An Indy Reaction – Insane Wrestling Revolution 6 Worlds Collide

Last Thursday, I got to attend Insane Wrestling Revolution’s World Collide event. My buddy’s cousin, Chinstrap Jesus, was on the card, so we went down to support him. IWR is run out of Monroe, Michigan by former WWE and ECW superstar Rhino and Gary Pillette. This was the first event of theirs I had attended, so my apologies in advance if I get some names wrong. BrainJerk Entertainment (www.brainjerk.com) did a Facebook Watch livestream of the event.

All photos courtesy IWR Facebook page

There were three VIP matches that I did not see since we had purchased tickets only for the main card.

The opening bout for the main card was a battle of Impact Wrestling stars Trey Miguel and Deaner. I don’t follow Impact so I’m not familiar with their work. Trey was messing with a few Chinstrap Jesus fans (they were his cousins) at the beginning and that would be a nice little feud. Trey and Deaner have amazing chemistry together and the match was simply phenomenal. Trey is very Ricochetesque and, of course, the other missing part of the now NXT Tag Team Champions MSK. The match was back and forth with great nearfalls. Trey picks up the win and after the match, Deaner raises Trey’s hand in a great show of sportsmanship. A fantastic choice for the opener and I’d be down for a rematch between these two.

Up next, “Rodrageous” Rod Lee squared off against The Dread King Logan. Logan obliterates Rod in about 30 seconds or so for the win. After the match, “The Franchise” Shane Douglas appears and cuts a promo on Logan telling him how he sees some Bam Bam Bigalo and Taz in him. The promo went longer than the actual match. Douglas wants Logan to prove himself to Douglas, so Logan beats down Rod again and wipes out the ref too in a spectacular ref bump. I wonder who had to draw the short straw to have to take that bump. Douglas seems satisfied and Logan leaves with him.

Tag team action is next with DTA, Death Threat Army, taking on the team of MM3 and DBA. DTA has John E. Bravo and somebody else whose name I did not catch at ringside with them. The match was just total chaos from the opening bell. A little back and forth before DTA takes over. So nice to see the Demolition Decapitation make an appearance, always loved that move. We finally get the hot tag spot and MM3/DBA pull off a double RKO spot that wasn’t too bad. In the end, DTA cheats to pick up the win.

Intermission time so I went over to give Deaner and Trey Miguel proper praise for that awesome opening match. They had a lucha guy (forgot his name) there that was on the VIP card and I asked him what his mask meant. He was very appreciative of me asking and gave me his backstory. He had just returned from Mexico and talked about the differences between US and Mexico wrestling. I learned a lot.

Our first match in our double main event has Chinstrap Jesus taking on Darren McCarty, in his IWR in-ring debut. Yes, that Darren McCarty from the NHL’s Detroit Red Wings. Local boxing champion Bronco McKart was the special ringside enforcer. Chinstrap had his Game Changers tag team partner Nate Bock at ringside while McCarty brought Eddie Venom with him. If you were expecting a technical masterpiece, you came to the wrong event. If you were expecting a Miz/Bad Bunny style match, you win. McKart was patrolling outside doing his best Corey Hart impression. The match started off with some back and forth until they spilled outside. McCarty held Chinstrap so a couple of kids, including a young girl, could offer up a chop on Chinstrap in the audience participation portion of the match. McCarty takes his shirt off and good grief, there’s children here, dude. Ending come with Nate hopping in the ring to get decked by McKart so McCarty can pick up the win.

Our other half of the double main event is Rhino taking on former WWE superstar Konnor in an ECW Hardcore Match. Konnor comes out to The Ascension’s old WWE theme and he’s a big dude. The match pretty good until Dread King Logan runs down to beat up both Rhino and Konnor. That brings the locker room out to brawl. DBA does the dive onto everyone spot to break things up and return to some sort of order. Oh look, the match just got tuned into a three way dance with Logan’s addition, per “The Franchise” Shane Douglas. The three men continue fighting all over the place and come back where we were sitting. They pulled out a couple of really cool spots with Konnor literally suplexed at our feet. Rhino uses my buddy’s chair to help get himself to his feet before taking it and whacking Konnor with it. Back in the ring with Legos and doors, Logan picks up the win by pinning Konnor.

After the match, Rhino challenges Logan and Douglas to a tag match at their next show on October 14th, with Tommy Dreamer as Rhino’s tag team partner. Douglas accepts and they leave. Konnor gets back to his feet and tells Rhino to finish them (Douglas and Logan) but they aren’t done yet. Rhino seems to acknowledge that and that’s the end of the show. I could go for a one on one rematch with these two for sure.


Let’s take a look at the highs and lows.

The Highs

The main card show was simply excellent. It lasted a little over an hour and a half and nothing disappointed. This show was likely the best show I’ve seen in the past month. This ranked right up there with WWE’s SummerSlam and Takeover events.

There was a little girl, probably five or six, that sat in front of us and she was so entertaining to see and hear her reactions to the action. There were some other kids in the crowd and you could see that they had a really good time.

The Lows

Darren McCarty, please keep your shirt on next time. Thank you in advance.


Their next show is The Fall Brawl on October 14th with just the Rhino/Tommy Dreamer v. Shane Douglas/Logan main event match announced so far. I am likely going to be going to that show as well. You can keep up with all of their latest news and information on their Facebook page.

I’m on Twitter @Ciscowebwiz76 if you’re on there with any thoughts or comments. That’s all I’ve got, until next time.