lee’s Retirement

Hey peeps. This is CM’s Quick Hits. Basically I wrote this because it is a holiday week and I have absolutely NOTHING to do at work. So, lucky you. I’ll try to do more of these as something comes up that I want to talk about. Again, lucky you there are two topics I feel like blabbing about. OK? Let’s go.


Did Roman Reigns get screwed at WrestleMania?

This seems to be the $64,000 question in the fallout of WrestleMania. In case you missed it, last Sunday, Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns beat the snot out of each other for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship and then Seth Rollins became the first man to not only cash in Money in the Bank at WrestleMania but became the first man to cash in during a match that was already going on. By virtue of his cash in, the main event became a Triple Threat Match and Rollins walked away the New WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

Now, you would think a big angle like this would have been planned out for weeks but apparently it wasn’t. Several sources are reporting that Lesnar, Paul Heyman, Reigns and Rollins weren’t given the news of the big swerve until the beginning of the Ronda Rousey/The Rock vs. The Authority segment. Talk about cutting it close. It was also reported that Lesnar was made aware of the plans before he signed his new contract earlier in the week. So, it appears that Lesnar at least had an idea that Rollins was going to walk out of WrestleMania as the Champion.

The issue with this seems to be Roman Reigns for weeks was told he was going to become the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion at WrestleMania and even flew in a bunch of family and friends to witness the moment only to have it taken from him an hour before it was supposed to happen. So, did he get screwed? Short answer: No. I read one column somewhere that likened this to the Montreal Screwjob. The two things are not even in the same universe. Reigns was told of the finish before going out. It’s not like he had no idea what was going to happen like Bret Hart in Montreal nearly twenty years ago. Vince McMahon did not conspire to screw over Reigns. He simply made a decision that he felt was best for his company and then told all the parties involved.

Yea, it sucks when your employer tells you one thing and then does another. I’ve had it happen to me. I’m sure some of you reading this experienced similar things in your place of business. The fact of the matter is that McMahon made a call, in my opinion, the right call to put the title on Seth Rollins. Reigns will have his day in the sun. Hopefully it will be a day when the fans are more accepting of him and his quest to become champion.

Think of it like this, Rollins is more polished as a performer and he’s more respected by the fans which makes him a better choice to be Champion. Not to mention as Champion Rollins can have title feuds with Reigns, Lesnar, Randy Orton, Daniel Bryan or Dean Ambrose. Who is Reigns going to feud with? The Big Show? Kane? PASS!



AJ Lee retires from WWE

After I got out of the gym yesterday, I was scrolling through Twitter and happened upon this piece of news. I wasn’t so surprised that AJ left WWE because I have been expecting it since her husband, CM Punk left WWE in January of 2014 but I was surprised at the timing of it all.

It was just dropped on us in the middle of a Friday, Good Friday might I add where many people probably had off and were doing other things that didn’t involve them being glued to a screen. It was kind of an odd time to announce something like that. Then it seems like she just came back to work one last WrestleMania. This is fine since she was the top Diva in the company for a few years. She deserves that. If you knew going into WrestleMania, then why not retire at WrestleMania? Why work RAW the next night and then have WWE Tweet out your retirement on Friday? I’m not saying there is more to the story, I’m just saying there seems like there is more to the story. I wouldn’t be surprised if more news drops on this in the coming weeks.

It must have been hard for her to work at a place where her husband used to work and then left on very, very bad terms. The contentiousness only grew after Punk left. I wish AJ nothing but the best in the next phase of her life but from a WWE standpoint, she won’t be missed much, if at all. I know my work buddy Ashley is upset over this but I am not. AJ has missed a lot of time in the last year so it’s almost as if WWE has been operating without her since WrestleMania XXX. Ever since AJ stopped being the crazy chick in the Punk/Daniel Bryan/Kane love tringle feud a few years ago, she’s been kind of boring. Blame it on disinterest or bad booking. You decide.

NXT is loaded with talented girls like Charlotte, Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch and Alexa Bliss. With AJ gone one of them can get a shot on the main roster along with Naomi, Natalya, Paige and the Bellas WWE could have a really solid Diva’s Division if they just give them a chance which it seems like they’ve been doing recently.

***Note from Christian: I wrote this Saturday morning and intended for it to be posted Saturday afternoon but since I’m stoopid, I forgot to email this to my home computer. I’m not even sure if any of this is relevant today but I wrote it so I’m posting it. PS: Let’s Go Yankees!!!!***

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