Big E: Where Could WWE’s Mr. Money in the Bank Cash in his Briefcase?

Hello boys and girls! Joel here back with another column and this time focusing on Mr. Money in the Bank and New Day member, Big E. People may look at Big E as a new guy, but he’s actually been around for twelve years, signing a developmental contract in 2009 after injuries derailed his dreams of being a football player. He started in FCW, which became NXT, doing the infamous “5 count” gimmick where he would pin a guy and tell the referee to count to 5, similar to King Kong Bundy back in the day. The Big E you see today is a far cry from the Big E who debuted alongside AJ Lee and Dolph Ziggler to attack John Cena on the December 17th, 2012 episode of Raw. Then known as Big E Langston, Big E was a stoic, emotionless, wrecking machine who was simply there to watch AJ and Dolph’s back while Dolph carried his own Money in the Bank briefcase.

The alliance only lasted six months before splitting up in July of 2013. Langston would then turn face in October of 2013, helping CM Punk fend off Paul Heyman guys Curtis Axel and Ryback, which would ultimately lead to his first Intercontinental Championship. Despite his early success, things just didn’t seem to click for Big E. He was just kind of floating around the main roster until the Summer of 2014 when Big E and Kofi Kingston were approached by Xavier Woods, which was the early genesis of The New Day. They debuted under that gimmick in November of 2014 and after turning heel for a successful run, they eventually turned face around WrestleMania 32 in 2016. They became one of the most popular acts in WWE history, earning them the title “Greatest WWE tag team of all time” which, when you look at their success and longevity, it is hard to argue that point.

Big E was then split from his New Day teammates in the 2020 WWE draft, going to Smackdown while his buddies Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston went to Raw. Big E was immediately given that long-overdue singles push as he was put into a feud with Sheamus. Once that feud concluded, it was off to then Intercontinental Champion Sami Zayn, who he defeated for the Intercontinental Title on the Christmas edition of Smackdown in 2020. Complete with new theme music by Wale, Big E seemed primed to take that next step. He lost the Intercontinental Championship to Apollo Crews at Wrestlemania 37, but that would not be the end of his story. We thought he was going to feud with Aleister Black after Black cost him a four-way Intercontinental Title match, but Black was then immediately released which left people wondering what was next for Big E. It turns out, it could have been a blessing in disguise as Big E was then placed in the Money in the Bank Ladder match along with Riddle, Seth Rollins, Drew Mcintyre, John Morrison, Ricochet, Kevin Owens, and Shinsuke Nakamura. Big E was my pick to win (and the favorite of a lot of WWE fans I’m sure), but I had my doubts at various points. Big E went on to win the match and earn the Money in the Bank contract, becoming the first African American to do so.

It is a big achievement for Big E. If they give you the contract, it obviously means they have some kind of faith in you. Big E is one of the most charismatic talents in the entire company and is long overdue for this kind of push. He is well-liked among his peers and across the wrestling industry where everybody seems to want him to do well. Big E seems to be embracing the role of Mr. Money in the Bank. 411Mania recently transcribed some comments on ALT 104.5 Philadelphia, who recently interviewed WWE Superstar Big E discussed his win at Money in the Bank and his current singles run. On his singles run, he had this to say.

“I didn’t want to be the guy that, you know, oh, here’s a singles run and it kind of peters out. Or I don’t really do anything with it. Or I’m just a guy, just hanging out and doing segments. No, I took it seriously! I really wanted this run to still feel like me, to still have the levity that I love to bring to the ring and to what I do. But also this added layer of determination. Like, I am here because I have things that I want to accomplish!”

I think that’s a fair point. We have seen many times where talents were given that initial big push and everybody thinks they’re in line to be the next Champion and then they kind of just fade into the background and don’t do much after that, so I’m glad Big E was determined to do things differently. Big E has done a great job of keeping the comedic elements that made his character so beloved but, as we saw with the Apollo feud, he has the ability to turn on that switch and be a serious babyface who wants to kick your ass. That is what is going to make him a top guy in WWE. The ability to know when to be funny and when to be serious is what is going to separate him from the pack. People thought Kofi Kingston wouldn’t be able to turn on that switch until he did during “KofiMania” in 2019. All members of the New Day have shown that they are more than just comedic acts and can be serious when the situation calls for it. Elsewhere in the interview, Big E discussed his Money in the Bank win.

“What also made that moment so special for me was knowing that I was in the ring with seven other really incredible performers. That match, I thought, was excellent, it was really incredible, and all that really set the table for that moment. You know, if we had a lackluster match, or people weren’t invested, it just wouldn’t mean as much, it just wouldn’t have. But because the match was so good, and the fans there were so behind me, it makes that moment truly special.”

That is why Big E is such a likable performer. Giving credit where it’s due to the rest of the performers and proud of his win at the same time. The crowd was behind him the whole match and have been behind him every week. If you saw the promo he cut the next week on Smackdown, you could see the emotion as the fans were chanting for him. That wasn’t a Big E promo. That was Ettore Ewen talking to the people that have supported him. It is what makes him a great “Face of the company” because he is relatable. He’s a big guy, but he’s also just a regular guy who likes to have fun and loves the business which will serve him well as he decides which champion he will challenge. Now the question becomes: Who is the best choice?

Will Big E cash in on WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns?

The general consensus is that Big E will cash in the Money in the Bank contract on Universal Champion Roman Reigns. They’re both on Smackdown, Big E has been in multiple segments with Paul Heyman lately, they both have similar body types, both former football players, and he has stated in interviews that Roman Reigns is the obvious choice and he may be. However, I don’t think Roman Reigns is the guy and I also don’t see Big E staying on Smackdown. Roman Reigns seems to be tied up. He has John Cena at Summerslam, Finn Balor likely comes after that, maybe Drew McIntyre is moved to Smackdown in the October draft, and then of course there is the whole Rock feud that may or may not happen. It is not out of the realm of possibility that Roman could be champion until and through Wrestlemania 38. Could he lose the title before then and the feud with The Rock not involve the title? Sure, but based on reports I’ve read, that may not be the case. The question then becomes, Who and When will Big E cash in that briefcase? In my mind, it has always been one guy.

Or Will Big E cash in on WWE Champion Bobby Lashley?

I said several weeks ago that I believed Big E would challenge Lashley at Summerslam to avenge his brothers. Obviously, that didn’t happen. That doesn’t mean he won’t make an appearance at the biggest party of the summer. Bobby Lashley is currently scheduled to defend the WWE Championship against the returning Bill Goldberg in what is almost guaranteed to be a short match. Goldberg’s match with Drew Mcintyre at the Royal Rumble was over in under five minutes and that includes entrances. I assume Goldberg’s match with Lashley follows a similar pattern which opens up The All Mighty WWE Champion to still be quite rested when Big E comes out to challenge him. Personally, I’d like Big E to come out and challenge Bobby Lashley to put the title on the line then and there because that is what a babyface would do, but I would not be opposed to the usual Big E cashing in after Goldberg spears Lashley into oblivion after the match. Is it possible Big E cashes in on Goldberg? Of course, but Goldberg is a face and, despite the online hatred he seems to get, is still very popular with the live crowd and you do not want to risk any boos when Big E wins the title. The pop he would get at Allegiant Stadium would be massive and make for an incredible moment. The key could be Big E’s booking for Summerslam. As of now, he is not booked for a match. That could be a sign that they might have other things planned.

Big E is the perfect choice to represent the company as WWE Champion. He’s well-spoken, he has a great personality, he’s funny, he is well-liked by his peers and the general audience, and a feud between Big E and Bobby Lashley would be a, as Big E would say, “big meaty men slappin meat” classic. The promo exchanges between Big E and MVP would be gold and it would inject some much-needed life and excitement into Monday Night Raw. Let’s be honest, both Roman Reigns and Bobby Lashley are facing part-timers and heavily rumored to win their respective matches at SummerSlam. What better way to surprise and send the crowd home happy than to have Big E cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase in front of 44,000 people to become the WWE Champion?

Big E deserves that moment and he deserves it in front of the biggest crowd possible and, outside of Wrestlemania 38, this is probably the biggest crowd you’ll get. Do it, WWE. Give the fans what they want and a moment that they’ll remember forever.

Thanks for reading. I’m very active on Twitter @GiftedMoney talking about wrestling among other things, so feel free to message me on there with any thoughts or comments.